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SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Thanks for all of this, I appreciate it tremendously. You are right, we are first-timers to the region (celebrating our 10th with a week in CA without the little ones). We'll head out from Sausalito very early Monday morning - I appreciate the heads up regarding rush hour, and we'll take 120 to get there. The picnic dinner idea for Monday is perfect, there is no reason to rush out of the park for another sit-down dinner. We are staying in the Mariposa area (Rancho Bernardo B&B) on Monday night - kind of awkwardly located I realize.

We have to head back to SF Tuesday anyway - we fly out early Wednesday morning - so I figured might as well eat there! Thanks again for the thoughtful response.

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Thanks for this! We had the guinea hen dumpling, a lobster salad (ours was with tiny tomatoes and corn) and the sauerkraut pancakes which were great. Also the state bird was delicious, and the ice cream sandwich.

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Thanks - I'm actually leaning towards Aka Tombo now - after two delicious but mentally complicated meals at Aziza and SBP, a big platter of sashimi sounds pretty great.

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Sweet Woodruff looks perfect - thank you for the recommendation.

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Good to know - thanks. We actually have two dinner reservations that evening (AQ and Sushi Aka Tombo) but were planning to cancel the sushi one...

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Thanks though!

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

Hmm, looks like I'm out of luck there, the earliest reservation available for any night we're there is 9:30...

SF Reservations made... now what to eat?!

My husband and I (from Philadelphia) are celebrating our 10th anniversary with a trip to SF next week. Over the last several months I have crafted a set of dinner reservations, based primarily on what I read when scouring this board - and I would like to go into each restaurant with some idea of what dishes are "not to miss." Any advice on menu items or cocktails - or general words of wisdom - are greatly appreciated!! We like everything.

Tuesday dinner: we arrive late, thinking we'll do dinner near hotel on Union Square - I didn't make reservations because I'm not sure exactly what time we'll get in - I was thinking maybe Colibri Mexican Bistro? (Just looking for something fun and easy where reservations aren't necessary)

Wednesday dinner: Aziza

Thursday dinner: State Bird Provisions
(lunch at Ferry Bldg Roli Roti?)

Friday dinner: AQ
(possibly Sushi Aka Tombo for lunch?)

Saturday dinner (now staying in Sausalito): Pizzeria Rossetti
(possibly a crab roll at Fish for lunch?)

Sunday dinner: Copita
(possibly brunch at Le Garage?)

Monday dinner (now staying on Rt 140 near Yosemite): Savourys? Not sure about this one, might just play it by ear

Tuesday dinner (back in SF): Nopa

Thanks for any input, we are very excited for our visit!


Hey everyone - I just tried to make a reservation at Majolica for next Wednesday and the hostess told us that their last day is Saturday! They still have some tables available for Friday if anyone wants to go before they close their doors. :(

Feb 25, 2009
nonajean in Philadelphia

Dinner at Chinnar on Sat - any suggestions?

Hello! I am taking my two sisters to Chinnar (in Berwyn) this Saturday, but I have never been there before... and honestly, I don't know much about Indian cuisine (other than I like it). Does anyone have any suggestions for dinner - items we shouldn't miss, how much to order, etc?

Thanks so much!

Feb 05, 2009
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Great dinner in Tysons Corner area?

Thanks so much for all the suggestions - I think we'll do Corner Bistro and Shamshiry. We love tapas and Mediterranean/Persian! Looking forward to our visit!

Updated King of Prussia Dining?

I lived in KoP for 3 years and really like Wild Rice! It's Asian cuisine, good sushi...

Mar 04, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Appropriate dress for Gayle?

We are going to Gayle on Saturday with some out-of-town friends, and they want to know what they should bring to wear... we haven't been there before and they're packing today. :) Are nice jeans and a sweater okay? Blazer necessary?


Feb 27, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Anything good in Valley Forge-King of Prussia???

If you like Chinese/Japanese, I really suggest Wild Rice - it's on 202 on the way to Norristown, in the same plaza as Marshalls. My husband and I lived in KoP for three years and that is one of our favorites.

Feb 19, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Great dinner in Tysons Corner area?

My husband has a seminar at the Ritz Carlton in Tysons Corner at the end of March, and I'll be joining him for a couple days. I think we'll venture into DC at least once for dinner, but for the other evenings, we'll probably stay in Virginia. From what I've seen there's a bunch of "mall food" around the hotel, and a fancy place at the hotel that's currently closed... any suggestions? We won't mind driving a bit!


Large Group Dinner in King of Prussia?

Wild Rice is quite good, and a little farther from the mall...

Feb 09, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Can a "cautious eater" be happy at Lacroix?

That all sounds amazing to me, but - really? The rabbit came with a side of air??? How is that plated?

Feb 08, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Can a "cautious eater" be happy at Lacroix?

Thanks to saturninus, I am planning on making dinner reservations at Lacroix. I am a little nervous though - my husband is a self-described "cautious eater" and the menu I found online looks intimidating!

He's not truly picky - he WILL eat seafood, even true sushi - he doesn't like things like mushrooms, asparagus... you get the idea. And if there's a word he doesn't recognize in an item description, he gets a litte twitchy.

He's not close-minded though, loves good food, and he won't say he doesn't want to go... I just need to hear form some people who have been there!

Oh - and what is the dress code like?


Feb 08, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania

Help! James, Gayle, BPerrier, Marigold, Lacroix...?

My husband and I live in the western suburbs and rarely venture downtown for dinner, but we have good friends coming from out of town and would like to take them into the city.

We're going out on Saturday, Mar 1 - since it's coming up, I can't get reservations at some places, but there seems to be hope for the following restaurants. I would LOVE any feedback! We've never been to any of these...

Brasserie Perrier (I actually already made reservations here, but then have read less-than-great reviews)
Marigold Kitchen (I know the chef and menu recently changed)
Lacroix (I've only seen great reviews, but my husband is a bit of a "cautious eater" and the menu looks a little intimidating)

Thanks for any thoughts!

Feb 08, 2008
nonajean in Pennsylvania