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Cafe Havana - Oakville cuban food?

Its good stuff.I know good Cuban food because I was partly raised in Miami and grew up on Versaille's and Padrino's food.

Julie's Cuban Rest.

Hi Suzy,
who now has the best Cuban in TO??

Best Mexican Food: Downtown Toronto

Try Playa Cabana or Rebozos both very good.

Mmmuffins in Regina

Has anyone tried Mmmuffins??

Shawarmas in Toronto

Probably the best Shawarma this side of Tulkarem. They are from Tulkarem in Israel.
The flavour is Egyptian for sure.
Does anyone have their recipes fo their hot sauce????

Shawarma Empire
1823 Lawrence Ave E, Toronto, ON M1R2Y3, CA

Julie's Cuban Rest.

I ate there recently.If you want good Cuban,eat at Padrinos In Hallandale Florida.
I found the quality and portions insulting. The give you 2 little plantains with your dinner.
How Cheeeeeeeeap! The meat is a 2 dollar piece of meat they call Palomilla.
Its expensive.Dont go! lets make Toronto restaurant owners do better than that. Lets raise the LOW bar. We dont want crap in Toronto anymore!! We want quality and food that is prepared with LOVE! not begrudginly!!

Good Mexican Food in Toronto?

read my rant.its crap~!

Good Mexican Food in Toronto?

We ate tonite at El Rincon on StClair,The worst Mexi crap I ever ate.
The Fajita beef was all of 8 pieces and tuff!
The portions were very Stingey and poor quality.'
They charge 3.99 for chips and salsa too!
I chose it because it had 4.5 stars on Toronto.Com
"My 2 cents"

Downtown TO (Royal York) recs

How do you know Scaramouche is closing?
That's Sad!
I have many fond memories there.
And the food is delish!

best burgers in T.O.

Has anyone tried "Craft Burger" in King St??