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VitaMix Blender, is it worth it?

I have a friend who burned her arm badly from blending hot soup (not the Vita-mix). I since noticed the instructions with my blender say not to blend hot liquids with the lid on (heat/steam pressure builds up and it can explode). I think this is a general principle with hot liquid rather than a blender-specific issue.

May 31, 2011
greengoo in Cookware

catering- need it

I haven't, but I am in the same budget range & would be interested in hearing about Caterman and any other recommendations. My event will be in the Sausalito/Mill Valley area (Mt. Tam State Park, to be exact).

Wedding Reception Recs on a Budget??

The Fort Mason Log Cabin is a place my Fiancee & I were considering for 150 guests. We couldn't visit last year because they were remodeling, but I believe they are done now. It looked like a beautiful place.

I also thought the Mill Valley Community Center was beautiful and could be decorated to suit your style preference. (It would be bautiful without any added decor as well).

I don't think your price is unreasonable- you just have to keep in mind your priorities/what is most important to you and possibly make tradeoffs accordingly to get the budget you want. My budget is much less (afternoon ceremony, light lunch-like food) and I have found several caterers to work with me on it.

menu advice

I am in the same situation- am looking for a place to cater for ~130 at Mt. Tam in July.
I am trying to stick to ~$15person (for food, service is additional & bumps it up a bit). Stating the budget up front helps and at least a few caterers have worked within the budget without a problem (one for that price including service!)

I have found that sandwiches & wraps are fairly inexpensive. Pasta can be, but it depends... I'd love to hear other people's opinions- we are still looking but have found at least a couple of caterers we are considering.

Another thing you can do is get food from a restaurant in bulk and hire service separately (if at all).

Is it just me or do a surprising number of businesses fail to respond to requests? (Both before & after I tell them the price point & details)

Starving for BBQ

I love it. It's delicious. Some friends who used to live nearby introduced us to it and we keep going back. The medium has a nice smoky flavor & is my favorite sauce ever. The service isn't great- we go for the food.

Chocolate fountain?

I agree, sephra & dark chocolate are my favorites so far. I first tried melting chocolate chips & adding oil, but it took MUCH more oil than the fountain claimed. We later tried the fountain-ready chocolate and it was 100 times easier!

Another tip is to make sure that there are no water droplets nearby- they cause the chocolate to get grainy.

Feb 07, 2008
greengoo in General Topics