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Roadarmel's Chicken & Ribs in Elysburg, PA?

Roadarmals - while good chicken - is mostly a take out place. Elysburg is a food wasteland - not much to talk about. You do better by eating in the park - variety and resonable prices. The pizza place is real good and Friday night fish fry can't be beat in the area

Aug 28, 2010
joeysmom220 in Pennsylvania

Best Italian in Hollywood - affordable

thanks for suggestions so far. While S. of 441 can anyone comment on Lorenzo's in Dania?

Best Italian in Hollywood - affordable

Lived in Hlwd for 40 years before I left so am familiar with the area. Should have said west of 441. Just pictured the 441 line and knew I wanted to be on the other side of it!
Have heard their wings are good-unfortunetly I don't do wings....

Best Italian in Hollywood - affordable

I'm going to Hlwd in a week for a week. Friends their always want to go to the local chain restaurants which drives me bonkers - they think thats the best and most affordable. This time I will get to go to Anthonys Coal Fire. Its probably unfair to already not like it just because it's a chain but I know there are 100s of better options - especially for Italian.
I want to prove to them that you can get good homestyle Italian and not spend a fortune and have a much better meal - and support the local community!
Looking in the area N of 441 between Sheriden and Pines Blvd including Davie.
Thanks hounds

Any can't miss/must have dining in Hollywood?

Won't comment on LeTubs burgers since they have their lovers and haters. Will say it is not a short walk from the Diplomat unless a 2-3 mile walk is your idea of short!

Funky lunch spots in Hollywood

Have to add my two cents for Tarks. Great oysters and clams. Also shrimp, alligator, and wings. Very funky hole-in-the-wall.

Cuban Sandwich in Fort Lauderdale

If you're looking for cuban there is a great place in Naples - Fernando de Bull. Been around for 20+ years and in Naples that makes it an institution.

Late night eats in Ft. Lauderdale?

In the same situation but would rather travel towards Hlwd. Anyone serving food and cocktails after 11pm around the circle or on the beach? Dania area good too.

Wanna eat like a local

There are about 15-20 stools around the "bar" and a couple more at windows - tight seating - and a table or two outside. Sit at the bar and talk to the shucker - all part of the experience.

Wanna eat like a local

Won't be much help and only my opinions...
Joe's Stone Crab - good but very expensive. better to go to a fish market and but a couple of pounds cracked, get some mustard sauce, a couple of six packs, and have a feast.
Le Tub - if you don't mind the wait the atmosphere is great and food ok.
Mai Kai - they have been around forever so they must have something going.
Jungle Queen - way too touristy
Tarks - my absolute favorite, probably because I grew up with them. Whenever I go for a visit they are 1st on my list. You won't find fresher clams or oysters and the wings are great.

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Le Tub
1100 N Ocean Dr, Hollywood, FL 33019

Hollywood Beach eats

I'll figure no replies and very little in threads means none of them are worthwhile.

Hollywood Beach eats

I know, as you stroll the boardwalk and see all that open-air dining, it's mostly atmosphere but....are any of those restaurants worthwhile? Type of food really doesn't matter and none of the spots on the boardwalk seem to be expensive. So which ones are the best??? Or should we just leave the beach and head to Lola's?

South Florida's Historical Foodie Institutions

Tarks Clam Stand - hole in the wall local dive - good wings, fresh clams, oysters - Dania on US 1. Open since 1954 and I think same owners - or still family.

Armadillo Beach/Kevin McCarthy

I'd also like to know what happened to his original partner at Armadillo Cafe - Eve Montella. Is she still working in the area?

Tough one - Best Restaurant in Florida?

Been away from FL for several years but myy favorites were always Berns and Chalet Suzanne in Lake Wales.

Dec 04, 2009
joeysmom220 in Florida

Tall order: 1st time ever in USA, what do I HAVE to taste?

Stone Crabs! I see a lot of seafood on your list and stone crabs are mostly a south florida delicacy, Maybe it's because I can't get them where I live and I gorge on them when I'm in FL but stone crabs are way up there in taste. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite between dungenesse, fresh-out-of-the-water maryland blue crab, and stone crab.

Nov 27, 2009
joeysmom220 in Florida

Todd English's Tuscany Mohegan Sun

Our original reservations were for Michael Jordan's. Have heard good things about their steaks and wish we would have gone there! We stayed at Foxwoods and had several good meals there. Most surprising was at the Cafe on the lower level. Excellent baked crab cakes that had virtually no filler, a beautiful rib-eye, coconut shrimp, even the comfort food - open face roast beef or turkey, were better than expected. We also ate at Noodles (good), the Sports Bar (what you would expect), grabbed a burger at Fudruckers, and brought home a Juniors Cheesecake (mine is better).

You have to wonder if English is aware how bad this restaurant is. I wouldn't want my name associated with it!

Todd English's Tuscany Mohegan Sun

Had dinner here last night and was very disappointed. Started with lobster cakes that were mostly filler with chopped lobster topping the cakes and a nothing special sauce. Others at table had ceasar salad - romain with dressing - and the bibb lettuce. Entrees were overpriced spagetti and meatballs with so much oregano they were inedible, Oreccheitte with a pesto sauce that was OK. The only winner was scallops - perfectly cooked and seasoned. Excellent wine list. For the price everything should have been exceptional and it was ordinary at best. To their credit the meatballs were taken off the bill without even be asked when it was obvious they were not going to be eaten.

Atlantic City Boardwalk?

Fairmount Tavern - good Italian and reasonable prices. Don't know address but it's within walking distance of Tropicana and/or Ceasars.

Jul 15, 2009
joeysmom220 in New Jersey

Italian Markets in South Florida

Doris' by far. A couple of weeks ago I was at both of them. Laurenzo's selection is more varied with other ethnic food available but Doris' has the best Italian selection and better prices - and cleaner! I was at the Doris' on Pines blvd but my favorite is still the original Hlwd Blvd location. You can't beat the aromas that come out of there. That said you should also check out Ginos around 58th and Johnson St. in Hlwd. Great meat and prices and a beautiful bakery in the back. They have all the traditional italian pastries and cookies and their bread is well above average. Out of the three I'd rate Laurenzo's last and depending on what you need it's a toss-up with the other two.

Need PA-centric foods for my new book

Big Ben's soda and Moxey. Mac and cheese w/ stewed tomatoes.

May 08, 2009
joeysmom220 in Pennsylvania

Where to buy stone crabs - Hollywood

Went to Penn Dutch - 10.99 for large and they were fresh. Also on sale were whole tenderloins at 4.99 or 5.99 a pound. We had a great meal topped with wonderful italian desserts from Gino's. Doesn't get much better......

Where to buy stone crabs - Hollywood

Thanks for the replys so far!
What are they running a pound?
Is Billy's the old Joe Sonkens Gold Coast?
I arrive Thursday so the place on McKinley is good - and closer to where I'm staying!

Where to buy stone crabs - Hollywood

Will be in Hollywood over the weekend and would love a stone crab dinner with friends - but not a restaurant. Where would be the best place to buy around Hollywood and what are they running per pound? A perfect meal would start with stone crabs, continue with grouper, and end with goodies from Geno's.


I have been fortunate enough enjoy boilo - by the glassful from what I remember! For the boilo virgins it tastes like a mulled wine on steroids - and you're supposed to sip it and it warms you all the way through. Many bars in the region hold contests to see who makes the best and then spectators can sample - homemade liquor given away in bars and clubs-what could be better! If you visit in this area this time of year seek out a contest - well worth the experiance and taste

Dec 17, 2008
joeysmom220 in Pennsylvania

Astoria stay and eats

Will be spending a week around old Astoria after Christmas house sitting. What are some different holiday/new years stuff to do. Where are the best neighborhood eats - breakfast, dinner, and take-out . Closest bakery looks like Angelo and Sons - good? Close groceries? Will be arriving by car. Parking easy? Change sides daily? That can be a pain so are there any cheap lots? Looking for any and all advice for 7 days.

Nov 09, 2008
joeysmom220 in Outer Boroughs

Dinner for 8 in Atlantic City

A group of us had a great time at Carmines in the Tropicana. Family style portions of good Italian food - each portion serves 3-4 - casual like a family dinner. Don't know about a wine list but I'm sure you can check their web site.

Sep 09, 2008
joeysmom220 in Mid-Atlantic

2 SF Legends-Lesters and Tarks

I lived in SF for 40 years. Whenever I'm back for a visit I always go to Tarks and am never disappointed. Fresh clams and oysters always and some of the best wings. The "dive" part provides all the entertainment and atmosphere I need!

Jul 28, 2008
joeysmom220 in Florida

2 SF Legends-Lesters and Tarks

Recently spent a few days in Hollywood and got to eat at 2 of my all time favorites. Breakfast at Lesters takes you back to the 50s - red booths and all. Bakery items looked awesome but settled for eggs and polish sausage - would have had corned beef hash but shame on Lesters' - it's from a can. Good biscuits. Dining partner had eggs benedict and said they were good. Good cup of coffee too. Hasn't changed for years.

Next night I fed my craving for seafood at Tarks. They've been doing it the same way since 1964. What a dive this place is but it doesn't get much better. Started with cold beer and oysters - sweet and shucked right before me. Tried conch fritters - good - and alligator bites - chewy. On to whole belly clams fried with a light batter - great and better priced than in Maine. Friends had a seafood platter - everything was fresh battered and fried and another had BBQ shrimp. The fish on the platter was filleted and battered as it was ordered. Would have got some wings to go but was stuffed - and we were headed to Jackson's for some ice cream. If you want fair priced fresh seafood, don't be put off by Tarks appearance. It doesn't get much better than this.

Jackson's ice cream is good - but a bit high priced - $6 for a generous pint. The cherry chocolate garden - vanilla with cherry and choclate chips was not as good as cherry garcia but the rocky road was some of the best.

Enjoyed my trip back to the 50s and 60s!

Jul 27, 2008
joeysmom220 in Florida

Coal Region suggestions?

This time of year look for church picnics/fire hall carnivals that happen every weekend for regional and ethnic specialties - potato pancakes, halushki, peroigi, soupies. Food at Knoebels is not typical amusment park food - nor is it expensive. Alamo has good family meals - turkey, liver, chicken and waffles. THe rest of the park has quite an assortment - great pizza at Cesaries. Enjoy your trip.

Jul 15, 2008
joeysmom220 in Pennsylvania