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Does Eigensinn Farm restaurant still exist?

I had supper there on Friday and it was fantastic. I also left a voicemail earlier in the week with a couple questions and Noboyu called me back the next day.

As an aside, their other place inside Singhampton is called Haisai (not heisei). Stopped in there on Saturday on my way back to Toronto to pick up Red Fife sourdough and a jar of peach-rosemary jam.

Looking for some horseradish cheddar.

Scheffler's Deli, Cheese Boutique, maybe even Loblaw's at MLG.

Favourite downtown Sandwich?

The Cubano is unfortunately no longer on the menu at Petit Four.

The Pie Shack - Beach

The quality of the pies have suffered significantly since the first week they opened. I'm quite disappointed by that fact. For $5 a slice or $25 a whole pie, it better be amazing. My latest gripes was with the lack of filling in recent pies.

When you can go to Cathy the struedel/pie lady at the North SLM on Saturday and get excellent pies (made with lard!) for $8, it's kind of tough to justify the (now) inferior product.

And yes, I was very positive with my comments initially.

Fresh invite to CB

There are five wine pairings, not nine.

Anyway, at that price it's a pass.


'96 wasn't that strong a vintage in Montalcino, so it's probably fully mature at this point (depending on producer).

Toronto recs for a Chicago CHer

Considering Kaelin is from Chicago, I'm sure she can navigate our 2.5 subway lines when they've got the El.

Sundays are difficult though. There are some good choices here though. If she's staying at the Park Hyatt or Four Seasons, Harbord Room isn't that far of a trek. Short cab ride would be easier that subway + streetcar.

Too bad Loire isn't open Sundays (or Mondays for that matter).

ISO: Ground coffee that won't break the bank

Go to Manic Coffee, which is at College/Bathurst (just east of Bathurst on the north side of College). You can ask them to grind the coffee for you - just make sure you tell them it's for French Press. You can always go out and buy a burr grinder in the future also.

They sell a variety of beans from Intelligentsia ($9/half pound, $17/pound) and Origins ($8.50 and $16, respectively, if I recall).

Talk to Matt or Chris about the flavour profile of coffee that you like (more robust, more mellow and subtle, etc), and they can suggest one of the blends they in stock. Intelli coffee gets delivered on Wedesday/Thursday, Origins on Thursday/Friday.

Chipotle Mexican Grill

Yup, there's on at Yonge/Dundas, near the AMC theatre. It's on the east side of Yonge, just north of Dundas.

Wine comes first!

Oops, that's my mistake. Brain fart. COCA is closed, not Cava. Got the bookends. I'll edit my post above accordingly.

Wine comes first!

First reply from Charles. :) He's right the the food has gone downhill. I'll be honest and say that I have found their wine prices to go through the roof in recent years for average quality bottles at best. I also find that the wine service can be poor at times, serving reds too warm and whites way too cold. Unfortunately that's pretty much status quo in this city.

Wine comes first!

I would also take into consideration BYO options, even if the corkage is steep at some of them ($30+). If you're saying "wine comes first," then I will assume you've got some depth to your cellar and a well-cared for (and mature) bottle is well worth paying the corkage for.

Check this link out from the recent Toronto Life:

I assume that Splendido's corkage won't be dropping to $30 until Carlo takes over (and post-renovations that are rumoured to be occurring).

Canoe is closed Saturdays.

Are you looking for lunch only, or is there dinner in there also? L'Unita is just on the edge of Yorkville (Av and Dav) and does corkage - $30 last time I was there. There are other options as well if you're looking that route.

** Edited to remove erroneous comment about Cava.

2009 closings

No idea if Tony is still involved, but I would assume not if it's a different chef?

2009 closings

Toba at King/Sherbourne has closed. A restaurant called Pico has opened in its place. A quick search online brings up a menu that is "bistro." Can't say the menu looks terribly interesting, and the wine list is completely uninspiring.

Bagel World in the Beach - Coming Soon

Yup, paper still over the windows. Same with the Brick Street Bakery across the street - that's been papered over and "opening soon" for at least 6-9 months now.

The Pie Shack - Beach

7 days a week! Open 10-10 Sunday-Thursday, 10-midnight on Friday/Saturday.

The Pie Shack - Beach

I popped in after work today and they had lots of sweet pies Five or six different ones in the cabinet plus more in the back. Pie deliveries are at 2pm every day. Not sure what the schedule is for the savory pies.

Anyway, they've been open less than a week. Things will stabilize for sure. What is undeniable, however, is that the pies are hella-tasty.

The Pie Shack - Beach

Ok, here are more pie photos as promised in my previous post:

Pear pie:

Apricot pie:

Apple-cinnamon pie:

Raspberry-apple pie:

Mmm mmm delicious!

The Pie Shack - Beach

They got more pies just before suppertime. I dragged a bunch of my neighbours there and we decided to do a "pie tasting." I grabbed a slice each of apple cinnamon, apple-raspberry, pear, and apricot. Brought them back to my place and had them all with some ice cream. Favourites in order were apple cinnamon, apricot, apple-raspberry, and pear - but they were all delicious!

I'll post photos of these ones later.

Apparently Tim's gone through something ridiculous like 160 pies since he opened on Thursday. Oh, and did I mention that they're open until 10pm nightly, except on Fridays and Saturdays when they're open until Midnight? Yes, I said midnight! How about that late-night pie craving run?

So thrilled to finally have some decent food in this neighbourhood.

BTW, they're only selling pie by the slice until they get the supply situation stabilized. I don't think they were expecting this much demand for pie in their first few days! They will take orders for whole pies though. I would expect that later this week they'll probably get things sorted out and sell whole pies.

?Frozen Dessert Product? (moved from Ontario board)

You never know, it could be the same product in Canada and in the US, but labeling laws may be more stringent the the base product in Canada can't be called "Ice Cream" whereas in the US it can based on some percentage of milk, cream, or whatever.

May 22, 2009
futronic in General Topics

The Pie Shack - Beach

Alright, here we go folks. I popped in after work and grabbed a savory pie and a slice of sweet pie.

Savory pies available:

Chicken pot pie
Steak, mushroom, and ale
Pork and carmelized onions
Quiche (didn't get the flavour)

Sweet pies:

Lemon meringue

I had a steak, mushroom, and ale pie and a slice of lemon meringue (that was indeed massive). The savory pie was alright. I found it suffers from the same issues that most pot pies do - under seasoning. I baked it up at home and ended up removing the lid, adding some salt and pepper, and then it was fine. I would also like them to blind bake the bottom crust a bit because it was a little soggy - again, a common plight I find with pot pies.

The lemon meringue pie on the other hand was delicious. The crust was more crumbly than flaky, good texture and flavour. The lemon filling had a delicious pucker, and the meringue had a nice "chew" to it. Even more impressive was that the meringue stuck to the lemon layer, and didn't slide off or have that "watery" bit between the layers than can otherwise mar a pie like this.

I enjoyed it and will definitely be back. I'll probably pop in this weekend to get a slice of apple or strawberry-rhubarb and will mention to Tim my concerns about the savory pie.

I can't believe there's a decent food shop in the Beach! It's a miracle!


Steak, mushroom, ale pie:

Steak mushroom ale pie (filling):

Lemon meringue pie:

Where can I buy a ThermaPen?

Our dollar is at $0.88 right now against the USD, so it's actually not that bad!

Where to get European Orange Fanta???

I'm pretty sure that O Nosso Talho on Bloor between Ossington/Duffering carries all different flavours of Fanta, but I didn't play too close attention when I was there picking up ribs the other day. Thought I saw a few different 2L flavours in someone else's cart.

The Pie Shack - Beach

Assuming I can get there at a decent time after work (i.e. before they close and assuming they are finished construction and are actually open), I'll be there on Thursday (I live in the neighbourhood so that shouldn't be difficult). I'll try to remember my camera also!

The Pie Shack - Beach

Ok, so it's not open yet. I popped around this afternoon and spoke with the owner/partner, Tim. Seems like a nice guy. He won't be doing the baking, another woman will be (didn't meet her), but the story is that they will have a staple four sweet pies - apple, blueberry, strawberry-rhubarb, and a crumble of sorts. In addition, they will have a rotating seasonal pie. Since there's nothing really in season right now, it will be lemon-meringue.

That's on the sweet pie side. They will also have savory pies like quiche and other things. These will be individually portioned.

All these items will be available for eat-in or takeaway - sweet pies can be purchased whole or by the slice. There will also be coffee, tea, etc. available.

Oh, and for those wondering about the pie crusts, they'll be mostly butter based with a bit of shortening. I was told "heavy on the butter."

They're supposed to open on Thursday, so I'll report back after I get a slice.

Please, please, please be good. This neighbourhood is generally devoid of good food. Heck, Nevada even reopened. What the heck were people thinking, and why do people even go there? Ok, I'm cutting that off because I want this to be about good pies.

The Pie Shack - Beach

No idea, but I'm going to check it out today and report back.

Loire Restaurant Review

Thanks for the review. I really enjoyed my recent meal at Loire and can't wait to go back! I started with the pork belly, had the duck dish you did, then finally a black pepper and pear crumble to finish. Delicious!

Not to be a stickler for the wine or anything, but Chablis is in Burgundy. :) If you wanted to stay in Loire, you would have gone with a Vouvray or Savennieres.

Stockyards BBQ

That porchetta sandwich looks great. Are they roasting the whole pig and carving it? It so ... memories of Abruzzo are flooding back (minus the rapini).

Thirsty Traveller Beer Tasting Event- anyone here go?

I was there. The food was okay at best. The soup course and dessert courses were the best. Disappointing because the food at Fynn's is usually much, much better - the jerked pulled pork sandwich with sweet potato fries on the regular menu is way better than what was served.

Anyway, the soup was a puree of chickpea and lentil thinned out with chicken broth and had herbs and a brunoise of vegetables. Nicely spiced with cumin, cardamom, and other spices. The next course was a grilled shrimp salad with avocado. Didn't enjoy this. The grilled shrimp was the best part. The main was an open faced pulled pork sandwich topped with spicy wedges and cheese, then thrown under the salamander. Too bready, not good bread, and a tad on the dry side. As said above, their regular pulled pork sandwich is waaaaaaaay better than this so it was disappointing that wasn't served. The dessert was a spiced banana cake with bruleed bananas and a caramel that incorporated several bottles of the chocolate stout served with it.

The beers were from various places:

Toast beer: Arkell Best Bitter, Wellington County Brewery, Guelph, ON
Soup course: Organic English Ale, St Peter’s Brewery, Bungay, Suffolk, United Kingdom
Salad course: Bottle Fermented Sparkling Ale, Coopers Brewery, Adelaide, South Australia
Main course: Theresianer Vienna-Style Lager, Theresianer Brewery, Treviso, Italy
Dessert course: Double Chocolate Stout, Young’s Brewery, Wandsworth, United Kingdom

My favourites were the Theresianer Vienna-Style Lager, followed by the Arkell Best Bitters and St. Peters Ale. The chocolate stout was interesting, but one glass with dessert was more than enough. Then back to the Theresianer for me.

For $50 all in, it's worth it. More than enough beer to go around. Hopefully the food is better next time!

This is the second beer tasting they've had. I would imagine they'll probably do another later in the summer or in early fall.

mercatto downtown

That's correct, it's the O'Brien Irish Sandwich place that is papered over. I walk down Toronto St. almost every day. Mercatto is definitely still open.