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Mystery place at Dundas West & High Park

What is beside it? Trying to place it

Conscious food festival - 2011 (August 13 and August 14) - Fork York, Toronto

They posted this morning a link that the entrance is free today, Sunday. (It is being paid for by the Grid) If you already have paid for a ticket they will give you a surprise gift.

Wild Wings

I would not be too excited. We have one at Dundas and Howard Park. The sauces are good but the wings have heavy breading.

Where can I find garlic flower in oil in Toronto?

I know I have bought them from Front Door Organics in the past. I love to keep a jar to use with my chicken...

Roosevelt Room?

We had our work holiday party here. It was amazing. The space was amazing. The booths were big and comfy. The company went for finger foods. I had no complaints. The cheese plate was full of cheeses to make everyone happy. We also had mini burgers, breaded seafood, mussels...

best brunch places in Toronto?

We did brunch on Frank at the AGO this past weekend!

We are still raving about it.

I had the eggs benny which was amazing. One of the best I have had... Just on the eggs alone. They were truly farm fresh. Almost orange in colour. The ham on it was thinly sliced and smoky.

My partner had the blueberry pancakes with lemon butter, blueberry compote and first run maple syrup. He was quiet as soon as it was placed in front of him.

Dessert was homemade strawberry ice cream.. three ways.. and warm lemon pudding.

Expensive .. Yes.. But a great brunch dining experience. We will back.

Best selection of non-cow milk cheeses?

Thin Blue Line on Roncesvalles

I have no idea and need help....

How about the Local on Roncesvalles at Howard Park? The food is pub food which is always a hit with the younger crowd. I recommend the Butter Chicken or the homemade veggie burger.

where to buy brisket

I like the brisket at Whitehouse meats. I normally head out to Bloor St W and pick it up. The last time we had it was for the holiday season and was yummy

beer festival

Sage and Spruce which was refreshing
Pumpkin spice - my partners fav!
Black forest porter - a bit too light for his taste
Simon Says Stout - A winner
Wapoos Snakebite - A good I had two

beer festival

A dear friend of mine had two tickets and ended up not being able to go. She gave us the tickets. We had a blast. The food was improved over prior years. The space was amazing. There was so much room to walk around. I went first thing on Saturday and once you were in and had your tickets, there was not really any long lines anywhere.

We got the free tshirt from Lakeport for filling out a survey. We gave fake details but a free shirt is a free shirt.

We stayed with the smaller brewers or at least ones we had not heard of. Some were so nice for chatting with them for a few minutes we received free top ups.

The biggest hit for me for Great Lakes and the Casks. We tried so many there.

When we got home we both said that next year we will buy tickets for sure.

ISO Wapoos Cider - Wife loves it

A bit off topic but at the Beerfest, Great Lakes had a Snakebite with Wapoos... It was so good. I have emailed them to see if they are going to make more and where it will be available!

Best fruit/veg delivery in Toronto?

I receive a box from Front Door Organics every two weeks. I love their customer service and the products they carry.

When I decided to start using them probably about 3 years ago now, it was because they had later deliveries. For my area the lovely lady delivers around 6pm. I am already home so no worries of anything being taken. She rings the bell when she is there so I know to come and grab my box.

They have a promotion that you can receive an all Ontario box with anything you chose for $35.00. I love it! They have some really odd veggies I find too. It is a great chance to try something I have not yet. For what I receive, I do not buy any other produce except what I receive from them. It lasts the entire two weeks if we do not eat it before then. We are a family of two though.

If you ever have an issue with anything, they will credit you for your next order and sometimes even refund it to your credit car.

Frank - AGO Brunch

I made reservations for Frank this coming Sunday for brunch. This is my first time. For anyone that has been... What are the hits and misses of the menu?

Boho Scored The Owner Of "B" for Weekend Brunch

My partner was in Boho yesterday. He was told that the owner who operated "B" is now doing brunch there. (as of today I believe he said)

I am going to go next weekend and see what dishes he is cooking up. Those of us who went each and every weekend to B miss it. Nothing in the area was the same.

ISO English breakfast

I love the football special at Boho/Liverbird. They also offer free coffee before 11am with the special. You can have two pints or go for a 1 litre.

If a match is not on, you still still order it off the brunch menu.

I recommend this place to everyone. The staff are amazing. They pour your drink upon hello when you are a regular.

Best LCBO scotch under $60

Té Bheag is a surprising choice. I found it during the holiday season. My spouse took it to a get together with scotch drinks. They said is was great and the price point makes it better

lemon tarts/squares?

The best ones I have had are at Mabel's on Roncesvalles. Everything there is amazing

Boho Winterlicious

A lot has changed in BOHO since the ownership changed. You may still be able to get some reservations for Winterlicious if you do not mind sitting at the bar.

I also hear that once Winterlicious is over their is a new menu coming out for the pub in the back and possibly for the front.

Boho Winterlicious

We had 8pm reservations but called and since we wanted to sit at the bar they could sit us earlier.

I started with a Sir Perry's Pear Cider. My date had a litre of Irish Stout.

We then ordered Romaine salads to start. A big portion. Very well dressed. A great start to the meal.

We both ordered bacon wrapped beef tenderloin with english pub chips as our mains. Mine came perfect Medium as requested. My date ordered his Chicago blue. And it was. The beef was so tender. Perfectly seasoned. The chips were just right. After finishing this we both were full and desert was still to come.

I ordered the warm apple tart which was a perfect end to the meal. My date had the chocolate bread pudding which he loved and ate all himself and no sharing.

If you can get reservations for Boho. I recommend it!

Winterlicious Hits

If you can get reservations, BOHO. We went last night. Every course was amazing and huge! We had the beef dish but saw all the fish dishes going by and everyone was raving...

Silver Spoon on Roncey....thoughts?

I prefer the Boho/Liverbird next door. I am actually doing Winterlicious at Boho tomorrow night and am looking forward to it

Surprisingly best wings in Brampton

We used to live right around the corner and lived on Tony and Jim's. Everything was always amazing and never minded my husbands odd requests

Bring on the recession: what's cheap and delicious in the West End?

more of homemade pot pie.... seafood with different veggies and sauces.... sometimes it is beef and say mushrooms or bacon. sometimes it is even say Elk.... Normally there are two different pot pies on the board

Best grilled cheese in the GTA

My favourite is at the Boho/Liverbird on Roncesvalles at Howard Park.

Aged cheddar, bacon, marbled rye grilled cheese served with pub chips or salad and coleslaw.

Very good!

ISO good brunch options near Queen and Roncesvalles

I have to say I do not enjoy the Freshwood. Everything tastes salty and not the best in quality.

My favourite is further up Ronesvalles. Brad's

Bring on the recession: what's cheap and delicious in the West End?

My favourite is the homemade pot pie and pub chips at Boho on Roncesvalles (at Howard Park... two doors down from The Local). The chef makes it fresh. Crust. Filling. Pub Chips. Everything.

It is $12 I believe

They have a pub in the back of the restaurant called the Liverbird.

St. Lawrence Market on Christmas Eve. Am I kidding myself?

both sides of the market are opening at 5:30am on Christmas Eve I believe. I heard a vendor saying they would be there at 5:30am at least.

I bought a lovely organic turkey breast and tradional stuffing and gravey. So all I have to do is cook it.

Brad's Eatery on Roncesvalles in Toronto is FANTASTIC! AND CHEAP!

I have to agree with you! We have been going to Brad's since he opened. My favourite is the veggie burger which appears to be homemade.... It is a great brunch place but for dinner great food and great value

Former 'B' space

They open on the 13th. It is new people. We all miss B and doubt the food will be as good. I will continue to go to Brad's on Roncesvalles.