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Best Sichuan in Chinatown?

Word from a friend is that Famous Sichuan is run by ex-Spicy&Tasty folk. My one meal there was very good, though I just had a few items: cucumbers in garlic, spinach in ginger sauce, shredded potatoes sauteed and vinegar sauce, pork belly sichuan style, and string beans with the pickled pork. anxious to go back

Jan 11, 2009
bill_p in Manhattan

East Village Sushi

Nori is very good. Pretty serious Japanese sushi and would compare it to Ushiwakamaru, though not as much variety/crazy-Japanese-stuff at this point. But better rice. Really, really good rice. (Which is what really tells you the good places from the bad, if you ask me.)

When I went a couple weeks ago, it was me at the sushi bar and one table of two in the place. (Think it's seven seats at the bar, maybe 20 seats at tables.) So I had the sushi chefs attention, but it was very good. I had chawan mushi, a nice sashimi plate and about ten pieces of sushi, each served one piece at a time.

I got... fluke that had been marinated between sheets of kombu, giant clam, kampachi, something the chef called "golden eye" snapper that was blowtorched, very good o-toro, uni, house-made sea eel, ikura... I'm forgetting a couple I think. Everything was really good.

They make their own shoyu blend. No liquor license when I was there, it was byob or free Sapporo/house sake. (This may have changed since.) The owner, Nori, is very nice and really seems eager to make it work as an authentic Japanese-style sushi place. The sushi chef was friendly and helpful too. Maybe not lots in terms of atmosphere, but it's not unattractive.

Chawan mushi, four sashimi selections (two pieces each), and 8-10 pieces of sushi (probably 9) was $60 plus tax and tip. Beer was gratis, as I said. I'll be back.

Dec 26, 2007
bill_p in Manhattan

Fun 'n festive in Wmsbrg/Greenpoint?

Radegast Hall Beer Garden just opened. It's definitely fun and festive... though it's likely to be slammed.

North 3rd @ Berry.

Dec 07, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Matamoros Puebla's days are numbered?

Walked by today and they were gutting the place.

Nov 25, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Kitchen Market / Bright Food Shop Closed

Sad day. Another victim of rising rents. Details on Eater:

Bright Food Shop has already closed but Kitchen Market remains open through Sunday to try and liquidate their stock of goods. Everything in the store is 50% off. They always had the best selection of dried chiles, spices, dried beans, hot sauce... they will be missed.

Jun 01, 2007
bill_p in Manhattan

Fette Sau to open in Williamsburg Fall 06

They take cards.

Apr 17, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

New place for dinner in Williamsburg

Eat at Monkeytown. The food is good.

Mar 23, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Silent H is open and its great!

I've been twice now. The first time was with a large group of people so we ordered almost everything on the menu. Apart from the raw beef salad which was awesome, I found the appetizers somewhat underwhelming. Not band, but nothing special.

There are two killer mains, though. The black peppercorn pork loin is a giant, moist, tender piece of pig, with the sauce dripping into the rice. The other was pan-fried sole with a ginger sauce and okra. The rest were solid, but not as spectacular.

My second visit, there was a special main -- some tofu/pork thing that sounded interesting -- but I couldn't *not* get the pork loin again.

I haven't been for lunch yet, though I've tried. Not sure how busy it is during the week, but they've run out of banh-mi early on the last two Saturdays.

I'm very glad to have this place in the neighborhood.

Mar 20, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs


Stick to trad Italian-American dishes and you'll be fine.

Mar 07, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Silent H is open and its great!

Any word on whether they've sorted out their permit problems?

Mar 07, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

One dollar oyster happy hour in Williamsburg area

Marlow & Sons has an oyster happy hour... dollar sounds about right though maybe $1.25.

Feb 24, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Silent H is open and its great!

I called yesterday and spoke to the owner who said there were permit problems that they hoped to have sorted out hopefully in ten days or so. I got the impression talking to him that they never opened at all. But maybe they were open Saturday (the day that had been publicized on

Looks like they did a nice job with the old Oznot's space. Looking forward to trying it.

Feb 20, 2007
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

Grand Sichuan -- Chinese New Year Menu?

I know the Grand Sichuans usually have a New Year menu, but wondering if anyone has seen it this year? Going to the Chelsea branch today for lunch and was hoping maybe someone had a New Year's dish to recommend. I know the standard menu pretty well.


Bill P

Feb 20, 2007
bill_p in Manhattan

Cheap Good Eats in Williamsburg

Matamoros, Chai, Fornino...

I wrote a post on this very subject (eating near NorthSix) for my blog:

Nov 14, 2006
bill_p in Outer Boroughs

best sushi high end best sushi day to day

Does anyone know where Masato went?

For that matter, where is Yoshida now... is he still at Geisha?

Aug 18, 2006
bill_p in Manhattan

best sushi high end best sushi day to day

I heard that JB's sushi chef of the last two years (at least) has left... is this right? I had friends who went Friday night and said he wasn't there. They also said it was below typical JB standards of excellence.

I'm no hater, and have posted many times about JB's awesomeness:

I'm just a little sad at this turn of events.

Aug 15, 2006
bill_p in Manhattan

Just one taco, one at a time, in Williamsburg

Matamoros is great, as stated already. Another pretty good place is Mexico 2000 on Broadway (at Keap). It's also a grocery that has a kitchen in the back, but it's bigger and the menu is much more extensive. I've only had the tacos, which I thought were good but not as good as Matamoros. They are open later, though. Better than Taco Chulo that's for sure.

Jul 11, 2006
bill_p in Outer Boroughs