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Cachaça- Looking for those in the know

I'm looking for domestically available cachaça to drink neat and good cocktail ideas (besides the typical caipirinha). So far I've played around with Ypioca and Leblon, but I need some advice as to what better ones are out there! What are you favorites and what are the new trends out there for cachaça cocktails? Thanks!

Aug 08, 2011
spaghetti o in Spirits

Advice on Indian: Marigold? Veerasway? Bhabi's?

I usually head to India House on Grand for Indian food since they've always delivered a delicious meal, but I'm looking to branch out and I'm willing to travel (by El, bus, etc.) from downtown. I've heard Marigold, Vermillion, Veerasway, and Bhabi's are good places to try, can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some new ideas? Thanks!

Sep 30, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Rowdy Fun Dinner for Four Foodies!

At First Alhambra was the full package, but within weeks (when the original chef left) the food took a drastic nosedive and for the same price you were getting litter better than take out. But the decor and entertainment are indeed really something.

As for Zed, I live literally right above it so I think its magic has waned a bit on me- nor can I eat $50 worth of meet. Now drink $50 worth of single malt? easy.

It doesn't have to be fancy either, as long as there is some quality food and copious amounts of alcohol.

Jul 30, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Sunday night dinner & bar - nice ambience!

You can also check out some of the newer ones:

Graham Elliot (River North)
Blue13 (River North)
Piccolo Sogno (River West)
Sepia (West Loop)
Mercat a la Planxa (Grant Park)

And some classics you may have forgotten
Le Colonial (Gold Coast)
Nomi -Roofdeck (Mag Mile)
Merlo on Maple (Gold Coast)
Avec (West Loop)
Blackbird (West Loop)

Jul 29, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Rowdy Fun Dinner for Four Foodies!

Taking three funa and rowdy Chicago visitors out for a Friday night dinner next month. We're all adults, big drinkers, and bigger foodies. Not looking for anything too fancy (no 7 course tasting menus) but price is really not an object. Trying to stay in the River North/Gold Coast area but willing to take a short cab ride. Ones we've tried and loved: Merlo on Maple, Sepia, Le Colonial, Mercat a la Planxa etc. but can even be less fancy if atmosphere makes up for it- a Quartino's-esque type. Anyone have any fun ideas? Wait time also not an object if there's a bar... Thanks in advance!

Jul 28, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Brunch in River North?

Also check out Blue13 on Ontario. I went for brunch the first Sunday it opened with now wait and excellent food. They had traditional brunch items that were well executed (eggs benedict, lox and bagels) but also had some interesting more "foodie" options like "Steak and Eggs on Acid" that a friend really enjoyed.

Jul 28, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Semi-private for 8 in the city?

I would definitely suggest Sepia. If you ask specifically for the round table in the back they will happily seat you there. You can check it out on the website: The food is excellent, the atmosphere superb (especially at your own section) and cocktails sublime. Enjoy!

May 22, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Brasserie Ruhlmann

Brasserie Ruhlmann... well it's a french-influenced steak house which means it accomplishes both goals moderately well, but neither one spectacularly. There are plenty of better French brasseries in town and of course superior steakhouses, but the overall effect of this place is good. It's another a la carte place, so the big side dishes make 6ppl more cost effective. Everyone will be satisfied witha good expensive meal here.

For more of a wow factor, I might take them to Mercat a la Planxa for some upscale tapas, Sixteen for some breathtaking views and excellent food, or if you're aiming for a steakhouse, David Burke's Primehouse in the James Hotel.

May 01, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Work dinner in downtown Chicago

Brasserie Ruhlmann seems to fit the bill here. It's a french-inspired upscale steakhouse just a short cab ride away on Superior. I've been there with a large group- made easier by the abundance of side dish options and extensive raw bar.

Apr 08, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Need to break out of our Gibsons rut!

I'm trying to organize a small birthday dinner for a co-worker this evening and all anyone can seem to suggest is our usual places: Gibsons/Carmines/Bluewater Grill/Sepia. While these are classics, we want to branch out a bit!!

We're not worried about price, and somewhere with a good champagne list is a plus! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Mar 26, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Turkish Coffee downtown?

Looking for restaurants in the downtown/gold coast/river north area that serve turkish coffee. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

Mar 22, 2008
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Posh dining in South Beach

I'm headed down to Miami the first weekend of next month and wanted to snag some killer reservations. We'll be staying at the Setai and are looking for some restaurants in the area with a great scene and killer food. A decent wine list is a must, but all types of food are enjoyed. Thanks in advance for your help!

Feb 06, 2008
spaghetti o in Florida

Special Dinner downtown?

I'm trying to find a fun place for dinner tonight. I'm not ruling out anything (except maybe Trotters or Alinea) but as it's last minute, what do you recommend? All cuisine is adored. I'm just trying to find something new and fun- anything killer?

thanks in advance?

Dec 30, 2007
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Good Single Malt and dinner?

A fellow single malt scotch drinker and I are trying to find a good place downtown/river north/gold coast to go for some good food and some great drinks, any suggestions?


Sep 15, 2007
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Group dinner in vicinity of Palmer House

A great new place that has truly imaginitive and great food with more than enough space perfect for a big group is The Gage on Michigan Ave. It is less than three blocks away from the Palmer House, has a great wine list, small plates, and starters as well as solid main courses. They also have private dining rooms that can easily accomodate a big group like yours.

Aug 10, 2007
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Birthday dinner in Wheeling?

I'm taking my best friend out for flight lessons from Palwaukee and looking for a fun place to go to dinner afterwards. I'm a sheltered downtown Chicagoite, but will have a car and I'm looking forward to exploring.

We'll be done a little late, so is there a place that might be serving until 10 or 11? All types of food are enjoyed, and a good wine list is a must.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

Jul 21, 2007
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

First time in Athens! Looking for some fun restaurant ideas

I'm staying in Plaka for three nights (at the Electra Palace) and am looking for some good restaurant suggestions. We're three big fun, drinking adults looking for some great atmosphere and top notch food. Pretending price is of no object, where would you go if you had the chance?

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Jun 02, 2007
spaghetti o in Europe

Santorini Ideas...

For my first foray into the Greek Islands, I"m spending a few nights in Santorini. I"m staying at the Canaves Hotel in Oia and looking for some fun places to eat/drink/go out. I'm a huge fan of traditional Greek food, but all disciplines are up for debate!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Jun 02, 2007
spaghetti o in Europe

Cappadocia Restaurants

Need two days/nights worth of recommendations for Cappadocia restaurants. We're staying at Yunak Evleri but are willing to travel anywhere for a good, fun place.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Jun 02, 2007
spaghetti o in Europe

Izmir Restaurant Ideas

Looking for fun and delicious restaurants in Izmir. We're staying at the Hilton, but are willing to taxi anywhere deemed fun or interesting.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Jun 02, 2007
spaghetti o in Europe

Istanbul: Fine Dining, Brunch/Lunch and Meyhane suggestions for 3 fun adults?

I'm off to Istanbul for the first time in two weeks. I've been trying to read up on good restaurants, but any advice from locals would be GREATLY appreciated!

We're staying at the Celal Sultan Hotel in Sultanhamet but we're willing to cab it anywhere! We're a big fun, drinking bunch so atmosphere is almost as important as the food. We're looking for one fine dining option (360?), one Meyhane, and another suggestion so let me know where we positively can't miss!

Thanks in advance for your help and suggestions, I'll report back after my trip!

Jun 02, 2007
spaghetti o in Europe

Fun Dinner Ideas for Snowmass/Aspen

Looking for fun apres ski dinners for 3 adults in Snowmass/Aspen next weekend. We're hard skiing, big drinking, foodies looking for some fun dinners in the area to unwind after a long day on the slopes. Price isn't a big issue, but more on the nice steakhouse end (rather than five course fine dining).

Thanks in advance for your advice!

Feb 06, 2007
spaghetti o in Southwest

Couple looking for fun/food/plentiful drinks in the French Quarter

We're visiting in early December for a weekend and are looking for some great restaurant ideas. Ideally, traditional favorites that won't break the bank as I'm sure our cocktail budget far surpasses our food budget. Anything overlooking Bourbon street might be a plus, but I'm totally open to suggestions! Have been to the biggies like Emeril's and Commander's Palace- so am looking for smaller more intimate locales for the true NOLA experience.

Bars I'm making a must-see are: Napolean house, the Blacksmith's bar, Pat O's- but I know there are plenty I'm leaving out- help!!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

Nov 07, 2006
spaghetti o in New Orleans

boston in beacon hill

Fun dinner for two near beacon hill (Staying at Nine Zero). Looking for something swanky and fun with great food


You might also try Bistro Zinc on State street in the Gold Coast, their butter/garlic/pernod sauce is one of the best around and everything else on the menu won't dissapoint. Couple that with good service and atmosphere and you're bound to finally love the French!

Sep 14, 2006
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Romantic Dinner for Two This Weekend- (Italian??)

Looking for a nice-ish romantic restaurant. I've heard the Italian restaurants are off the charts there, but we have 2 dinners there so it would be nice to try something else as well. We're staying in Copely Sq. but are willing to taxi to any fabulous destination. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Top-Notch Resto in Chicago?

I wouldn't rule out North Pond either. A little off the beaten path, it's a sublime spot on a lake in Lincoln park with top-notch food sans attitude.

Aug 14, 2006
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Romantic Anniversary Spot for almost-adults

My boss' 18 year old son is looking for a romantic spot downtown to take his girlfriend too for their anniversary/college send-off. Anyone have any ideas of a good spot to get cozy in without feeling immature for not drinking?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

Aug 14, 2006
spaghetti o in Chicago Area

Fun Toronto Restaurant for 4 Adults

Let's see. I think our favorite was Perigee- the service was impeccable, the food exciting and having four people recieve different plates over four courses was impressive. I think that was everyone's favorite.

Thuet was nice for brunch, although not astonishing food-wise or service-wise. I would go back there though to sit outside, I can never turn down and eggs benedict either!

Beer bistro was more fun to drink at than eat. Everything I ordered was mediocre, but other family members had more luck. The beer tasting menu was great though and I even tried my first actual Beer Float with coffee flavored beer and heath bar ice cream- definitely better than the garlic ice cream I had in Gilroy!

My parents were dismayed when they saw the limited menue at Jamie Kennedy winebar and it's apparent trendiness, but everything we ordered was fantastic and the service friendly and prompt. I would go back with a group or on a date, you really can't go wrong there!

Sotto Sotto had great atmosphere and wonderful service, but the food was nothing spectacular- although totally fine (just didn't stand up to the other wonderful meals of the trip)

Thanks again for all the advice!

Fun Dinner for Two Downtown

Thanks guys!! We ended up being so hungry we could only walk as far as Silvertone and we were not dissapointed!! It was great food with a great vibe and much kinder on my wallet than I expected- Thanks for all the great advice, I can't wait to get back to Boston!