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Fuel: Lewiston ME

I am a student at Bates College in Lewiston, and tonight when I met my friends for dinner, I expected to be going to the dining hall, as usual.

But, they surprised me! As a late birthday present they took my out to Fuel, the restaurant that has been all the buzz on campus. When we heard about Fuel we were so excited, because as has been mentioned, Lewiston is rather lacking in the culinary department and is quite a sad town these days in general. A restaurant we haven't tried yet? Amazing.

So off we go! We felt it was surprisingly upscale for the location, but we still felt comfortable in jeans and t-shirts. The decor is cute, we liked the candles, the music was fitting, we loved the look of the 'private dining' room, everything was clean, and it's even connected to a small art gallery.

It was packed, but we made reservations. (By the way, I'm so glad they take reservations... Da Vinci's, the only other really decent restaurant in town, and one of my favorites, doesn't take reservations at all... so when my boyfriend visited and I took him out, we had to wait an hour and forty-five minutes for dinner!)

In any case, our waitress was really nice, professional, informative, and attentive (but not overly as the original reviewer seems to have experienced...). We started things off with fondue for three. It was FABULOUS. The best fondue I've ever had. The cheese was just the right consistancy and there was plenty to go around without wasting any. They gave us more bread when we ate the whole tray with gusto. I would go back just for the fondue. Order the fondue if you go!

For the main course I had filet mignon medium rare with mashed potatos and bordelaise sauce. It was fantastic. The meat was perfectly cooked, it melted in my mouth. The sauce and the potatos went very well together. One of my friends had the same thing with the meat well done. He doesn't usually like mashed potatos but he loved these. My other friend had the lamb with brussel sprouts and sweet potatos and loved it, and she also said she usually hates brussel sprouts but she really liked those! We all got the side of home-made mac'n'cheese, which was wonderful but we were so stuffed we took it home. (That is, of course, standard eating out strategy... yay for not having to leave our dorm in the snow to get food this weekend!) We finished off with lava cake and chocolate mousse, both delicious. The entire dessert menu sounded amazing, I was gaping as our waitress recited it. In fact, as I passed other tables on the way to the restroom I saw so many dishes that looked very tasty.

We concluded that it's crazy we had only just found Fuel. It was the best meal I've had in Lewiston and frankly the best meal I've had in months, period. Everything was great and there was so much more we wanted to try. We're planning to try the four course chef's meal when we've gone through the menu ourselves. I cannot reccomend Fuel more. The only minor negatives were that sometimes the terminology was a bit much (we know it strove for trendy, but calling the soups 'liquids' on the menu?) And it was so popular that they were short on a few items (only one pasta of the day was left when we arrived at 7:15, and they made a special arrangement for the fondue since there was no fuel left [an irony we didn't comment on], but again, the fondue was amazing so it didn't really matter in the end).


Feb 08, 2008
Yuenmei in Northern New England