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Need BRIDAL SHOWER Venue Ideas!!!

Most of the high tea places in DC are, unfortunately, not well under that $30 mark. Cafe Promenade does a fine tea for $28 per person. But, with gratuity added for you large group, it would be over your budget. Places like the tearoom at the Willard Continental and the Mandarin Oriental tip into the over $30 a person mark even before gratuity.

Something that might be fun is Coco Sala, a dessert restaurant specializing in chocolate. They offer private dining and might be willing to work out some sort of prix fixe menu for your group. Another option might be Bistro Francais in Georgetown. I once went to a bridal shower here, somewhat feminine and (obviously) French vibe and the prices are reasonable.

Good luck!

Cafe Promenade
5225 Pooks Hill Rd, Bethesda, MD 20814

Upbeat place & delicious food in DC?

For Ethipioan, try Etete. Great food, and good location. U street offers a lot in terms of things to do after dinner.

Also, Granville Moore's in NE had a really great atmosphere, IMO. Friendly bartenders, dark and cozy bar area, and removed from the hustle and bustle of your Penn Quarter establishments. I've heard some people have been disappointed about the food there recently, but I went just a few weeks ago and my dinner was good.

Finally, if you and your brother have a sweet tooth, CoCo Sala for dessert and drinks! More of a trendy vibe, but the waitstaff is very friendly and the desserts are fantastic.

Have fun with your brother!

Foodie Gifts From Washington

That is a really fun idea. My relatives in TX always request that I bring home a few bags over the holidays. And who doesn't like potato chips?!

U Street Corridor dining-

There are so many great options on U Street now. In addition to Elyssa's recs, Vinoteca is really great. I also really like Oohs and Ahs (not fancy, but delish!) and Etete. Also, if you're ever in the mood for great Greek takeaway, The Greek Spot does a fantastic chicken gyro.

Finally, I think Marvin is really good too. Good bistro fare and fun scene! Have fun exploring U Street!

Bachelorette Dinner - Washington, DC

CoCo Sala was my recommendation too! Although, maybe not for dinner. Maybe a light dinner of tapas at Jaleo, followed by dessert sharing at CoCo Sala.

CoCo Sala is on the trendy side, but it's a lot of fun to go there with your girlfriends and pass around a few desserts.

Arlington Brunch

Tallulah has an excellent brunch, and outdoor seating to boot. They put their unique twist on a lot of brunch standards. Also, I think that the brunch at Harry's is good. They have a huge brunch menu! I've never been to brunch at Liberty Tavern, but friends say good things about it. Have a great brunch with your family!

Restaurants near Arlington Cemetery

China Garden in Rosslyn has excellent vegetarian dim sum. I think their dim sum is only served on the weekends for brunch, so I don't know if that works with your timing.


Also in Arlington is the new Spider Kelley's restaurant and bar. Per their website they claim not to have a bar drink menu, instead letting their bartenders whip something to suit your tastes. I haven't been, but I am intrrigued...

Eve is phenomenal. So creative and always delicious. Also, I like the cocktails at Co Co Sala. They're more dessert-ish than that of some other places, but I usually prefer to drink my dessert, so it suits me just fine!

New place in Clarendon (next to Ballroom)

You are so spot on with the Vermont. Really good! I also love their salads. Went there a few weeks ago and had one of their summer cocktails...Grapefruit Ruby. So refreshing!

Good Stuff Eatery

Thanks for the review! That's great news as I have been wanting to try this place out. Also, that veggie burger sounds divine. I love a great veggie burger.

affordable veggies in arlington?

There is a wonderful farmer's market on Saturday in Courthouse. I get tons of great veggies there, at a fraction of the cost to those I get at Whole Foods. Also, I like going to the produce stands at Eastern Market during this time of year. It's an easy metro ride on the orange line and they have a wide variety of pretty fruits and veggies. Good luck!

Casual but good restaurants in Tysons/Vienna?

Coastal Flats is a great place to take families. Nice food and kid-friendly atmosphere. The only real drawback is its inside the Tysons mall. And, after a day at the zoo, well, the mall can seem just as zoo-ish!

local farm to table restaurants-what is your favorite?

Saint-Ex does a great job of using locally bought ingredients for delicious dishes. Plus, it's a little more on the economical side of the scale.

DC Restaurants for Wedding Receptions?

First off, congratulations!

Secondly, a reception at a restaurant can have a wide range of prices, and you don't really mention a budget, so I am just going to mention some of my favorite reception locales.

One of the best receptions I've been to was held at 2941 in Falls Church. I know you mention DC only, but if budget is of little concern, you should really look into this spot. Gorgeous surroundings, ample parking, and delicious food.

In DC proper, I've been to a great reception at the Willard Room. I would say that the food tended to be more "banquety" than that of 2941, but it's still a long cry from the usual fare at wedding receptions.

Finally, I would check out the various Kimpton hotel properties in DC (Hotel Rouge, Hotel Palomar, etc). Kimpton properties always put unique spins on weddings. Talk to them about catering in house to look into other options too. Good luck!!

Kolaches in DC metro area?

I know this may sound over the top, but have you considered calling the Czech embassy? They may have a good lead, or even know someone who bakes in their home and would be willing to sell them to you.

I have an Australian friend that tracked down what she was looking for after a tip from the embassy.

Where to find: Eggs Benedict...

Since you're in Clarendon, have you ever had brunch at Tallulah's? They do a great Eggs Benedict with a fried green tomato.

The Very Best Brunch (not buffet) in D.C./NOVA/MD

You read my mind! I love Tallula for brunch. All the classics, but most usually with a twist. Now that the weather is nice, be sure to get there early for patio seating.

What to Order at Rasika?

If you like seafood, you must order the black cod. To me, it is fabulous. Light, incredibly flavorful, and interesting.

My boyfriend is a big fan of the tandoori lamb chops and the tandoor barramundi. Also, I love their ginger champagne cocktail! Such a nice way to end, and sometimes begin, a meal.

We love Rasika. Great service, unique flavors, and wonderful atmosphere.

Co Co Sala

The restaurant's website now has a link up for its menu...looks tempting! I will be checking this place out...

Sfogliatelle in DC/NOVA?

If you ever see sfogliatelle in a bakery, you really must try one. Crispy, airy, and filled with tangy, orangey ricotta cheese (at least ideally, anyway). I think they're delicious in the morning.

Sfogliatelle in DC/NOVA?

Thanks for the tip! I really like the idea of getting some frozen to bake up at home. What a great idea for brunches!

It's a shame so few people know about sfogliatelle. They are really one of the more under-appreciated pastries!

G'Town Cupcake, Part Deux

Their website says they will be opening in Summer of 2008.

I'm already intrigued by a few of their flavors... :)

Sfogliatelle in DC/NOVA?

Thanks to you both for your suggestions! I'll definitely try those places.

Sfogliatelle in DC/NOVA?

Does anyone know where I can get sfogliatelle in the DC/NOVA region? I've had the sfogliatelle at 2Amy's which is good, but not great, IMHO. Ideally, I would like to purchase from a bakery, because I love a good sfogliatelle with a cup of coffee in the morning. Any bakeries that do Italian pastries properly? Thanks!

Hole in the wall places open after 2am

Ravi Kabob in Ballston stays open late (either 2 or 3am). I am a huge fan of Ravi Kabob, but I've never been late at night. I am not sure if the menu is limited during off-peak hours. Their bone-in chicken kabob is great! And those spicy chick peas are heaven.

G'Town Cupcake, Part Deux

I am a fan of both, actually. IMHO, I like the smallish size of the GC cupcakes. I love sweets, but I always feel guilty if I have too much. Theirs is the perfect size to satisfy my sweet tooth without making me feel overloaded with sugar. I love, love their lemon berry cupcake. Light with a nice amount of tartness.

Baked & Wired makes a great cupcake too. I, too, enjoy their strawberry flavor. I look forward to trying the cupcakes in Dupont at Hello Cupcake this summer. In my book, you can love multiple cupcake places!

DC restaurant recs for a finicky friend?

Hook is a good choice. But if Hook it a little too pricey/trendy for your friend's taste, Barton Seaver's new restaurant Tackle Box (just next door to Hook) is really good. Simply grilled fish and a nice selection of sides including grilled vegetables and some fried fare. It's just a great casual place to grab a fast but healthy meal.

Bistro Bis Review

Glad you had a nice time at Bistro Bis! You should hit them up for brunch. They do a beautiful brunch.

Please continue to tell us your experiences as a recent DC transplant!

traditional Italian

Dinwiddie is right on the money. I love each of his above mentioned choices, and for those reasons. It really just depends what your want for this special occassion. Personally, I think Notti Biache is a great special occassion place. Delicious and more casual, so people can relax and enjoy each other's company.

Another good Italian place is Spezie, which would also be fine for a special occassion.

Low Sodium and Low Cost

Along the same vein of the grilled fish option, the newly opened Tackle Box has a "Maine Meal" where you can choose from a variety of grilled (or fried) fish and sides. There are some fried and starchy sides, but they also offer greens, grilled veggies, and side salads!

Does your boyfriend eat sushi? There are plenty of sushi happy hours all over the district. Sushi is light and relatively healthy, just skip the soy sauce or ask for the low-sodium version.