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Where to get the best Montreal bagels

Thanks for the information beccaroo! Just tried out the ones from St. Viateur this weekend. The sesame seed ones with a bit of cream cheese and some smoked salmon....yum!!

Le Kensington Bistro

Went to Kensington Bistro today for brunch. The food was awesome!! I had the salad maison with chicken. It was perfect. The dressing wasn't too overpowering, the greens were fresh and they were very generous with the chicken which was tender and flavourful. In my opinion, it was the perfect blend of flavours: the gorgonzola cheese, the pears, the beets, the dressing, and the greens.

My SO had the rotisserie chicken, the house favorite, which we think may only be offered on Saturdays. This was a very fun dish. It was a 1/2 chicken, presented in a cast iron dish with roasted vegetables and a light sauce that seemed to really capture the essence of a great "coming in from the cold" meal. The 1/2 chicken portion was great, but he said it was so good that he probably could have eaten a full chicken.

Our friend ordered the wild mushroom goat cheese omlette which she also really enjoyed.

Usually we don't order dessert, but the meal was so delicious that we had to order the dark chocolate mousse. Imagine double-fudge ice cream in the form of a mousse. The dish was served in a martini glass and there was what tasted like a chocolate liquor flavor that really brought this dessert up to a new level. We loved the delicate little cookies that garnished the sides of the glass.

I almost didn't want to post this review because we didn't want the place to get too crowded, but we decided to be nice and share our great find. :-)

Carpano - the new Negroni

My SO and I went there last night. for dinner. Started with the Bruschetta ($7). It was so delicious! Made with their panini bread, with loads of garlic (if you don't like garlic, this is not the dish for you), lots of finely diced fresh tomatoes on top and a hint of fresh basil. Perfect for sharing. I had the wild mushroom risotto with truffle oil ($16). It was very rich and flavorful but a bit on the heavy side. My SO had the pork belly panini ($12), which I think is a new addition to their panini menu. It was put together very well, with a large standard Negroni salad. The pork belly had a great bbq sauce on it - not too sweet and not too spicy, and it didn't overpower the pork . We learned that their bread is imported from Montreal. One issue we did have was that the dining room seemed very smoky from the kitchen (by the time we got out of there, our hair and clothes smelled like we were cooking on the bbq all day) but our server was kind enough to move us to the back of the restaurant, which was a little better. Maybe the stove exhaust fan in the kitchen wasn't working...hopefully they fix it. Overall, I would say this place was great and will definitely go back there again!


We went there tonight after the Little Italy festival and had a wonderful time! A bottle of wine cost us $20. We were full but split the Segovia sausage panini. It was the perfect balance of flavors. The panini bread was light, airy, and crisp. The sausage had just the right amount of spice. It convinced us to stay for dessert and coffee. We ordered the homemade peanut butter ice cream, which was creamy and a peanut butter lover's dream. J thought it was one of the best ice creams he has had while in Toronto this year. I ordered a decaf cappucino, which was also delicious. The service was above average. We will definitely go back!

Caplansky's 2.0

We went for breakfast this morning. J ordered the Smoked Meat Hash and I ordered the Leo. J thought his breakfast was good but that this place might be better suited for lunch/ He thought the eggs and potatoes just diluted the flavor of the smoked meat, which is their specialty. I thought the service was great for their first day. The coffee was good. The latkes and eggs were a little bland but the caramelized onions were tasty and everything tasted a little better with the spicy mustard offered at the table.

Anyone know where I can find some candied pecans?

Tried Per Se, but they didn't have a candied nut gourmet mix. They had alot of other packaged mix nut products, though. Unfortunately, I really want candied pecans. Thanks anyway! I will try Loblaws or Queen of Tarts.

Apple Cake in Kensington Market?

Hey folks, I found the apple walnut bread (turns out it's not a cake, sorry for the confusion). It's at Cobb's bakery in Kensington market and they only sell it on the weekends. They sell it as a loaf or as individual buns and they are really moist and delicious! There's white icing on top. Taste and texture is like a cinammon bun. Hopefully one day you get a chance to try one!


Went to Clafouti this past Thursday for lunch and although the food was pretty good, the atmosphere left much to be desired! The staff was fact it almost seemed like they didn't want to serve us. The 3 tables were cramped and facing the door, so it was always freezing. When we sat down at an empty table, a customer swooped over and said it was her table because she was at the cash register first (we gave the table to her but I thought it was pretty aggressive and rude). Also, one of the staff members at the cash register came by and tried to take our plates before we were finished (we had been there for maybe 25 minutes max and the place had cleared out so nobody was waiting for a table and there was no reason to rush us). We ordered 2 croissant sandwiches and some hot drinks which were pretty decent, but I felt so uncomfortable it was hard to enjoy them! I would not recommend this place if you are looking for a nice place to have lunch. Maybe takeout would be okay, but why support a business that doesn't seem interested in making their customers feel welcome?

Best Muffins

Thanks for the tip todc1996! Just went into Urban Herbivore today and bought an apple cranberry muffin. It's really hearty and not too sweet! And quite large for the price ($2). I'm willing to pay a little extra when I know it's made with healthy ingredients. The man at the counter was really nice too.

Fresh & Wild.........Tell me about this place..

I agree, when it comes to the produce, it's overpriced and (at least the one at King & Spadina) not always fresh. The baked goods are really good though! Alot of good selections from a variety of bakeries.

Best Muffins

If you're buying the muffins at Fresh & Wild be sure to go early! They seem to get sold out by 10 am.

Anyone know where I can find some candied pecans?

Thanks for the help everyone! I live near Union Station. For now I will settle for the candied cashews I bought at Tutti Fruiti in Kensington Market. Next time I will head to Loblaws. I'm having a dinner party and don't have enough time to make them unfortunately. Cheers.

Anyone know where I can find some candied pecans?


Best Muffins

Had a muffin this morning from Fresh & Wild on Spadina. It was really good. Very big and fresh. It had squash (or maybe pumpkin) in it, along with nuts and cinnamon...all kinds of good stuff! Definitely worth the $1.50. I think they bake it on the premises.

The Green Room - how is it?

Went to the red room last night. I had a pint of Upper Canada Lager and some spring rolls. The spring rolls were oily and tasteless. From the looks of it, the food is awful! I wonder if they ever change the oil in the deep fryer. My beer tasted watered down. The rooms are cozy though! I loved the lighting.

Eini & Co.

My coworker also recieved these cupcakes as a gift. From a female perspective, they are adorable and would make a great gift! He recieved the mini cupcakes with the little candy decoration on top (the mini cupcakes do not have flowers on them, but little candy creatures). When compared with the ones from the Cupcake Shoppe on Yonge Street, the flavours are better and the consistency is pretty much the same. The mini cupcakes are really small for the non-promo price ($2 each I think). Probably about 5 cm in diameter, if I recall correctly.

BEST cookie in T.O - Le Gourmand

I was disappointed by Le Gourmand cookies. They are overpriced and a little too oily! Not sure what the hype is about.

Apple Cake in Kensington Market?

There's supposed to be a type of apple cake in a kensington market bakery that's supposed to be really good. It's covered in walnuts. Does anyone know where I can find it? My roommate suggested it but can't remember the name of the bakery. Also, any suggestions on a good place to grab a drink in the same area on Thursday nights? Thanks!

Winterlicious at Canoe

I went to Canoe for Winterlicious lunch this year, never having been there before, and it was incredible! The shrimp pate appetizer was amazing. Very fresh and flavourful. My friends had the lobster bisque, which they enjoyed but couldn't really taste the lobster. I chose the pork as a main, as recommended by our server. Very tender and juicy! My friends had the salmon and really enjoyed it. It was very fresh and soft. For dessert, I had the expresso torte...nothing spectacular but decent. The bread was good too! Overall I highly recommend it! It was worth the effort it took to get a reservation.

Other restaurants I went to this year:

1) Truffles - pretty terrible. The beef gave me a stomach ache. - over salty and tough!
2) Vertical - not bad but not worth the $25
3) Sassafraz - very good...almost as good as Canoe, except for the lemon dessert, which was a bit dry and hard. The cod main was small but delicious, and the soup was pretty good too.