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Big treat for family


Jun 21, 2015
rkaene in Manhattan

Pre-theater dinner Lincoln Center

Atlantic Grill, Bistro Cassis, Cafe Talluleh Sushi yasaa

May 05, 2015
rkaene in Manhattan

White Plains Vietnamese

A place with that name just opened in the uws, near Fordham law school. It is take out, and amazing. pick your base , protein, toppings etc.

NYC trip with teenage daughter

economy candy on the les, great compare/contrast with Dylans. Walk on the high line and chelsea market before/ after.Outdoor place near Lincoln center ( Bouloud sue, or maybe Lincoln), Toqueville for a higher end yet not stuffy experience.

Apr 22, 2015
rkaene in Manhattan

Ben's Deli Scarsdale Opening Night - Oy

Went today (3.15) . Food was great!!! Soup Matzoh Ball and kreplah terrific, tried stuffed cabbage and stuffed mushroom appetizers, meat platter included pastrami, corned beef brisket, and tongue . very good, maybe a tad dry, Israeli salad and latke were wonderful. Lovely space and great service, upstairs party room looked lovely also, We will be back!!!

Trader Joe's YAY/MEH/NAY - February 2015 [old]

YAY-Coconut greek yogurt-

Feb 15, 2015
rkaene in Chains

Reasonable large family dining in midtown


Feb 12, 2015
rkaene in Manhattan

Dinner in Manhattan for memorable occasion, but not $$$$$$$$


Feb 09, 2015
rkaene in Manhattan

New Year's Eve

Cafe Talluleh on 71 & Columbus. Nice French Bistro with great drinks. Last year they had a reasonable Prix Fix, and it was wonderful. Hope they do it again.

Nov 19, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

best chicken soup MIDTOWN EAST

second sarges souper soup

Oct 31, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

French Dinner in Philly? Private room for 12 needed

This place is amazing! One of my favorite dinners of the year!!!!

Oct 09, 2014
rkaene in Philadelphia


Amazing!!!!!! Loved it, Food was amazing, loved the warm vegetable salad, oysters, scallops, husband loved the rabbit, Desserts, perfect souflee and pavlova, drinks and wine amazing, service 10stars!!!!! Cant wait to return!!!!!

Sep 01, 2014
rkaene in Philadelphia

New Restaurants in Wappingers Falls

Went today, it was amazing!!!! Brisket Pho was clean and fresh tasting, meat was great, and basil and mint tasted freshly picked. Cocoanut bubble tea was wonderful. Cant wait to return!!!!

Anniversary Dinner - New thoughts?


Jul 29, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Your favorite place to get a slice of NY pizza?

Little Italy Amsterdam bet 70&71

Jul 21, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

California hound starting honeymoon in NYC...Need reqs please!


Jul 21, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Long Gone But Not Forgotten! Manhattan Memories

Some great memories here-
How about
Chealsea Central?

Jun 23, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Affordable Sushi?

Ditto sushi yasaka, make reservations!

Jun 08, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Visiting Manhattan in July, seeking restaurant suggestions

Zuckers Bagels 41 & lex, Chinatown maybe dim sum- or Viatnamese- subway is close by.You may have to increase your dinner budget, or try eating fancier lunces.

Jun 06, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

the original pancake house (white plains)

One of my favorite breakfast places, hope it opens soon!

Big Meals for two ER Nurses Who Finish Work at 7am? Downtown/East Preferred

Can they wait until 8?
159 Lexington Ave
New York, NY 10016
How about the newly reopened

Mar 15, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Private Room for 10, Midtown West or UWS, moderate pricing

LOI, beautiful private rooms, very good food

Feb 11, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Quick advice please: No reservations 6 PM near Beacon Theater?

Cafe Talluleh

Feb 06, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Beacon Bar

Had awesome, very creative, and strong cocktails. Very nice space, did not try the food, but the menu looked great.

Jan 03, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

What says NYC to you?

Little Italy Pizza Amsterdam between 70 & 71
Awesome neighborhood slices
Levian Bakery 167 w 74- awsome cookies
Jaqques Torres Chocolate -Amsterdam 73& 74
Hot Chocolate & more
Cafe Talluleh Columbus 71 & 72
Great cocktails food, esp. oysters
Beacon Bar- Broadway bet 73 & 74
Great Cocktails

Need a French bistro/brasserie for today with our 3 year old for an early dinner

Cafe Talluleh on the UWS

Jan 01, 2014
rkaene in Manhattan

Wedding/Private Dining for 8-10


Dec 31, 2013
rkaene in Manhattan

Upper West Side

Cafe Talluleh Columbus and 71. Amazing cocktails great food. $1 oysters at the bar before 8.

Nov 04, 2013
rkaene in Manhattan

joe willys seafood house- Fishkill, NY Great food!

My husband saw an episode of restaurant impossible with this place, so we went. ( I did not have high hopes) The food was great. Wonderful raw bar, loved the roasted oysters, and great quality fish. Nice space also!!! It is in front of splashdown.

Feedback on researched family NY visit appreciated

How about Tolouche after Wicked? Around the corner and they take reservations.( May be important on Sat) Great drinks and very good Mexican ( for NY). Skip Lambs clu

Oct 04, 2013
rkaene in Manhattan