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Taking out TOP clients in ATL

biskuit's right...nothing of that caliber near the GWCC. Actually, Bacchanalia and Quinones are probably the closest. And they're two of the very best in town. Bacchanalia is more subdued, almost perfect. Quinones will be 7 courses and a bit over the top but in the best possible way.

4 nights in Atlanta, some help with where to eat? We've got some in mind...

Great choices!

Here are some others:
Top Flr for dinner at the bar. Very knowledgeable bar staff and inexpensive, very good chef-driven food.
Watershed is excellent for lunch. The truffled chicken salad sandwich is heavenly.
Eugene has recreated their menu, is getting rave reviews. Might be the city's best chef right now.
Mussels Monday at Peasant Bistro on Centennial Park is an outstanding, low-key deal.
Hate to say it but avoid 6 Feet Under -- unless Fried is what you want. Their expansion has hit the quality of the food.
LaTavola in Virginia Highland is excellent Northern Italian food. Amazing wine list.
I love Wisteria, a true neighborhood gem.
Rathbun's on a Saturday is a scene and a good one at that.

Have fun!

Single in Atlanta

Sitting at the bar is my favorite way to dine! The other recs are good, here are some more:

Top Flr is a cozy neighborhood spot with an excellent wine list, good food and terrific bar service. Corner of Ponce and Myrtle, a short cab or MARTA trip from your hotel.

Wisteria is another with excellent bar service and a really nice spin on Southern fare. In Inman Park on N. Highland (cab it).

Rathbuns in Inman Park has a great bar scene and really excellent food. It's pricey but the barkeeps are all well-versed in the fine art of bar dining (Krog St, take a cab).

Need Atlanta Info - moved from South board

Jan 26, 2009
aka frank in Food Media & News

One Day in Atlanta

I can name many that are closer walking distance to any of the entrances to Piedmont Park. Most diners will agree that the atmosphere is a big parat of the dining experience and helps identify a restaurant with it's city. And If you want to get technical, Agnes and Muriels might be the farthest walking distance from any entrance to the park except MAYBE the Botanical Garden and then it's still 1/2 mile. Any of these, in my opinion, are better and closer than Agnes and Muriels:

Trois -- 2 blocks from 14th street gate, excellent French food with a southern twist. just so happens to be in a beautiful room.
Table 1280, 3 blocks to the Park, so what if it's chic, makes for a nice drink anyway.
Tamarind Seed, 2 blocks from 14th st gate in Colony Square, great Thai food, not that expensive.
Quattro, at the 12th st gate, good, cheap italian, generous wine portions.
Zocallo, 1 block from 12th or 10th st entrances, great Margaritas and good Mexican.
South City Kitchen, 4 blocks to 14th st gate, innovative Southern food.
Ecco, 6 blocks to the 10th St entrance, excellent wine list, house cured salumi, wonderful cheeses and innovative italian.

Anyone know any Chinese restaurants in Atlanta that will be open Christmas Day??

Hong Kong Harbor on Cheshire Bridge

One Day in Atlanta

Please, please do not go to Agnes and Muriel's and think it's "quirky" or in anyway "unique." It's manufactured kitsch and there are better options.

Trois at 14th and Peachtree is Atlanta's most beautiful dining room. Table 1280 is at the High Museum and has a very chic bar. Holeman & Finch gets kudos for its inventive menu (Peachtree north of the Amtrak Station). If you're adventurous, hop in a cab and head to Edgewood Ave...Dynamic Dish is one of the most original restaurants anywhere and Noni's serves up a wonderful interpretation of Italian and great drinks. The dining scene on the Square in Decatur is great -- Brick Store Pub's amazing beer selection, Cakes and Ale for farm-to-table and Watershed for Scott Peacock's excellent southern fare.

In Midtown, try Top Flr, Ecco or Nan. MF Sushi Bar can't be beat. Dogwood is getting good reviews too.
Have Fun!

Top Wine Lists in Atlanta?

Watershed has an excellent, mostly-American wine list. Beard Award-winner Scott Peacock's twist on classic southern is wonderful.

Top Flr in Midtown does not have a very large wine list and is on the downscale side, but the wines Adam picks are all winners. Rated #3 "wine bar" (a misnomer) in the country by Bon Apetit.

Bachannalia, The Ritz all can't be beat. Take out a loan if you go....

Check out for an amazing over view of Atlanta's wine scene. Hardy's got his finger on the pulse!

Top Wine Lists in Atlanta?

Vine is closed.

2 Nights in Atlanta ?

Table 1280 is a good suggestion. You might also try the bar at Trois (14th and PTree for a nice drink after the museum and/or a great meal). La Pietra Cucina -- I don't get it. Definitely a classic Atlanta case of the Chefs News Clothes. Yuk. Try Thrive on Marietta, 2 blocks from your hotel. Very cool spot, good food, nice scene.

Anyone heard anything about Social, on W Peachtree Place, near FAB?

Floataway, _______, Watershed - fill in the blank?

Why not try TopFlr? MARTA to North Ave, walk or cab down Ponce to Myrtle St. Inexpensive, excellent, imaginative food. One of Bon Apetit's Top 3 "Wine Bars" in the country. go early to beat the crowds.

Social, tucked away off W. Peachtree is a short walk from your hotel. It's been getting good reviews.

Watershed is not too far without a car...take MARTA east to Decatur, cab or walk the 5 blocks

Visiting Atlanta for the first time!

Take MARTA from Dunwoody, south.

Arts Center Stop: Table 1280 at the High Museum, Peachtree & 15th. Lovely room, decent food, great bar. Trois, Peachtree & 14th, cool bar, southern twist on classic french. Thai Chili or Tamarind Seed in Colony Square, Peachtree & 14th.

Midtown Stop: Cuerna or Beleza, corner of Juniper & 8th. Ecco for italian noshing, excellent wine, 7th and Cypress.

North Ave Stop: Baraonda, casual Italian. Top Flr, funky, cool, hidden gem, Ponce & Myrtle. MF Sushi Bar, best in town, Myrtle & Penn. Dogwood, excellent new Southern, Peachtree & Linden.

Have fun, good luck!

I-85 or Charlotte Lunch

No worries. Serious when I say thanks for the tip! Regardless, Lex #1 beats the Golden Arches any day of the week. Glad to sample some genuine BBQ from another part of the country. I can handle paper plates and such (being from East Tennessee, we were lucky to have shoes, much less plates) but even working class grub has some authenticity, which i thought the sides at Lex # 1 lacked.

I-85 or Charlotte Lunch

Thanks for the suggestions. We ended up eating at Lexington #1, aka Honey Monks'. Got there right at noon and waited in line for about 20 minutes...which was fine, the day was stunning and the line moved quickly. The Wake Forest fans were entertaining as well.

Now, not to step on any Tar Heel Toes, but I have to say that I think I'm not the biggest fan of NC BBQ. Nor am I, truth be known, a fan of Lex #1. The first point is just my preference for all things tomato and messy. (Although I certainly can appreciate the *real* smoke taste in that pork). The second point, well, styrofoam cups, the thinnest of paper plates, Sysco FoodService fries and onion rings, cole slaw that's been overly food processed and inconsistently cooked meat do not add up to a pleasant dining experience in my book. Neither does the dirty table, the waxy napkins or the sugar syrup that passed for tea.

I know this place is an institution and can very much appreciate that; but c'mon, a few little things to pay attention to detail and this place could be a national stand-out.

Thanks for the rec and don't hate me 'cause I lean Texan...

I-85 or Charlotte Lunch

Thanks, Y'all. Looks perfect! I'll report back next week....

I-85 or Charlotte Lunch

Heading north from Atlanta early Saturday, will be around Charlotte/Winston Salem at lunch time and want to find something unique near the Highway (NC BBQ, meat and three, good Mexican....). Any suggestions?

Atlanta Dining Suggestions

Rathbun's is always an excellent choice (not Kevin Rathbun Steak - haven't tried that yet).
Go off the beaten and try Noni's on Edgewood or Top Flr, corner of Ponce and Myrtle. You'll be pleasantly surprised by these neighborhood gems.

I very much liked 4th & Swift (except it could visually pass for Rathbuns - small complaint).

Floataway is an excellent choice as is Watershed, in Decatur. Wisteria is an overlooked treat.

Brick Store Pub for the best beer selection in the Southeast.
Highland Bakery or Sun In My Belly for brunch.

Unique Restaurant Recs for Atlanta?

Agnes & Muriels is overpriced "homestyle" cooking served up with tacky kitsch. Skip it and the wait.

Uniquely Atlanta? Try Thelma's on Auburn Avenue for down-home, soulful "meat and three" cooking.

Scott Peacock is a James Beard Award=winning Chef and his excellent southern fare is worth the trip to Decatur.

While there, try the Brick Store Pub for Atlanta's (and maybe the Southeast's) best selection of beers. Excellent cheese tastings as well.

Splurge and go to Bacchanalia, on the Westside. Inventive quasi-Southern food classically prepared in a wonderfully upscale, relaxed environment.

Fox Brothers on Dekalb Ave for excellent BBQ.

Thumbs-Up diner or Sun in My Belly for a great breakfast/brunch.

If you need another classic southern "meat and three" try either the Collonade on Cheshire Bridge Rd or Mary Mac's Tea Room on Ponce. Both are throw backs to another era.

Buford Highway does indeed have Atlanta's best ethnic. Worth the journey.

Good luck and have fun!

5 days in NY - looking for varied experiences

Try Prune in the East Village (1st and 1st) for a low-key, casual, exceptionally wonderful dinner. Gabrielle Hamilton's simple, honest and completely unique fare is a NY treat. And excellent service from a well-trained staff of E. Village hipsters.

The Circle Line picnic previously mentioned sounds *amazing.*

Have drinks on the way to or from your hotel at Grand Central, at Cipriani's overlooking the main hall. The architecture alone is worth going for.

Pre- or post- Theater dinner, try Osteria al Doge (44th b/w 6&7 -- authentic northern Italian, excellent fish and risotto, great place to dine at the bar. Seems to be non-touristy).

Try Resto on 38th (?) in Murray Hill for a killer beer selection and sinful pub food. Great service and fun staff.

Have fun!

Oct 07, 2008
aka frank in Manhattan

Good Cookware Stores in Atlanta

Cooks Warehouse!! Midtown or Decatur. Very friendly and knowledgeable staff. Hard to find cast iron.

I almost hate to say it but Williams-Sonoma ain't bad (Lenox or Phipps).

Moving to Atlanta - Need to find the following

OK, I'll chime in as well:

1. Neuvo Laredo or Bone Yard
2. I really like Quattro, Piedmont Park & 11th, mostly for the very well rounded menu and the patio atmosphere (killer people watching on a nice afternoon).
3. MF Sushi Bar, Buckhead or Midtown
4. That's a tough one as we're not very good at that. Goldberg's?
5. Sun In My Belly, Decatur or Thumb's Up. Carroll Street Cafe for Brunch
6. Aurora or San Francisco Roasting in Virginia-Highland
7. Cafe Intermezzo
8. Ann's Snack Shack was named Best Burger in the US by the Wall Street Journal. Vortex' burgers are pretty damn good too

Anniversary dinner in Atlanta

Rathbun's but not sure if the kids will get it..if they're older than 10 or 11, go. If not, reconsider. Babette's is a good choice as is Wisteria, just down Highland Ave towards downtown. Wisteria just seems to get better and better. What about Eno? Small, charming and closeby. Watershed in Decatur is another good choice, but can be very loud. Have fun!

Looking for the best of Atlanta

all mentioned are good, but for the best (atmosphere, service, menu, attitude....), Bacchanalia wins hands down.

Saturday Lunch easy Logan Access

Need suggestions for a late lunch. My family will be arriving into Logan around 1p and want to have a good sit-down lunch before heading out to the Cape. Prefer easy Logan or highway access. Have a rental car. Thanks!

Sep 16, 2008
aka frank in Greater Boston Area

Dining near CNN Center

Walkable: French American Bistro (W. Peachtree at Ivan Allen Blvd). Classic Bistro fare, fun atmosphere. Try Thrive, corner of Marietta and Spring, loungey atmosphere, surprisingly good food. Short Cab rides: Dogwood on Peachtree and Linden opened quietly, looks very nice. Ecco in Midtown (7th & Cypress) would be an excellent girls night out, great wines, cheeses, housemade meats. I'd skip Parish and instead go a block further down Highland for Sotto Sotto, some of the city's most inventive and delicious Italian.

Atlanta Airport

The morning "commute" hours are the worst at the main security checkpoint. Lunch and early evening shouldn't be too bad. Paschal's has a unit on Concourse A as well. Neither is "sitdown;" you get your tray and find a table in the food court.

You could take the MARTA train to the first stop out from the Airport, College Park. The Feed Store has been getting rave reviews for its excellent take on local, seasonable foods. Worth the trip.

Midtown Atlanta

Eugene, Woodfire and Floatway are all excellent.

Old School "Tea Room" fried chicken and meat and three can be had at Mary Mac's on Ponce in Midtown. Or try Collonade on Cheshire Bridge for the same.

If you don't mind a longer cab ride or MARTA trip, head to Decatur for either Cakes & Ale, low-key, local farm to table restaurant. Or try Watershed, Scott Peacock's excellent Southern "gourmet."

Dogwood is new, have not heard anything one way or another. Southern, local and farm-to-table are how it's positioned. Southern end of Midtown on Peachtree.

Have Fun!

Atlanta Sandwiches

Happy Herman's was still open this morning when I drove past. Sorry to say Kool Korners is closing or has already closed.

Alon's -- Garlic Roasted Lamb Sandwich with red onion marmalade might be the best in town.
Las Palmeras -- Cuban is on of the best.
Sun In My Belly -- the Meatloaf Sandwich is extremely decadent.

Gone but not forgotten:
The Banh Mi at Pangea
#1 at Fabiano's
Oyster Po Boy at French Quarter Food Shop

Great food in Atlanta? [moved from Elsewhere board]

Hilary's spot on with Holeman & Fitch and Watershed. You could also try Dynamic Dish on's all about farm fresh and simple and is about to be discovered big time. Amazing food lovingly created and served.

Choice of three places in Atlanta- which one?

Rathbun's, hands-down. Ecco is not so good beyond the bar, charcuterie and appetizers and Woodfire can be hard to grasp, and quite frankly, can be unreliable. I've never had a bad trip to Rathbuns. Ask to dine in Shelini's section. She's one of the best waitresses in Atlanta. You could start out with a glass of wine at Krog Bar; it's in the same building and is owned also by Kevin Rathbun.