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What are the best Italian Restaurants in RI?

I hear Rhode Island has more folks hailing from Italy than any other state. So, where are the Italian restaurants? For heavens' sake, do not confuse Italian-American food with Italian food.

Nov 13, 2011
creamy in Southern New England

Gourmet, Mayan-Inspired, Fine Dining in PDC/ Cancun/Cozumel

Four foodies will travel to the Maya Riviera/Playa del Carmen/Cozumel/Cancun area and would like to know what Chowhounders thought of these locations. We are interested in eating at out of the way locations where food is cooked and served with passion and reverence to its ingredients in an inviting setting. Great service along with fine wines would be welcomed additions to the mix. We will have a car.

1) La Marea Restaurant at the Tides Resort
2) El Sol Restaurant at Maroma
3) Pavo Real Restaurant
4) Negrosal Restaurant
5) Sol Y Fuego Restaurant at Esencia Resort

We know about these locations and, most likely, will visit them as well:
6) Hechizo Restaurant
7) Labna Restaurant
8) La Choza Restaurant
9) Yaxche Restaurant
10) Cocina 38

Thank you in advance.

Jan 31, 2010
creamy in Mexico

Providence Restaurant Weeks Feedback

I went to Capitale Grill for lunch. Your site was helpful in having menus and the list of participating restaurants. Great job!
Have you considered donating a small portion to a needy cause to attract more people to participate? Meals on Wheels, RI Food Bank, or the various non-profits serving as soup kitchens (MacAuley House, for instance) would appreciate the help.

Monday Night Dinner in Providence

Z Bar on Wickenden St. Great food, friendly service and a cozy, flower-filled, outdoor patio.

Best Portuguese restaurants in RI?

O Denis Portuguese Restaurant:
579 Warren Ave, East Providence, RI 02914 -(401) 438-3769.
A great family restaurant. Not fancy but if great food is your search, this is what you are looking for.

Jul 24, 2008
creamy in Southern New England

LA - what would blow you away if you've been everywhere

Why not give them a multi-course meal at an ethnic place? For $500, an awesome Turkish, German, Indian, Brazilian, Lebanese, or Thai restaurant can put on an amazing spectacle for two. The restaurant can thrown in live music and/or dancers (if the place has a license), and unique decorations. This would certainly be memorable, unique, unexpected and blow them away.

May 17, 2008
creamy in Los Angeles Area

The Best RI "Chowhound" Clambake?

As the weather turns balmy, I wonder what other Chowhounders think is the best clambake in the state. We live in the Ocean State and it is daunting trying to find the perfect brew in South County, let alone the city. I cannot wait to dig into the lobster, clams, shrimp, potatoes and corn. Do any Providence restaurants serve this tasty and hedonistic treat?

Bar Boulud Review

Three of us were there yesterday (Sat) for pre-opera lunch and had a good time. The food was excellent (salmon, steak and boudin blanc). The wine list is reasonable since prices fall within fat-account to skimpy-wallet range. Yet, the selection is wide and deep. Midway through the meal, Mr. Boulud sat next to our table. After we paid and got up to leave, I ventured and said "Hello, great place you have here." He got up, shook our hands and was gracious enough to chit chat for a minute. We look forward to our next meal here. It is a definite hit.

Apr 06, 2008
creamy in Manhattan

LA Chowhounder in need of nyc dinner recs!

Try the bar at the Museum of Modern Art (The Modern) it is casual but with an insider edge without being pseudo trendy. Also, Gordon Ramsey (the first floor cafe) is pretty good for lunch. Brasserie is always great for lunch and dinner. For LES, check out Thor restaurant at The Hotel On Rivington ( LA (my home town, yeah!), unfortunately, does not have places like these.

Apr 04, 2008
creamy in Manhattan

Best Service You Ever Had

For me, It is a toss up between: (NYC) Per Se, Le Bernardin, Daniel, Gordon Ramsey. (Chicago) Charlie Trotters, Tru. (SF) Gary Danko. (Sonoma) Cyrus. (Napa) The French Laundry. (LA) Patina, Valentino. (Las Vegas) Picasso, Bouchon. (Santa Fe) Geronimo. (Philadelphia) Le Bec Fin. (Atlanta) Bacchanalia. (Providence, RI) Gracie's. This seems like a lot but each is truly an oasis amidst the sea of sameness, rudeness and just plain uneducated service.

Apr 03, 2008
creamy in Not About Food

Mystic/Groton CT with high school kids?

Welcome to Southern New England. Try Go Fish in "Olde Mystic Village." Here is their site: They have great appetizers, soups, salads, reasonable sushi rolls, a raw bar (try the sampler) and, of course, fresh fish. The place is lively and is a few feet from Mystic Aquarium, a movie theater and several boutique shops.

Martha's Vineyard early May

If you are looking for something special and upscale, try L'Etoile in Edgartown. Here is their website: I've had several memorable meals there and their tasting menu is fantastic.

looking for good Providence restaurant for large group

Try Z Bar if you are looking for american fare. It is a medium size restaurant but can accommodate a party that size. Reasonable prices and good food. On the other hand, if you are looking for something more edgy with great drinks and ambiance, try the new Cuban Revolution at 60 Valley St.

Going to Cabo on Tuesday! Need restaurant help please.

I've learned that reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. Smell the fruit. Enjoy the color. Savor the complexity.

Mar 18, 2008
creamy in Mexico

PVD - Pre-Concert Restaurant Recommendation?

Aside from the great pre-theatre menu, they have great wines by the glass or per bottle. The restaurant is a short walk to PPAC and they offer free valet parking.

Lunch near Eddy Street in Providence

Rue bis is a great suggestion. It is small, unpretentious and sparse but the concise menu is really good.

What time should I reserve pre-theatre dinner for?

If you let the waiter know you have theater tickets, they will steer you clear of food that might take longer to prepare. I believe they have a Prix Fix Theater menu. Also, getting a cab going cross-town is tough at that hour so prepare to walk several blocks before finding one (in the event one is not available when you exit the restaurant).

Feb 29, 2008
creamy in Manhattan

Going to Cabo on Tuesday! Need restaurant help please.

If price is no object, try: 1) Charlie Trotter's C, 2) Las Ventanas Restaurant, and 3) Esperanza Restaurant. Each dinner was a culinary tour de force. All three meals were accompanied by Baja's best kept secret: Mexican wines. Mark my words: Napa and Sonoma might snub their noses now but will do a double take in a few short years. Enjoy.

Feb 29, 2008
creamy in Mexico

Best Upscale Thai Food in Chicago?

Arun's on Kedzie has always been a favorite fine Thai restaurant. Those 10 courses will mess with your head for the longest time. Any other recommendation for gourmet Thai dining? Location and price is unimportant.

Feb 29, 2008
creamy in Chicago Area

Dim Sum primer???

Since I have not master the art of Dim Sum making, I go to DS parlors. Tea is the accompaniment to that meal. If I hunger for tea, I'll stay home with my well-stocked pantry or visit a tea house. But then again, I'm not Chinese.

Feb 21, 2008
creamy in General Topics

Citrus at Social @ Hollywood?

It is an interesting pair: Social = loud, no service (unless you drop big cash on the drinks), and lots of pseudo attitude. Citrus (original) = Memorable food, friendly service, fantastic chef, fantastic (Latin) chef de cuisine, great ambiance.
Now, the only thing in common = good people watching.

Feb 20, 2008
creamy in Los Angeles Area

Boba novice seeks advice

I'm so bummed we do not have boba shops here in New England. I'll be in SoCal in July and cannot wait to enjoy boba again in SGV, SFV, Costa Mesa and Chinatown. Tea Station sounds great. Thanks for the tip.

Feb 20, 2008
creamy in Los Angeles Area

Is 'Corn' and its by products dominating North American diets?

That is a great site. Thank you, AnneInMpls.

After reading all these posts I wonder how many of us will stop at a local fruit/vegetable stand, during late summer, selling "Native Corn"?
I'm sure we all remember eating fresh ears with lots of butter and a pinch of salt. Sun streaming in. Ahh.
Now, the crop has been ruined by smarty pants thinking they were making it better for the rest of us or trying to make a fast buck. I'm all for science but stay away from food, please.

Feb 20, 2008
creamy in General Topics

Is 'Corn' and its by products dominating North American diets?

Feb 19, 2008
creamy in General Topics

Dim Sum primer???

Yes, the point of Dim Sum is to enjoy the company of family and friends. Tea (black, green, Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, or any other) is part of this ritual. I frequent Chinatowns in New York and Boston (and twice a year in LA) and black tea is what I've seen served to most Chinese customers. I have only seen Jasmine tea be offered to non-asians. Many moons ago, a reliable Chinese friend (also a foodie) explained the intricacies of each dish and tea accompaniment. Of course, one should drink whatever beverage is most palatable.

Das_Ubergeek: I do not subscribe to an all-you-can-eat attitude when it comes to Dim Sum, or any other food for that matter. So it is surprising you think I "have it backwards." I have seen Chinese families ordering one or two dishes and linger over them for half hour or longer (they read their local Chinese newspaper, talk on the cell phone, talk to their companions, etc) and repeat the process for two or three hours in a leisurely manner. I think this is wonderful and try to emulate. Many Westerners eat in a hurry, crane their necks for the next dish, hunt for the next cart to pass by (even get up to fetch a dish across the room) and eat again without stopping . This is not the way to enjoy Dim Sum. It is not a salad bar or buffet on rollers.

Slow down and enjoy the experience. Experiment with all dishes (yes, even the chicken feet and tripe) and sample all teas available. You'll find what is most satisfying to you. Harmony is waiting.

Feb 19, 2008
creamy in General Topics

Is 'Corn' and its by products dominating North American diets?

So if we are inundated with all these corn-based products (most bio-engineered and grown with innumerable pesticides harmful to our health over many years), why do we continue buying them and why is our government keep subsidizing production? The fact it is a cheap product and the subsidizing of it is part of our national "pork barrel" spending are not great answers. I guess, we don't get it or we don't care; or worse, both.

Feb 19, 2008
creamy in General Topics

Any Korean in Providence, RI

The problem with Sura is that they are trying to be too many things at once. When a restaurant has Korean, Chinese and Japanese items on their menu, it is time to leave, IMO. Also, I do not think Sura had/has a Korean cook. On the other hand, I'll go to Sura before I go to a fast food joint or a chain restaurant.

Best Nim Chow in Providence?

The original Apsara is in South Providence and the "new" one is on Hope St. I have never been to the one in Fall Riv(iera). The Nime Chow at both Providence locations are freshly made and the wrappings are always smooth and delicious.

Feb 18, 2008
creamy in Southern New England

Aggressive dim sum strategy

It is interesting to note all non-Asians want their dishes right away. I visit Chinatowns in NYC and Boston and have notice the Chinese take their time to enjoy Dim Sum. They order one or two dishes and linger over them for half hour or longer. They read the local Chinese newspaper, wait for others in their party, talk on the cell phone, or just catch up with their table companions. This routine is played out several times for two or three hours. I have started bringing the New York Times or Boston Globe and sit and enjoy the leisurely pace. What a difference! Sure, my Western instinct tells me I should be eating when the food is hot and in front of me. (Hurry. Hunt. Order. Hot. Eat.) When I slow down, eventually, all dishes I desire come my way. At the same time, I eat less but feel satisfied just the same.

Feb 18, 2008
creamy in Not About Food

Best Irish Food in Providence?

Forget the oxymoronic jokes but St. Patrick is around the corner and friends and I want to eat the best the Emerald Isle has to offer (excluding Guinness, of course). Suggestions?