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Po' Man's Bibimbap (or Essentially Egg on Rice)

this isn't really a recipe...i'm all for simple recipes but a key component to bi bim bap is would definitely need some goe chu chang (red pepper paste) or at least a little bit of sesame oil to make it even partly resemble something korean. soy sauce + rice = gross

Apr 06, 2008
weebles in Recipes

Liberte Yogurt - Moka

agata valentine in the upper west side (77th and 1st ave) has it

Feb 18, 2008
weebles in Manhattan

Sour Cream–Banana Bread

Yum...this turned out so well! I added dried cranberries and walnuts (and I substituted canola oil for veggie oil because I didn't have any), and added a tiny bit of nutmeg and it is absolutely delicious. It looks magazine perfect and has a great fluffy yet moist texture. It actually took less than an hour so I guess it really depends on your oven. The Cook's Illustrated version is great too (they use melted butter instead of vegetable oil and yogurt instead of sour cream) is just a bit more dense but still really moist and yummy.

Feb 10, 2008
weebles in Recipes