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Suggestions for 50 ppl eating in Central HK

Looking for a restaurant to eat on sat night in Central for approx 50 people. Budget is about £70 pp (could go higher if need be).
Any suggestions? Would like cantonese and non cantonese suggestions.. or possibly two restaurants nearby one cantonese and one non cantonese so that my group can chose.

Mar 20, 2013
m_l in China & Southeast Asia

Got a car, where to go eat?

some really good suggestions, thanks everyone.

will end up in SFO.

Oct 29, 2011
m_l in San Francisco Bay Area

Got a car, where to go eat?

Hi there,
I am visiting SF Bay Area in about a weeks time and for two days i have a car and would like to drive around just see the area outside the city but even more importantly i would like to be able to go to some great diners or restaurants for lunch & dinner.

Day 1 i'm planning to go shopping so will be driving to Gilroy and Milpitas
Day 2 is undecided, so if you have any suggestions please do let me know

By the way, we're a group of foodies who don't drink

thanks in advance!!


Oct 29, 2011
m_l in San Francisco Bay Area

italian food like it's from italy ?

cool. thank you so much for the replies.
i will have to try out all of them in the coming months !!!!

Jul 13, 2006
m_l in Manhattan

italian food like it's from italy ?

Hi there,

I've recently moved to NY from Europe and just love my italian food.
So I was wondering if anyone could point out some italian restaurants in manhattan which cooks and serves food similar to that being served in italy please reply. (I have no particular preference for a specific region of cooking)

As for the price range I don't mind hearing about simple small family ran restaurants to the expensive ones as I'm sure it'll be useful information as some point.

Any if oyu know of a place which serves italian hot chocolate (or similar) i'd like to hear from you too


Jul 12, 2006
m_l in Manhattan