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Convert this Montreal foodie: Your advice please!

By all means, check out the T&T at Warden/Steeles (especially the snack section which is basically half of the store), but IMO most of the eateries in this strip are mediocre with exception to Pho Viet (clean! friendly! fresh flavours).

Pacific Mall is always fun to wander through, if not for the wares, then for the people-watching. Splendid China is a scaled-down and quieter version, and not worth it to visit unless you have a specific shop/resto in mind. J-town is very unspectacular, and I'd only suggest if you were in search of specific items (like the yummy cakes at Nakamura Bakery).

Further west on Steeles and Don Mills is (chainish) Congee Queen, which always serves up good congee and snacks like XO turnip cakes. Very quick turnover -- usually less than 5min to get your first dish. Maybe not really special, but a good solid stand-by.

Casa Imperial provides a very unique dim sum experience and provides a lot of twists on dishes (at a price!). I also agree with a previous comment about the superiority of Shanghai Bund's soup-filled dumplings to those at Hi Shanghai.

Also second the Fish Shop rec! Made-to-order grilled sandwiches with a delicious sauce.

If you like coffee, you need to check out Manic Coffee (426 College St) just down the street from the Fish Shop.

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

Plans got pushed towards sunnier/less slushy conditions! It appears the recent snowfalls are unappealing for streetcar travels. Although ducking into tasty shops would be nice respites from snow blowing in my eyes and wind blowing in my face....

I don't like chocolate - I *love* it, so thanks for the latest suggestions!

Queen St. Fire

Most of the damage appears to be merchandise stores, including one of my favourite shops. Very sad. I hope they will all be able to recover from this.
Ali Baba has water damage, while Pizzaiolo has water and smoke damage.

Bad news - Izakaya to close

Here's a $20 coupon for dinner at Izakaya (expires Feb 21, not valid tonight) for anyone who wants to say goodbye to the resto in person:

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

Agreed. I've pressed my nose up against the glass of the Red Tea Box to admire their pretty cakes, but would rather grab a slice of day-old at Dufflet across the street. Is it just me, or do cakes taste better after a day of rest??

I'm pretty familiar with the downtown area, so more east- and west-end suggestions are welcome! Especially west of Parkdale, because I've got nothing right now.

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

I mapped out everyone's suggestions, and it looks like there are clusters of places to check out around Parkdale, a bunch of places along Queen West...a possible chip truck stop at City Hall, or coffee break at b cafe, and then clusters at Riverdale, Leslieville and finalllly, The Beach! I've never traveled west of Parkdale on Queen, so it'll be interesting to see if there's anything of interest.
I don't think we can hit all of the spots, but it'll be nice to walk through the clustered areas (also necessary with all of the eating..), and then hopping back onto the 501 between the neighbourhoods.

Thanks everyone!

fyi: if you go to Google Maps > My Maps > Places of Interest, there are some *potential* hidden gems under Dining, although I have no clue how the restos get onto the list. Japango isn't listed, so obviously there are some discrepancies....

GREEN TEA ICE CREAM...Japanese Restaurant Style

They only serve it during warmer months. I went a couple days after they stopped serving it for the season in the fall... :(

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

Thanks for all of the east-end responses! Anything good in the west-end?

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

Is this Ed's Real Scoop? What's good to eat in cold weather?

The breakfast menu at Vivetha looks great!

ISO quick bites along Queen Street

I'm planning a "be a tourist in your own city" outing for my SO by riding the length of the Queen Street streetcar (the longest surface route in Canada), and looking for quick, CHEAP and tasty bites along the way!
The route starts at Neville Park and ends at Long Branch (along I'd consider turning around after High Park).

This map was great in helping me learn just which neighbourhoods we'll be passing through:

Based on what I've read, it sounds like some good pit stops are Leslieville, poutine stop at Nathan Phillips Square, Queen West and maybe Liberty.

Any specific suggestions for food vendors, restos, or even winter picnic food suggestions are very very welcome!


Where can I find siracha?

You might want to make sure to check the "ethnic foods" section -- for example, I think the one in Dominion in College Park is directly across from the refrigerated packaged fresh meats section, just down the aisle from the pasta sauces.

If you aren't familar with the product, it should look similar to this: