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Winterlicious 2008 - good and the ugly

La Maquette ($35/person, Dinner) I had the soup of the day that was squash which was edible but not imaginitive or unique. The main course of scallops was over cooked and left under the heat lamps too long. Probably due to a full house during Winterlicious and the restaurant was dealing with service issues. I am sure the restaurant is good and deserves a second chance since the place has been there as long as I could remember.

Best Mom's Birthday Brunch in Toronto?

For a sit down more formal resto, I still a big fan of Windsor Arms over King Eddie, or any of the other better hotels in the city. For a more casual setting, Hot House Cafe I really enjoyed as one of the best brunch buffet with wide assortment of food and live jazz on Sundays.

Earl's Restaurant in Toronto?

That right Susar is starting a new chain called "Lee's Fusion Hell's Kitchen" On a serious note I really can't see Earl's branching out here away from the comfort of the West Coast where they have branding and a loyal clientel. GTA is a much more difficult market to break when their food has to compete against Servcorp (Alice Fazoolis, Jack Astor, Canyon Creek, just to name a few). I believe Earl was located on Eglinton at one point before closing down after consolidation losses and retreating by west.

best breakfast joint in Toronto?

I have to agree, the College location is the real deal. Is Yonge a franchise? I could never figure it out, the menu is more or less the same but the taste is off in the Yonge local.

Keg Or Tulip - which would you choose??

When I was still studying at Ryerson, I use to wait at The Keg. It is corporate policy to make people wait for the sake of spacing out the service so the kitchen can manage and most of all simulate a wait to give the illusion the restaurant is busy even with visible emptied tables. I find their steak tasteless. At the same time Tulip reminds me a an old time diner dump. Consider trying Canyon Creek Chop House, owned by Servcorp (Jack Astors, Alice Fazooli people), pricing is competitive, cleaner, and out to take market share away from The Keg.

Top five chinese in TO

I totally agree Casa Imperial is probably the best dim sum in the GTA. The line ups sucks, service is slow, and the hostess has attitude, but nonetheless worth the hastle. Most of the dishes have a twist to them that makes them unique. I find most of the other dim sum houses more of less fast food dim sum and bores me.

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

If you like fried noodles, try Shanghai River that is straight ahead of the escalator. One of my favs is the Spicy Thai rice noodle, it is slightly spicy and sweet with flavourful fried egg, shrimps, and pork. Not nearly as greasy as the shanghai noodles with porkchops, which is yummy regardless (just order a side order of Coke).

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

I usually order the #2 spareribs if you like tender pork ribtips they separate from the soft bone. The handcut noodles are al dante and the broth is light, yet flavorful. Not a bad bowl of noodle soup that actually rivals places I tried in Hong Kong and even Shanghai China.

Pacific Mall- what do you eat there?

That direction is pretty vague (few blocks eat of Warden), but on Warden and Bamburgh Circle is a great Viet Pho resto (Pho 88). I've been eating Pho for many years so I am pretty anal about noodles. For me it has to be consistantcy of the broth, the tenderness of the rice noodles and any toppings that is chosen. This Pho house pretty well trumps most out there, and the price is rediculously cheap. I could tell a success of any family runned resto from the consistent line ups year after year in a highly dense competitive market.