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Cooking with Hops

OMG.. I just had fried hop blossoms that were surrounded by mascarpone cheese, battered and then fried. It mellowed the hop, and it was AMAZING! It was like a little bite of heaven.... think hoppy or hempy (mild though) with creamy cheese and tempura batter.. DIVINE. I had them at a beer dinner up at the Resort at Paws Up (a five-star resort in Montana)...

Jul 06, 2011
FoodScribe in Home Cooking

Flathead Lake, Montana Restaurant Pics.

Oh my... I cannot believe that people did not mention the BEST restaurant in Bigfork - hands down!! And it is NOT Showthyme. That is just okay. The best is INVITE. It is harder to find and less known (though not for long) but is FABULOUS! They also have a GREAT winelist with a Lang &Reed Cab Franc that is TO DIE (the expensive one, is the one I mean, but the lesser expensive one isn't bad either).

ANYTHING at INVITE is fabulous! It is upstairs in one of those shopping boutique arcades, about mid-street, diagonal from Showthyme.


Jun 29, 2008
FoodScribe in Pacific Northwest


I am from Portland/ Beaverton area originally, and have not been back in awhile. I know there are a TON of wonderful restaurants in Portland itself (and PLEASE list the TOP 5 right now, if you all could)....

BUT... One of my parents said they don't want to eat downtown (she's got arthritis and doesn't want to drive much)... So I wondered if ANYONE knew of a GREAT couple of restaurants in Beaverton, Washington Square area, Lake Oswego, etc....

I know this is a challenge, because great restaurants don't gravitate toward Beaverton, I know this.

HELP - I really need answers!!! :)

We'll be there July 5 - 7th and then down to the Oregon Coast.
Any suggestions at the Oregon Coast, too, would be great!!

Jun 29, 2008
FoodScribe in Pacific Northwest

Best Indian restaurants

Hung, I lived in Seattle almost 20 years ago (wow! can't believe it's been that long) and am drawing a blank about how to take Roosevelt to 55th...
From downtown or I-90...what's the best route.

Also, I seem to remember an area that I took dance classes - down by the lake - back then.... I think it was where Kurt and Courtney later lived.. is it Madrona? You take a street from downtown all the way out, through ritzy neighborhoods and get to the lake and some equally beautiful homes.. just can't remember the street. I hate it when things get hazy. I know downtown well, but that's where we spend the majority of our time when we go visit now. I can get around there very well.. However, all of the other areas, like Ballard (just becoming an "area" back in 1990) and the one I mentioned. That's frustrating to be limited to Downtown, Capital Hill and Kirkland. Yikes.

Feb 12, 2008
FoodScribe in Pacific Northwest

Best Indian restaurants

I appreciate all of the great feedback many of you gave for the best fine dining restaurants, as Metropolitan Grill seems to be our only default the couple times a year we venture to Seattle.

But now...
My husband is from the UK and absolutely ADORES Indian food. I do too, and have become an accomplished Indian cook because we both enjoy it so much.

However, I know each time we leave our home town, we lust for Indian to fill at least one meal out of town.

What are Seattle's BEST Indian restaurants? We have eaten at one on Queen Anne that was okay, but just okay.

As a guide, we LOVE really creamy korma sauces - more like the British make than like in India.

Abundant ghee and cream are welcome dining companions, believe me!!

Feb 11, 2008
FoodScribe in Pacific Northwest

Interesting, great restaurants in Seattle - new or otherwise

My husband and I visit Seattle a few times a year and it's always the same - we go to the places we love and don't try anything new. I love new places, but he thinks of them as expensive risks.

We love Metropolitan Grill for prime steak, no doubt, but I'm getting tired of Chateaubriand (okay, maybe that's a lie - who would tire of that luscious steak they serve) and want to try something new.

We really have higher end culinary tastes, so when you recommend, try to recommend GREAT food.

We did once go to a place in West Seattle with friends - across from the beach - a little intimate Italian place with about 10 tables... and forgot the name. Would love to have someone tell me what that is called.

Anyone remember an Italian restaurant in the University area... I think it might have been Moretti's, but not sure. It was casual, but right next door, the chef opened a finer dining spot. This was around 1990 or so.

Feb 09, 2008
FoodScribe in Pacific Northwest