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Pie Squared

I tried them yesterday and loved them! I thought the crust was great. They worked with a food scientist to get one that could be used for both sweet & savory, and that was flaky & tender without falling apart when you pick it up. Success on both counts. I tried the Moroccan vegetable, the barbecue pulled pork, and the apple crisp. Will definitely go back regularly.

Foxley information

Thanks so much everybody -- and ESPECIALLY for the menu photo, Pigurd! Perfect!

Foxley information

I have an out of town guest coming who is interested in going to Foxley's. I can't find a website for them -- does anybody know whether there is a menu posted somewhere? (I need to make sure there is enough on the menu for less adventurous eaters and for vegetarians.)

Also - -what's the atmosphere like? Can you have a conversation there or is it very noisy?


The Thai Room @ Woodbine & Danforth

Haven't seen anyone talking about this new restaurant yet -- it just opened about a month ago, I think. I've been twice so far & really liked the food -- and there's a 25% discount for eat in or takeout (or 20% for delivery) until the end of September.

I'm not saying this is in the gourmet category -- but I enjoyed the food & ambiance more than at other neighborhood thai places in the area, and the menu seemed more extensive. They have a mixture of thai & malaysian dishes. So far we've had Coconut Mango Chicken, Thai Spring Rolls, and Sauteed Spinach (with broccoli, garlic, & something else I'm forgetting).

Ben & Jerry's Mint Cookie in Toronto?

Anybody seen any Ben & Jerry's mint cookie flavour recently anywhere in Toronto? Trying to get my hands on some for a birthday party. I've tried my local grocery stores without any luck, but I'll go elsewhere in Toronto if anyone has seen it!

Looking for Schneider's "Oh Naturel" Chick'n Nuggets

Our local grocery stopped carrying these Schneider's "Oh Naturel" Chick'n Nuggets that we like -- they are frozen nuggets made of tofu (fake chicken). They won't order them for us... we've spent crazy amounts of time on hold at various Loblaws trying (and failing) to get anyone on staff to tell us whether htey carry them... contacted Schneider's directly and they say they don't have any way of telling us which stores carry the product. Has anybody actually seen them in a store recently in the GTA -- preferably central or east? Thanks!

Viccino Pizzeria - gourmet wooden oven pizza in Beaches

I went to Viccino tonight for the first time -- just happened to see it when we were driving past. They have a weeknight dinner deal -- $20 for a large pizza (you can either get one of those listed on the menu, or make your own with up to 3 toppings), a side order, and a soup or salad.

The server was new, but was appropriately apologetic for any inconvenience. We had the caesar salad, which was nothing special. For a side order, we picked potato skins (they also have potato wedges, various kinds of garlic bread, something else I forget...). They weren't the greatest -- kind of dry and didn't come with anything to dip them in. We asked for sour cream, but they didn't have any.

The pizza, however, was great! I had the margharita on my half and really loved it. We got whole grain thin crust. The mix of flavors was great, temperature was perfect, and it was a texture I like -- not too soft, not too crispy. My partner had spinach, peppers, and asiago cheese and also loved it. We will definitely go back and will order for delivery. Probably will skip the salads and side dishes unless there's a good deal (like the weeknight special) or am really starving! They warned us that delivery can be up to 45 minutes.

Incidentally, it was very clean and lovely. I didn't notice any dead flowers (as one previous poster noted). The blazing fire in the oven is a great backdrop.

Relish open for lunch!

Found out recently that Relish is open for lunch now, Tuesday-Saturday, 11:30-2:00. We went last week and had a great meal. You can order tapas individually, but they also have sandwiches and a combination lunch deal where you can pick three items for around $15. When you get the special, they bring you all three things at once, on a single plate, instead of them coming out one by one. I hope they get enough business to be able to keep the lunch hours! I had eggplant fritters, roasted new potatoes, and sea scallops -- it was great.

ISO: good biscuits in toronto

I can't recommend anything in Toronto -- but if you decide to experiment with making your own, here's the recipe from my favorite Atlanta restaurant. I've never had biscuits this good anywhere else.

ISO: Salted Caramels in toronto

Not as high class as some of the recommendations, but I really like the Pink Himalayan Salt caramels from Purdys (there are a couple in malls around Toronto and you can order online). A box of them (some dark chocolate, some milk) is about $15.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

I was so excited to find this thread last night -- just got back from my first foray. They have some yummy small pizzas for lunch (pre-made, you can either take to go or they'll heat it up there). We had one on a garlic sourdough base with tomato, cheese, and basil -- really liked it! Also tried the chewy chocolate pecan brownie (my partner particularly liked that and said it reminded her of pesadich/passover brownies). I loved the chocolate-blueberry scone -- buttery and great consistency. We brought home (but didn't try yet) a strawberry-chocolate muffin, a jar of chocolate orange marmalade, and loaves of whole wheat and sourdough bread.

They seem to feature a soup for lunch each day, an array of coffee/tea/hot chocolate/juices. Other things I saw were bread pudding with butterscotch sauce, various kinds of cookies, several other flavors of scone, croutons (from a couple of different breads), other marmalades, various flavors of breads & baguettes & dinner rolls.

It's a sweet little spot! Bright cheery yellow walls, nice artwork decorating them, several wooden tables & chairs up front. Extra points for having a washroom on the main floor instead of down a flight of stairs. Plus the guy who waited on us was super nice. Really glad to have a place like this in the neighborhood!

New Yorker Deli hours?

Yes, they do -- but I was trying to find this out at 2:00 a.m. :-) Now that it's business hours I have the info (M-F 7:30 a.m. - 9:00 p.m., Sat 8:00 a.m.-8:00 p.m., Sun 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.).

New Yorker Deli hours?

Does anybody know the hours of the New Yorker Deli across from the Manulife Centre? Trying to figure out if they're open at dinner time so I could try them out before a movie this week. Can't find a website for them...

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

Wanted to give you all an update -- we just bought the Sodastream machine and we're really happy with it! ( We got the "Genesis" model -- $169 included the machine, two hard plastic 1 liter bottles, and a 60 liter carbonator. We bought an extra carbonator for $35 because we drink so much, and then when it's time to refill the canisters, it'll be $19.99 each.

You can order online and do exchanges by mail, but we went to one of the Toronto retailers instead (list for Ontario:

For flavoring, we're going to try the MyWater flavorings -- they're unsweetened, all natural flavor essences (no calories, no sodium, no artificial anything), but we didn't get them yet. (You can order them through Sodastream.) In the meantime, we've been happy using just a bit of orange extract to flavor the water. We've heard that other people like to add a little bit of concentrated fruit juice.

We've just had it for a couple of days and love it. Pretty small footprint in the kitchen, really easy to use, really fast, and way better than hauling the stuff up from the U.S.!

Poonam Delite?

Has anybody eaten at Poonam Delite? I just got a menu on my door for them -- they're near Danforth & Main.

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

Thanks for all your responses. Beaner & Daemon -- sadly, lemon is one of the flavors I can't stand. Wellred & Pasta -- glad to know I'm not the only one missing this! I'm really baffled as to why this isn't more readily available in Canada... in the U.S., many of the grocery stores even have their own store brand of really cheap fizzy water with natural flavorings -- everything from mandarin orange to cranberry-lime to raspberry. When I decided to stop drinking soda years ago (because I wanted to reduce my sugar intake and didn't want to use artificial sweeteners), these were what I substituted. Guess I will continue hauling them back from south of the border... but I will try the checking with the Jewish grocery stores.

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

We bring it back by the caseload when we drive to the U.S. for something, but that's getting old! Ironically, Canada Dry makes a line of these, but we can't find them in Canada...

Marvellous Edibles is closing Jan 18th

I was pretty surprised about that, too. They were closed (as usual) over the holidays, and I heard that the staff was told about it on the first day back. Not a great time to be job hunting (and with only 2 weeks notice).

flavored non-sweetened seltzer water?

Since moving to Canada, I haven't been able to find flavored, non-sweetened seltzer water. It's really common in the U.S. -- no sweeteners (artificial or otherwise), no artificial flavorings... just seltzer water and natural fruit flavor. Anybody know if this is sold somewhere in Toronto?

Marvellous Edibles is closing Jan 18th

I asked one of the owners about it, but they have no plans to open another restaurant anywhere. Said they've been running a restaurant for a long time, and it's time for a change. (I can only imagine how exhausting it must be to run a place like that, but I'm still really sorry to be losing it...)

Marvellous Edibles is closing Jan 18th

I agree, Full Tummy. Everything I've ever had there (and I eat there a lot!) has come in huge portions, and when meat is involved there's lots of it.

Marvellous Edibles is closing Jan 18th

Just went to lunch at Marvellous Edibles, and found out they've decided not to renew their lease. The restaurant will close after lunch on January 18th. Really sad -- it's our favorite restaurant. The owners will still be doing the farmer's markets with produce from their farm.

Indian without incense?

East end or central is more convenient -- but I'll happily go wherever... I did just call Aroma on King Street, and they told me they don't burn incense.

Indian without incense?

Looking for an Indian restaurant, but can't go to one that burns incense because of allergies. Anyone know of one?

Chocolate Covered Pretzels in Toronto?

Any recommendations for really good chocolate covered pretzels? Thanks!

I have no idea and need help....

Given that the suggestion for Southern Accent came from the OP, I think it's safe to say that he's willing to travel there.

I have no idea and need help....

I think Southern Accent is a great idea -- definitely lots of atmosphere, they still have the travelling dog, and if the mood strikes they could get a psychic reading. I've only been there a few times, but fairly recently, and the food was fabulous.

Statler's dinner/cabaret on Church St.?

Has anybody eaten dinner at Statler's before one of their cabaret shows? I'm interested in knowing how the food was and whether the menu you get is more extensive than the one they show on-line (which only has about 6 things on it). Thanks!

Cultures restaurants -- any good?

Has anybody been to the restaurants called "Cultures"? I couldn't find mention of them anywhere on the boards. I know there's one in Eaton Centre, and others scattered around. Curious...

Boston Cream Pie in Toronto?

Anybody know if there is someplace that sells Boston Cream Pie in Toronto? Either in a grocery store or a restaurant would be fine. I thought I saw one in the freezer section of a local grocery store when I first moved here, but alas, it doesn't seem to be sold there anymore.... (For those not familiar with it, it's actually a cake... yellow sponge cake with custard and a chocolate-fudgey topping.)