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Bombay mix in Toronto?

I live near Bloor and Lansdowne; there are a number of Indian convenience/grocery stores along bloor between Lansdowne and Dufferin and you can get it any any of those. I've also seen it at No Frills and Fiesta Farms.

Fiesta Farms
200 Christie St, Toronto, ON M6G, CA

Vegan Eats in Bloor W / Junction?

Try Calico at Bloor and Brock (between Dufferin and Lansdowne).

Cheap and Dirty: Thrifty Dive Bars of the GTA

Not to belabour the point but Ciro's is neither a dive bar nor an imitation/hipster dive bar. Maybe I am sensitive because I am a regular.

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2010

Au contraire. South Indian Dosa Mahal did not close down, it moved from Bloor and St. Clarens one block east to Bloor and Emerson, making it about 15 paces from the Emerson Avenue exit of Lansdowne Station. Much bigger new location! Bright Pink!

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2010

Lansdowne: South Indian Dosa Mahal (steps from the Emerson Avenue exit): 1262 Bloor Street West (416) 516-7701
Open Mon-Sat 11am-10pm

Pho My Duyen: 1208 Bloor Street West
(416) 850-4993

What's the word on the Holy Oak at Bloor and Landsdowne?

It's a very nice little spot for coffee, and certainly the best "gentrified" (that is, non-portuguese cafe) place on Bloor for a long way in either direction (unless you consider what they serve at saving gigi to be coffee) The coffee is good to very good- intelligentsia beans. The quality varies a bit depending on who is making the coffee. The baked goods are delicious and homemade.

I have never had service problems there.

And it was the owner who was breastfeeding.

ISO English breakfast

My partner, indeed English, has the Full Monty at Edward Levesque's kitchen (admittedly not downtown). He did mention that there wasn't enough bacon...only 2 pieces.

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2009

Coconut Grove, also at St. Patrick Station, is a good Carribean option.
Ditto Vena's Roti and Carribean Queen of Patties for Lansdowne.

Take Home Christmas dinner

Again, not in Mississauga, but Whole Foods does this as well. Again, not sure on prices.

TTC Subway Dash & Dine 2008

Nothing between Dufferin and Bathurst??? Since it's (near) my stomping grounds, I'll give it a shot.
Lalibela Ethiopian Cuisine, 860 Bloor St. West http://www.lalibelaethiopianrestauran...

The Black Horse Pub 928 Bloor St. W (although admittedly the food is just standard pub food


Concord Cafe 937 Bloor Street West

I love this list, i can't wait for it to be filled out for this winter.


Tacos El Asador 690 Bloor West
Sadly the Korean Restaurant near Christie station that I like I don't think has an English sign, so I don't know its name (south side, corner of clinton? anyone?)

Ramps?? Am I too late?

Got some today at Dufferin Grove.

Toronto's Best Italian?!?

I went to Seven Numbers this weekend and it was terrible. The bread was stale, I got half a fig with my fig and prosciutto appetizer, and my shrimp linguine was aptly named...because I got only one shrimp in it. That and the server refused to give me cheese for it, because apparently it doesn't go with shrimp. I ate the single shrimp and then asked for cheese for my tomato sauce. And my wine (by the glass) tasted as if the bottle was open for about a week. I will never return.

Good eats near Bloor and Symington?

Yasi's Place at the corner of Wallace and Campbell has good breakfast and lunches, attempting to use local ingredients. It''s great and the staff is friendly.

Toronto CSA - Anyone know one?

Don't be disappointed in not having ordered the "gourmet box". We did, and it was no great shakes compared to the regular one...usually just one or two extra items, nothing truly gourmet or unusual, and didn't justify the price. That said, we have been happy with them before.

Comfortable yet interesting pub/bistro with veg options

I agree with Rebel House. NOrmally I'm a Czehoski fan, but I went last night and the food was terrible. The Mac and Cheese was just mac with grated melted cheese on it, and the fries were overdone in parts, underdone in others. Feh.

Dosa's and South Indian Food - where?

South Indian Dosa Mahal at St. Clarens and Bloor is delicious. The atmosphere is not great, and the neighbourhood is somewhat less than salubrious, but the food is good.

Best eggs? (farm fresh, organic preffered) Egg connaisseurs please!

At the Village Butcher on Lakeshore at Islington, they bring in "farm eggs" on the weekend. You have to ask for them specially. The owners are farmers themselves and get the eggs from their nieghbours. not sure about whether they are certified organic, but i am pretty sure they would be free range etc. They are delicious.

Hair of the dog- quick review

I had just the opposite experience this Saturday evening. On the advice of the chowhounders, I suggested going after I had picked up my in-laws from the airport and was dropping them off at their hotel at Yonge and College. We wanted a quick bite before they went to bed, and it was terrible.

I had the steak salad too. The steak was overdone and tough and dry. The salad was completely oversaturated with a reasonably boring dressing.
My partner and father-in-law's burgers were overcooked and dessicated. They looked terrible, I didn't even venture a bite. My partner confirmed his was terrible.

My mother in law's angus steak was cooked correctly and teasted good (I had a bite) however it came with gross gelatinous gravy out of a package (why bother?).

The service was very slow as there appeared to be only one person working the patio, and it took us 15 minutes to flag her down to get our bill, and 15 minutes for her to come pick up the credit card.

I was not impressed, and I won't be returning. I was hoping it was an oasis of good food in a bad food neighbourhood, as I had been lead to believe, but it was just as mediocre as other places on the strip.

Any Sushi in Parkdale/Roncesvalles

There is a little place called J and J Sushi on Ritchie just off Roncesvalles - but I have never been so can't really recommend per se.

Toronto CSAs and Organic Deliveries

We used to use Green Earth organics. The produce was good and delivered, which is a bonus, but I agree that it (especially in winter) was mostly produce from the States which also happened in summer as well.

Last summer we switched to Plan B and there was always plenty, and the bonus was that they grow it themselves or get it from other local farmers. This year there is a new option (the gourmet box) which apparently may include more herbs and interesting vegetables. Last year we were very happy with the produce received - picked that day or the day before, but at certain times there was not a lot of variety, for obvious reasons relating to the growing season etc. However, there was an option to get a bushel of tomatoes in tomato season etc. Generally, I really liked it. There are also pickups at Dundas/Bloor and Roncesvalles on Galley Avenue. It was small enough to carry on my bike (sometimes uncomfortably because there was so much!)

Coffee roasters in Toronto?

I must put in my plug for I Deal in Kensington (or Ossington south of Dundas). They roast daily. They trade fairly (but not "Fair Trade") and have organic selections. My favourite is the Prince of Darkness.

The best I've had in Toronto, I take it with me when I travel. It's 13 bucks a pound, and you get a free coffee when you order a pound.

Aboriginal Food in Toronto

I think the place that people are talking about that used to exist was the Coloured Stone, owned by Duke Redbird. It was half a pool hall. BUt it is long defunct.

There are some catering companies that do "aboriginal" food (which would, of course, vary from place to place in Canada, depending on what there is to eat in that location), but in my experience they are not particularly spectacular, however generally competent.

A lot of the wild game that aboriginal people eat is not allowed for sale by aboriginal people, because aboriginal people generally do not have commercial rights to sell the food that they catch. So, farmed game would be the option available.

Corn soup, wild rice, squash and game meats, along with berries and such would all be on the menu as it were.

Beef cheeks

this was an old post but i found some, so thought I would reply. We bought ones at the Healthy Butcher on Queen between Bathurst and Spadina. Not sure if they regularly stock them (this was the first time I had seen them there), but if you called ahead they would almost certainly cut some for you. They were about 7.00/pound. Haven't eaten them yet - am making them tonight.

Fresh figs?

There is a small greengrocer called K's fruit market on Roncesvalles just south of galley (or garden), i believe, where i bought fresh figs last week - they weren't so expensive. as a note, they always have really nice vegetables, with a decent organics selection.

Food Delivery Parkdale

Ah, a subject dear to my own heart.
For Chinese, I have recently been enjoying Westwood Grill, which is in the Junction but delivers to our 'hood. Rice and Noodle is also a good option, and the quality of the meat is good.
The Curryer, in my experience, has small portions for what you pay. Trimurti on Queen and Spadina delivers to our neck of the woods, but it might take a long time.
The Sushi place on bloor west beside the NO Frills (I think called Sushi Village) delivers standard cheap sushi to Parkdale, nothing spectacular, but passable.

Best place to rent space for a b-day party in TO?

I had my birthday party at the Stone's Place last year and had it catered, which they let me bring in myself. The space was free and they definitely have room for a band.

Pub around Dufferin and Lawrence/Eglinton/St. Clair

Thanks for the suggestions so far - we are trying to keep it west, as I live in the west, and some of my teammates live in the east (i.e., yonge and st. clair) so we are trying not to pull anyone too far out of the way....

Keep 'em coming!


Pub around Dufferin and Lawrence/Eglinton/St. Clair


I have a regular sports game on Thursdays at Dufferin and Lawrence and my team and I are looking for a place to have a beer and some decent food after.

Any suggestions?


Full Engish breakfast in Toronto?

I believe you can get the full english breakfast at the Duke of gloucester pub on Yonge Street around Wellesley. I can't vouch for quality, but it is where the ex-pats hang out to watch their footy.

Lunch around the Delta Chelsea


Wondering if you all could recommend a nice lunch spot for me to take a business colleague on a non-business lunch, somewhere within 15 minutes walking distance of the Delta Chelsea. Was going to go to Osgoode Hall but it's closed till September - something along those lines would be great.