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Good Wings in Nassau?

Yes, the wings at Croxley's are good, but beware of the "Wing Day (or Night) Surcharge" on Sundays. They tack on a 20% service charge for all parties, regardless of size, to the entire check when you order wings. If you have dinner after having the wings - it really adds a lot, regardless of how good or bad the service was. Granted, the wings are .20 each, with a minimum of 20 per order, so it is a good deal on "wing night" for the quality, but let the buyer beware. If you don't notice the little "wings rules" slip of paper on some of the tables - you might tip on top of the 20% that has already been added on to your check. Each tiny side of blue cheese dressing is extra, too. You might be better off ordering them any other day, paying more, and being able to take your leftover wings home - a no-no on "wing day!"

Looking for some Polish Home Cooking

Be VERY careful of your check if you go to Raymond's. We were a party of three, and had a "service" charge of 20% tacked onto the check without warning a few months ago. There was nothing written on the menu or posted in the restaurant about the 20% self-imposed tip for any size party. The food is good, but it's not good business to arbitrarily add a 20% tip on the bill - especially when service is adequate, at best - for only three people. Our food sat it the visible serving area (I remember thinking "I hope that's not ours!") until it was delivered lukewarm by one of the two distracted - or disinterested - servers. This wasn't the first time we ate at Raymond's - but unless they change this practice, it was the last.

I imagine there are customers who don't notice the 20% "service" added at the bottom, and tip on top of that. Let the buyer beware. Good food, granted, but BAD practices. We won't be back. There are too many other choices.

Mar 03, 2008
Rosetta in Outer Boroughs

Fresh Pasta

PASTOSA RAVIOLI - 13210 Crossbay Boulevard

Nice selection of fresh pasta and fresh sauce.

Aug 27, 2007
Rosetta in Outer Boroughs

"Don't Miss" Wineries in Napa/Sonoma?

Thanks for all the suggestions, Whiner and everyone.
I'm looking forward to a very memorable experience, and appreciate the guidance.

"Don't Miss" Wineries in Napa/Sonoma?

Thanks for the reply, Paul.
Under $30 per bottle - reasonable tasting fee suggestions are most welcomed, too!

"Don't Miss" Wineries in Napa/Sonoma?

Hi all,

We'll be in the area for about 5 days in late June. The number of wineries and options seem overwhelming. Are there any wineries that are recommended for reasonable (under $30) dry reds, especially the cab francs and sauvignons, interesting blends, and perhaps some nice zins and rieslings? If there are some good whites to be found there too, that's a plus, but we're primarily interested in reds. An informal atmosphere, and perhaps a restaurant and/or exceptional grounds and view would work very well, too.


Sunday Brunch in New Paltz

The Main Street Bistro and The Village Tea Room are both child-friendly. The Tea Room is a bit more pricey, but if the weather cooperates you can sit outside on the deck and enjoy your meal. The Bistro has hearty fare, good omelettes, vegetarian options, and serves generous portions. Be prepared for a wait there, though.

Any good places for dinner near Secaucus?

I really like the Bonefish Grill, 200 Mill Creek Drive in the Mill Creek Annex in Secaucus. It's no more than a 15 minute drive from your hotel, with plenty of parking at the mall. Prices are reasonable, good quality, and a nice wine selection. Yes, it's a chain, but one of the better ones I've ever tried.

Enjoy 'Fest!

Roasty's-Oceanside, LI - What happened?

Yes- Oceanside has been closed for a while now. The first sign of trouble was when they had a 2 for 1 sandwich deal. Then, a few weeks later, they were just closed - no signs, nothing. Now there's a "For Rent" sign. I am surprised. The food was good, and there were always people in there, like dude said. We're really wondering what happened.

Roasty's-Oceanside, LI - What happened?

Does anyone know what happened to Roasty's, and if the other location in Long Island is still open?


Favorite Food Network Chef

Does anyone remember laughter - or David Rosengarten??

I loved this guy! He had the drollest sense of humor. Sure, some found him a bit haughty - even condescending at times, but he had that nice boy/bad boy twinkle in his eye, and more genuine personality than most of the "personalities" on the Food Network today. I watched nearly every episode of "Taste," bought the cookbook, and even did the recipes. What did him in was that unfortunate foray into the game show where contestants had to guess what 5 ingredients were in any given dish. Why? He also knows more about wine and conveys the info in a down to earth, unpretentious way...and even when was acting pretentious, I got the sense that he was - acting.

I think he really knew how to connect with his audience, whether he was doing a dish with foie gras or making an egg cream. We need more personalities like that.

Mar 15, 2007
Rosetta in Food Media & News

Queens restaurant week

Hi, Queens Hounds,

Does anyone know where to find more info as to what participating restaurant is offering for $19.86? I'd love to explore some of their menus, but don't have time to call each one and ask.

New York restuarant week has a site where you can click on the restaurant's name, and the menus are posted - that's what I'm looking for.

Heck, if it would guarantee a World Series Win for our Mets, I'd even be willing to pay $20.06! :-)


Sep 20, 2006
Rosetta in Outer Boroughs

99 to go menu

99 is one of the worst chain restaurants I have ever been subjected to. I had to eat there once because they were the only place open in a small town at the time. I had a roast beef sandwich which was the weirdest texture of anything I ever tasted. I don't think it was even meat, but I don't have an idea of what else it could have been, except just awful.

I can't believe they have the nerve to charge for packaging. They should be glad for any sort of business.

Lobster Roll and other good eats in Boothbay Harbor and Portland

I second the vote for Reds - but the price seems to have gone up to $15 per roll just in time for the summer tourist season. It's worth it - you get what appears to be the meat of an entire lobster - with a susbtantial tail and claws, and no filler - on a fresh hot dog roll that reminds me of the type they used to have at Nedick's in NYC. You can get either mayo or melted (not sure that it's drawn, so let's say melted) butter on the side.


Good chow around St. John's University?

Kyoto Sushi is good. It's on Union Turnpike at 153rd Street, about a mile and a half from St. John's. They also have Thai food.

Jul 05, 2006
Rosetta in Outer Boroughs