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BBQ Cooking Classes in the GTA?

Thanks, Googs! The classes are really just more of an excuse to spend some quality time with my dad on his birthday so I'd still be interested in any suggestions on classes available. I'll definitely check out some of the youtube vids on my own time for brushing up my grill skills though - thanks for the suggestion.

BBQ Cooking Classes in the GTA?

Thanks, Davwud - are you talking about the Culinary Institute of Ontario classes? They have classes planned for May and June but I'm interested in comparing them against other options if there are any.

BBQ Cooking Classes in the GTA?

Is anyone aware of any organizations or restaurants that offer one-off BBQ cooking classes? So far I've found the Culinary Institute of Ontario but haven't been able to find out much in the way of feedback on their classes. I'd appreciate any suggestions or feedback you might have.

Good red wine to cellar for 5 years and drink on an anniversary

I'll be getting married in January and my fiancee and I would like to buy a really nice bottle of red wine that we can open on our 5th wedding anniversary. Can someone recommend a smooth red that will age well over the next 5 years that doesn't need to be paired with anything specific to enjoy the most out of it? Our rough budget is up to $75. Any suggestions are welcome!

Dec 19, 2011
MarkInToronto in Wine

Public Scotch Tastings in Toronto

Fynn's of Temple bar regularily holds Scotch Tasting nights. I believe the next one is March 31. I have the contact info for the expert if you need it, though I think you're probably better off just calling the bar for more details.

Nos sure which Scotch Tasting Society you contacted, but I would recommend The Companions of the Quaich, who as far as I'm aware are still accepting new members.

They regularly hold tastings for their members, and also run some ones which are open to the public.

edit: should note that the person Cecilia mentioned above, Ed Patrick, is the president of the Companions of the Quaich, and an all around great guy. Highly recommended. He recently conducted a private tasting for a group of 20 of us and the whole experience was top-notch.

edit edit: Ed, and the Companions, do private orders so they have access to a ton of single malts that are difficult to come by and definitely not at the LCBO. If your father is a hardcore singles fan, I'd recommend going through the Companions.

Scotch Whisky Experts in Toronto?

Just to close out this thread, our lineup for the night was:

1993 MACALLAN 12-year-old (Coopers Choice)
1992 AUCHROISK 13-year-old (Murray McDavid Limited Edition)
GLENFARCLAS 21-year-old (Official Distillery Bottling)
ABERLOUR A'BUNADH Cask Strength (Official Distillery Bottling)
GLENTURRET Cask Strength (Dewar Rattray Single Cask)

Ed Patrick was fantastic. Excellent knowledge, really engaging speaker, good sense of humor. Would definitely recommend him to others.

We had our event at The Mackenzie House, which is a great venue for it, but I wouldn't recommend it if you're trying to organize an event yourself.... the city contact for booking it was really difficult to work with.

Scotch Whisky Experts in Toronto?

Thanks for all the suggestions, we've booked Ed Patrick as per Cam D's suggestion. I'll come back here with a review of the night for those interested. Thanks again!

Scotch Whisky Experts in Toronto?

Hi Chowhounds,

I realize this is slightly off topic for the forum, but given that you're all fans of the finer things in life I'm hoping you may have some insight to share. I'm looking for a Whisky expert in Toronto who is available for private tutored tastings for a group of about 15 at a location of our choice. We've had a few leads but haven't been able to secure an expert to largely to scheduling conflicts. Any help is very much appreciated!

Kind regards,