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scallops in shells

Eataly has them.

200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Dec 20, 2010
tartlet in Manhattan

Les Terrines de Gerard Vie and Blvd. Raspail Sunday Market

I tried Bistro & Terroir in July and we were a bit disapointed. The food was just unremarkable, the interior was cramped... There are so many great restaurants in the neighborhood, why waste a meal somewhere average?

Nov 02, 2010
tartlet in France

Cancun Airport?

Thanks, that's very helpful!

Dec 30, 2009
tartlet in Mexico

Cancun Airport?

Is there anywhere decent for lunch near the Cancun airport? I'd like to get a bite to eat before driving off to Isla Holbox... Any suggestions are welcome! Thanks.

Dec 29, 2009
tartlet in Mexico

Buenos Aires/Salta trip report

Just back from a wonderful trip to Buenos Aires and the Salta region. Already dreaming about going back! To be honest, I didn't think the food in Argentina was anything to write home about. We had some good meals, but nothing special compared to NYC, Paris or even Rio. I don't eat meat, so that might have something to do with it. A couple of observations: first, the coffee is not good, which is strange because there's such an Italian influence. Second, what's with the cheese? It really wasn't good, bizarre since there's so much cattle... But a great trip nonetheless! Here's where we ate:

- Sa Giara, in Palermo Viejo. We ate lunch there on our first day, because it was right near our hotel. The outdoor seating was pleasant, but the food itself was nothing special. I had a tomato-Mozzarella salad, and my husband had a Ceasar salad that was a bit scary.

-Lo De Jesus, in Palermo Viejo. Nice decor, feels kind of old school, which we liked. I had stuffed mushrooms which weren't the greatest (scary cheese), my husband had a good steak. Very good flan for dessert. Fun, low key place for our first night, but I wouldn't rush back.

-Don Julio, Palermo Viejo. This is a great restaurant! We had a wonderfully decadent lunch there, split a bottle of wine etc. Great salads, and steak of course. My husband loved his sausage appetizer. We had a delicious figs and ice-cream dessert. Service was excellent.

-Bar Uriarte, Palermo Viejo. Excellent food, great bread, great cocktails. The outdoor area is extremely pleasant at nice. You feel like you're in Miami (which can be a good or a bad thing!)

-La Catedra, near the Botanical gardens. Had a fun lunch there on Sunday. Not the greatest food (heavy pastas), but not bad either. Great atmosphere, lots of local families having a good time.

- Divina Patagonia, San Telmo. Lovely restaurant, we were the only tourists. very nice waitress. Food is creative, but fish was overcooked. Maybe it's better for meat? I would give it another shot when I go back.

-Los Loros, San Telmo. Loved this restaurant! It's more international ( lots of interesting salads, spices, etc), than really Argentine,. Lovely decor on a pretty street. Nice to go when you're tired of steaks. Not as cheap as some of the other places. I had very good gnocchi.

-Origen, San Telmo. More of a cafe. one of the few places with good coffee. Nice, light foos for lunch. Good outdoor seating with great people watching. There's a great jelado place next door...

Markt? Opinions?

I really don't like Markt. had Brunch there a couple of weeks ago and thought the food was sloppy. The place has no personality, feels like a "factory" to me... I really don't recommend it. Cafe de Bruxelles is much better,IMHO

Nov 30, 2007
tartlet in Manhattan

Ed's lobster on Lafayette St

I completely agree. I went there on Wednesday night. It was packed, and we waited 45 minutes. When we get seated, thay announce that they are out of lobster rolls, which was a bummer because that's exactly what we'd gone there for. We order steamers and fried oysters. The fried oysters were good, but the steamers were so gritty that eating them was really not a pleasant experience. Then we ordered the Lobster pot pie, which was more like a dough-covered soup. It was excessively rich, but had very little actual lobster in it. Kind of gross, to tell you the truth. I was very disapponted and won't be going back.

Mar 23, 2007
tartlet in Manhattan

NYer looking for great Thai

thanks for all those great ideas guys. can't wait!

Mar 15, 2007
tartlet in Los Angeles Area

NYer looking for great Thai

I'll be in L.A for a few days and would love to get some truly excellent Thai food. I'll be staying in Venice, but am willing to travel if it's really worth it. Thanks Chowhounders!

Mar 14, 2007
tartlet in Los Angeles Area

Lower East Side tonight

Have you ever sat in the upstairs lounge? is it nice? Thanks

Mar 12, 2007
tartlet in Manhattan

Lower East Side tonight

My friend from Paris and her husband are in town and I want to take them to dinner somewhere fun in the LES. I'm trying to think of a place with good food, a lively atmosphere, and interesting drinks. Any thoughts on Stanton Social? Thanks!

Mar 12, 2007
tartlet in Manhattan

Best fish store in Manhattan?

If possible, I go to the fish stand at the Greenmarket on saturdays mornings. They always have wonderful scallops, flounder, etc. The only problem is that they only sell local fish, so the selection is limited, obviously.

Otherwise,I really like The Lobster Place, both the Chelsea Market and the Bleecker Street locations. The fish is always fresh and the prices are fair.

Jan 16, 2007
tartlet in Manhattan

Jamaica Trip report (Negril, South Coast)

Just got back from a 1 week trip to Jamaica. We ate amazing food!In Negril, I found that the best food is definitely found on the cliffs.
The Rockhouse had the best lobster I have ever had, as well as excellent appetizers and drinks. The setting is spectacular at night. My only complains is that it feels like a restaurant you'd find in the US, in the sense that it is super organized and a bit impersonal, without that jamaican "je ne sais quoi" that I love. LTU pub is a bit higher up on the cliffs, and I absolutely loved the food and atmosphere. I had a delicious grilled grilled snapper, as well as an excellent breakfast one day. The atmosphere is very chill, and Maxine, the waitress, was a hoot. We also went to the Hungry Lion, where we had a delicious lobster dinner (but not as delicious as the Rockhouse). The atmosphere is very nice, quite sophisticated. On the beach, we ate at Cosmo's which was fine. I had aa good curried conch dish, Jerked chicken was so-so. Definitely not as much fun as the restaurants on the cliffs, but acceptable. We also ate one night at Charela's which is a Jamaican-style fancy restaurant. I thought it was a bit weird and kind of overpriced. My lobster pasta was bland with just a few piced of overcooked lobster... I would recommend skipping this one!

The South Coast: we stayed at Jake's in Treasure Beach, and ate several meals at the restaurant. The food is good, but not spectacular. The drinks, however are amazing. It's a lovely place if you're in the area. An Absolute MUST if you can get there is Little Ochie in Alligator Pond. Now that is a real Chowhound paradise! It doesn't look like much, but you get to choose your freshly caught fish or lobster, and they prepare it for you in whatever way you like. We had jerked Kingfish that was sublime. I'm not kidding, it was probably the most delicious fish I've ever had, and the whole experience was a lot of fun. It's really worth going a little out of your way for good food!

Yes, another downtown sushi question

My favorite sushi restaurant is Kanoyama on 2nd ave and 11th. Very good quality, resonable, and the sweetest staff.

Aug 23, 2006
tartlet in Manhattan

restaurant recommendations for wedding in Paris

Laperouse is definitely a place you should check out. It's right on the Seine, and has a gorgeous decor. I've always thought the food was very good, but it doesn't ever come up on this board.

Aug 21, 2006
tartlet in France

Special occasion help - The Modern, 11 Madison, Danube??

I had an absolutely OUTSTANDING lunch there a couple of weeks ago. the room is gorgeous and the service was excellent. I wouldn't hesitate to go back for a special dinner.

Aug 14, 2006
tartlet in Manhattan

grand vefour

I went to Grand Vefour last year, and was very underwhelmed. My fish was overcooked and served barely warm. One of my dining partners had a poulet de bresse which was totally unremarkable, and the others had a veal chop, also not amazing. I'm not saying our meal was bad, but I think that for the price you're paying, you're entitled to a really stellar meal.

I also have an issue with the service. Although there are all sorts of waiters and captains fussing around, they aren't well coordinated. For instance, many of dishes arrive before the special sauce that is supposed to be served on them, so you're waiting 5 minutes while your food is getting cold on your plate before another waiter brings the sauce and spoons it. I love the theatrics and fanfare of fine dining in Paris, but I get annoyed when restaurants can't pull it off.

Aug 14, 2006
tartlet in France

Brazil - 28 days and no clue where to get some good chow!

Lucky you! I was in Rio in May and thought the food was absolutely top notch and cheap. I strongly recommend Sobrenatural in Santa Teresa, which serves delicious and unusual fish dishes in a very lively, pleasant setting. Bracarense in Leblon is very cheap and lots of fun, lots of delicious little tapas and caipirinhas. We had one blowout meal at Zuka in Leblon, which was excellent, but felt more like the kind of place you'd find in the US. Have fun!


The best scones in the city are at Once Upon A Tart on Sullivan Street. The cherry scones are to die for, but they have different kinds as well. Yummy...

Jul 05, 2006
tartlet in Manhattan