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Best Spicy Tuna Hand Roll in NY?

My wife and I are new to the city, and we both love great sushi, particularly spicy tuna hand rolls. The place does not have to be one the of the NY hot spots. In fact, we typically find the best sushi to be in the more traditional, off-the-beaten path places. Any thoughts?

Sep 09, 2008
tw1178 in Manhattan

Fun Weeknight Dinner in DC?

Honestly, we're super flexible in terms of cuisine. My guess is, in terms of neighborhood, it might be nice to be in Dupont/Adams Morgan, U Street area or maybe Penn Quarter. Since he's not from here, I wanted to take him to a fun part of the city that will be alive on a Wednesday night.

I don't know if that astonishing lack of info makes it easier (since we're wide-open) or harder (since there is very little to go on)....either way, thanks for the help!

Fun Weeknight Dinner in DC?

Have a friend in from town, and I want to take him somewhere fun, good, and DC neighborhood...not too expensive, but also not looking for Wendy's or anything. Thoughts?

Gems for a California roadtrip?? Any Advice?

So, a friend and I are both graduating in May, and for a little break from real life, we've decided to take about a week and drive the California coast...America's greatest road trip, right?

Anyway, neither of us are from Cali, but we are flying into LAX, renting a car, and heading North towards SF. We have no particular destination, and we are going to be camping most of the way, while looking for fun hiking, biking, or other outdoor adventures.

Along the way, I am desperate to find some of California's greatest food and wine surprises, and I'd love to hear any and all advice ranging from farmers markets, to seafood, to taco stands, to BBQ places, to vineyards. to whatever. Really, we're just hoping to have a great, relaxing trip free of chain restaurants!

The only thing on our schedule so far: spicy tuna rolls at Hama Sushi in Little Tokyo, the best sushi I've ever had.

Any advice?


Apr 14, 2008
tw1178 in California

Fun Sushi Place for a group - DC?

I am looking for a fun/good sushi place for a group of 6 or so on a weekend night. Any thoughts? Maybe a place with traditional Japanese seating and an extensive sake menu? Thanks