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Friday Night Late-ish Meal

How about Miller's Guild?

Rent - a - Barista?

Call handsome. They have a traveler and theydo tons of events.

Krua Siri Thai shabu shabu?

Before the menu was translated, there were a couple of "Thai Style" shabu shabu dishes that they pointed out to me. We ended doing one (and I'm not sure if this was on the menu or not) that was entirely offal-based and completely delicious.

Couple of pictures: and

Looking for caterer or private chef for dinner party in South Bay

What's your budget? I might know someone.

Looking for Private Chef/Caterer for in home private dinner party!

What;s your budget?

Krua Siri - Hollywood Blvd. Thai Town for Issan Food

The little birds are quail, according to Hong, who normally is the restaurant's driver, but happened to be serving today and, not only speaks excellent English, but has very good taste. He basically translated the entire menu for me, noting which were the "good" Issan dishes and the "bad" Central Thai ones (e.g. "there aren't any Issan noodle dishes, so don't order them!"). FYI, an English menu is coming soon, and they also plan on photographing all the dishes as a guide for non-Thai speakers.

So, we had:

Thai Sausage
Fish Organ Salad which included things like fried lung (probably my favorite of the evening, just SO well balanced and herbal and salty sweet)
Pork Liver Laab - Hong likes the catfish and duck laab better, but suggested this to try something more unusual. It was very, well, livery; a little goes a long way.
Fish Roe Stew - this had shrimp, cabbage, roe and egg/vegetable cakes in a sour vinergar-y fish broth and was really different and delicious.
Bamboo Salad - made with fresh bamboo shoots and toasted rice and herbs.

He also brought us a plate of wild catfish salad that's not on the menu but that they make for themselves (apparently, wild catfish is too expensive for their menu prices, and the chef doesn't like how farmed catfish tastes). Just fantastic.

They're going to start doing a bunch of Thai-style shabu-shabu dishes, with offal. There's a section for these on the Thai menu, but they haven't started getting in the ingredients yet.

Midtown SeamlessWeb Sushi?

It's Midtown East, but it does need to be on SeamlessWeb.

May 07, 2010
The Hungry Traveler in Manhattan

Midtown SeamlessWeb Sushi?

My co-workers insist on ordering from Aki sushi, which is just awful - fishy, slimy, mushy. Any recs for alternate sushi that is order-able on SeamlessWeb?

181 W 4th St, New York, NY 10014

May 07, 2010
The Hungry Traveler in Manhattan

Anyone been to Qi on 14th St?

I'm being taken here tonight (and no, I don't have a choice). Any ordering suggestions/strategies? Things to avoid?


Mar 12, 2010
The Hungry Traveler in Manhattan

Uzbekistan closed? Remodelling? Anyone knows?

Per my Uzbek friend, they're just remodeling and will re-open end of June.

Mid-City Coffee Round Up

FYI, the Hollywood Groundworks just brought in the manager from the 2nd and Main St. location (which, in my book, competes with Intelligentsia for best overall coffee shop in LA) to completely revamp the store. She is a geeky coffee nerd to the core and it looks like they've replaced most of the staff in the past few weeks, so I would expect lots of changes and also more consistency in their coffee in the future. Sadly, they've gotten rid of the Clover, but they'll hand brew any of their coffees with similar results.