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nitrate free hot dogs?

Does anyone know of a nitrate free kosher hot dog? it doesn't have to be glatt....

Sep 12, 2008
Haber in Kosher

Hostess Snack cakes

Hostess now owns Drake's... which would explain the "Drakes by Hostess"

And you definitely want to be on the lookout with those 100 calorie packs. Certain products that have certification for their regular products (e.g. chips ahoy) don't have certification for their 100 calorie packs.

May 16, 2008
Haber in Kosher


Skipping and Replacing ingredients have become such a part of cooking....

I was mainly looking to see what cookbooks ppl like to use out there. I was thinking about picking up Bittman's How to Cook Everything.

Thanks much!!

Apr 03, 2008
Haber in Home Cooking



I'm not actually looking for kosher cookbooks per se, but i was wondering if anyone had favorite cookbooks that they found a lot of good recipes in.

everytime i pick up a cookbook i like, it turns out to be mostly filled with seafood, pork, meat/milk combos, etc.

so yeah, any suggestions are totally appreciated.


Apr 01, 2008
Haber in Home Cooking

Gertel's Bakery

Thanks so much!

I've been avoiding Park East b/c it's a hassle w/ my kid's stroller, but I can swing by there w/o it. i'll check out c-town too... fairway has beigel's, we used to get them when we lived on the UWS.

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Mar 10, 2008
Haber in Kosher

Gertel's Bakery



Gertel's closed on the LES in NYC a while ago (RIP...) and I know they deliver their challahs to 72nd St. Bagel on the westside, but does anyone know if they deliver to a neighborhood bakery or market on the upper east side??

I can't justify paying $9 for a challah at Eli's!!


Mar 09, 2008
Haber in Kosher

Gertel's Bakery


Mar 09, 2008
Haber in Kosher

Kosher Market on Upper East Side?

We just moved to the UES in NYC, and I know about the butcher (Park East) on 2nd Ave in the 80's.

I heard there's another Kosher Market type place (ala Supersol, Kosher Marketplace, Fischer Bros. & Leslie, etc.) on the Upper East....

True? If so, where?

Feb 08, 2008
Haber in Kosher