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Mexican Find On Ave. U Brooklyn

A while ago, La Mixteca, a Mexican bar and restaurant, opened at 189 Avenue U. I've noticed it when I visit Meat Supreme across the street but, living in Midwood, rarely get to that neighborhood at the dinner hour.

Tonight, with no Q train and the neighborhood in the grips of a gasoline shortage, we decided to head down there with our neighbors for a little Mexican comidas and some cerveza.

Walking into the place, we wondered if we hadn't made a mistake. No decor of any kind. A bar, jukebox, some coolers and a few laminate tables are all that's there. But a nice young lady welcomed us, handed us menus and took our drink order. The fare is typical-- everything from breakfast pancakes to cemitas. So, we started off with chips, salsa and guacamole, all, as we discovered, house-made. The chips and guacamole were excellent. For my taste, the salsa lacked heat, though very fresh-tasting.

The four of us ordered tacos, carnitas, enchiladas en mole, fajitas and tamales. Everything we ate was homey and delicious. The pork enchiladas deserve special mention. The pork inside was crispy and the mole was unbelievably rich and complex. Other than the salsa, everything had a healthy dose of heat, especially the tamales, which had jalapeƱos tucked into the cheese filling.

With six beers and two glasses of wine, the bill came to just under $70 for the four of us. Great value in the most nondescript of places.

La Mixteca
189 Avenue U
Brooklyn, NY 11223
(347) 462-1601

Nov 03, 2012
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Glimmer Of Hope In Midwood

Given the extremely um, limited dining options in Midwood, I recently was surprised and delighted to happen upon Lotus Thai Restaurant on Coney Island at Ave P. The place is actually quite elegant, and the food is a big step above most I've had in Brooklyn or, for that matter, Manhattan. The flavors are fresh and assertive, and the menu has interesting and unusual choices. I've only been twice and haven't had the opportunity to try many dishes, but the soups, apps, salads and the couple entrees I've had have been excellent.

They seem to have a nice, young scene going on, with a youthful clientele grooving to the modern dance/electronica music that plays pleasantly through the sound system. That's not necessarily my thing, but I'll definitely be going back to dig deeper into the menu, and maybe even down a couple of Pineapple Sakeritas!

Oh, and they're open late. Midnight, I think.

Lotus Thai Restaurant and Lounge
1924 Coney Island Ave.

1924 Coney Island Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11230

Dec 16, 2011
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Senior Moment?

Well, as it turned out, we just blew through Chinatown on our way somewhere else, so we stopped for a quick bite at Royal Kitchen in the Chinese Cultural Plaza. In its own way though, it was a delight. The very nice lady behind the counter helped us fill our plates with all kinds of goodies, which we enjoyed at a table outside. We loved Honolulu and our stay on the North Shore (with the possible exception of the night of the tsunami), and hope to return soon for a longer visit. Thanks again to all you HI Chowhounds. I'll be happy to assist you next time you're in Chicago or NYC.

Chinese Cultural Plaza
Honolulu, HI, USA, Honolulu, HI

Royal Kitchen
Chinatown Cultural Plz, Honolulu, HI 96813

Mar 16, 2011
Paul SL in Hawaii

Senior Moment?

Thanks to all for your helpful replies. We're going into town today or tomorrow and will check out some of these places. Even if I don't find the restaurant I read about, it seems there are lots of other great choices.

Mar 09, 2011
Paul SL in Hawaii

Senior Moment?

Studying up on chow-worthy restaurants before our visit to Oahu, I read of an old-school Chinese joint in Honolulu that's been there forever and has barely changed over the years, either in menu or decor. Now that we're here, for the life of me I can't find the name or a listing for such a place. Does this ring a bell for anyone? Now, where did I put that AARP application?

Mar 08, 2011
Paul SL in Hawaii

Has Pomme de Terre Closed?

I think it's a tough location. Despite its nearness to the subway, there's not anything like the critical mass of restaurants on the street that draws people to the Cortelyou strip. Still, I really enjoy David's cooking, and hope they've bet right this time.

Apr 18, 2010
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Has Pomme de Terre Closed?

I got an email from David, the chef, who confirms they're reopening in June as a gastropub with a full liquor license. Fingers crossed.

Apr 17, 2010
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Has Pomme de Terre Closed?

Went by tonight (Friday) at 7 pm and the place was dark. Anyone know anything? Losing this little gem would be a shame; it's been one of my absolute faves.

Apr 16, 2010
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Hopeless? Decent Chinese in Midwood?

My local Chinese carryout (Ave. M near Ocean) has a few ok soups and some passable noodles, but overall, I'd give it a C-plus. Are there any other Chinese places in Midwood worth ordering from? At this point, I'd be grateful for B-minus!

Feb 12, 2010
Paul SL in Outer Boroughs

Any word on Tipsy Parson yet on 9th around 20th?

I can say without qualification that last night's dinner at Tipsy Parson was one of my all-time favorite meals in New York. My companion and I began with crisp, almost etherial hush-puppies and delicious fig rumaki, each dried fig stuffed with a water chestnut and wrapped in smoky bacon.

Fully appetized, we split an entree plus 3 side dishes: crusty seared catfish, served with a tarragon-scented salad of potatoes and celeriac; sauteed spinach with lemon and garlic; cheesy grits; mac and cheese with bacon (I can't get enough cheese and bacon!). Although the place was Friday-night crazy, everything was perfectly prepared, deftly seasoned and served piping hot.

As excellent as our dinner was, the entire meal was nearly eclipsed by the restaurant's namesake dessert, the Tipsy Parson. Reminiscent of an English trifle, this incredible concoction combined dense, amaretto-soaked pound cake squares, macerated fruit, thick whipped cream and sliced almonds into a treat of nearly orgasmic dimension. Although we were barely able to finish one, for a moment I rashly considered ordering another. It was that good.

With cocktails and a glass each of wine, the bill was $123 before tip. Quite reasonable, I think, considering the excellent food and service.

This is not the cooking I remember growing up in the South. This is a fresh, loving interpretation of an important American cuisine by a truly gifted chef. I strongly recommend you give it a try.

Tipsy Parson
156 9th Avenue
(212) 620-4545

Tipsy Parson
156 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10011

Dec 05, 2009
Paul SL in Manhattan

Good Fried Shrimp?

Recently having moved to Brooklyn (not far from Sheepshead Bay), I figured I could find all of 'em I want, but no luck so far. Does anybody know of a place (needn't be fancy) where they turn out great fried shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce and decent french fries? Location isn't important-- I'm craving here...

Sep 29, 2009
Paul SL in Manhattan

Dinner in Koreatown

I keep returning to Mandoo Bar. Cozy, comfortable place. Chef in the window turns out vast quantities of wonderful dumplings. My fave are the Goon Mandoo, crispy-fried porkalicious little spheres. Just a few, but satisfying, entrees like bibimbop and chop chae. Prices are quite reasonable and some of the servers can even be personable.

Mandoo Bar
2 W 32nd St
New York, NY 10001
(212) 279-3075

Mar 23, 2009
Paul SL in Manhattan

Downhill Alert--Nice Green Bo

For years, New Green Bo (now Nice Green Bo) was the first Chinese restaurant I ran to (sometimes even before checking into my hotel) when I arrived in NYC. Now that I've moved here, it seems the food has really deteriorated. On my last three visits, dishes have been sloppily prepared, over-salted and have tasted strongly of raw garlic. The other night's Double-Sauteed Pork was particularly awful, as were the fried dumplings, with skins much thicker and tougher than they've ever been.

Oh well, with ten gazillion other Chinese restaurants to choose from, I'm sure I can find a couple of other places I like. I wonder if a change of management along with the new name accounts for the decline in the food. Anyone else have a similar experience here?

Nice Green Bo Restaurant
66 Bayard St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 625-2359

Sep 16, 2008
Paul SL in Manhattan

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

I had a marvelous brisket sandwich tonight at Big W's. I couldn't finish it, but it was so good, I'm going back again this weekend to try the ribs, chicken and pulled pork. Thanks for the recommendation, laylag.

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

Noted. Thanks so much.

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

Nope. Kids all grown and scattered. But 2 of them are dedicated foodies!

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

Those all look great. Can't wait to try them.

I-80 East Of Cleveland?

You're right-- that part of (the) I-80 is pretty desolate, so I'll probably stop in Youngstown or thereabouts around dinner time. Then, I'll jump back on the highway and go as far as say, Williamsport before I turn in for the night. There are a couple of interesting eating spots in the Williamsport area, but they'll be closed by the time I get there.

I-80 East Of Cleveland?

I know the route from Chicago to Philidelphia like the back of my hand, but this coming Monday, I'm driving to NYC and am unfamiliar with the I-80 beyond Youngstown.

Leaving Chicago around noon, I should hit Cleveland about 7pm EST. I'd love to stop for the evening an hour or two after that. Any recs for good road eats in that part of northeastern OH/ western PA? I love casual, ethnic and divey places.

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

When I come out, I'll have a car, so I'll be sure to make it up to Mt. Kisco. Can't be too far from where I'm staying. IIRC, it's the last stop on the Metro North line, isn't it?

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

Thanks, laylag. Seems like a GPS device is a prerequisite in Westchester Co. Here in Chicago, the city is laid out like a sheet of graph paper.

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

Thanks. Affirmative on the GPS.

Help a Chicagoan With Westchester Co. Recs?

I'll be spending much of the next couple of months in New York, staying in Chappaqua. Although I plan to commute into the city most days, I'll be eating many dinners out in the 'burbs and spending weekends there. So, I'd really appreciate some recommendations from Chowists familiar with the area. High-end dining recs aren't necessary-- I prefer casual, ethnic and divey places. BTW, I love BBQ, Asian (except sushi), Indian, Italian and Middle Eastern food. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.