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Coming to Phoenix and need to know a fun, good place to eat alone at a bar!

LOVE SW food and fusion, really good "local fare" and will be staying at The Clarendon Hotel downtown Phoenix. WIll be eating alone most nights and like to sit at a bar when I do that - any recommendations? Really don't care too much about price, but do NOT want "pissy/uptight" place and would prefer a good place to people watch, gay patrons, etc.



Sep 11, 2009
wazza in Phoenix

Coming to Philly next week...

Staying in CC and will be eating alone on Tues and Wed. Love to find a really good restaurant where I can sit at the bar and eat. Does NOT need to be "fancy", but LOVE interesting food, small portions (tapas-like??) and an interesting clientel (as in - NOT suited, pretty young, hip, gay/straight mix, etc!) Also, a good martini is ALWAYS apreciated! Will not have car, so walking/easy cab or train is best! Thanks!!

Feb 08, 2008
wazza in Pennsylvania