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What is your favorite spot in downtown DC for Happy Hour, and Why?

Now that the weather is warming up and my instinct to leave work and hibernate is dwindling, I thought I'd ask about your favorite Happy Hour places! Hopefully I'll find something new.

Personal favorites include: Beacon Hotel's roof bar (the scenery), Tabbard (the charm), Science Club (the Pinkus beer and the DELICIOUS french fries... they must be fried in truffle oil), Poste (the courtyard), Smith and Wollensky's outside bar (because I love their huge glasses of Savingon Blanc on a hot sticky day) and Brasserie Beck (for their beer selection).

I look forward to seeing your answers!

Seeking dinner spot in Eastern Market/Capitol Hill?

Belga Cafe -- Belgian beers and food. The mussels are delicious, as are the frites.

DC Restaurant Week--which restaurants are extending?

That link didn't work for me, but I found this list on the site:
Restaurants Extending Restaurant Week
Beacon Bar and Grill - Aug. 11th through 31st
Cafe Atlantico - Aug. 11th through 24th
CoCo. Sala - Aug. 11th through 20th
D'Acqua - Aug. 4th through 17th
Dino - Aug. 1st through 31st.
Farrah Olivia - Aug. 1st through Sept. 22nd
Ici Urban Bistro - Aug 11th through 24th
Indique Heights - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
Jaleo - Aug. 12th through 24th
Mie n Yu - Aug. 11th through 24th
Mio Restaurant - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
Nage - Aug. 1st through Aug 31st
Oyamel - Aug. 11th through 24th
PS 7's - Aug 11th through the 30th
Rasika - Aug 11th through 23rd
Tabaq Bistro - Aug. 1st through 31st
Zaytinya - Aug. 11th through 24th

A 'real' salad place?

I second your opinion about Chopt. I've been to the one at 7th and H three times now and have never been impressed. Too much lettuce, the chicken was dried out and gross, and I haven't even been that impressed with the dressings I've selected.

I know it's not a salad place - but I like the greek salad at the Greek Deli. Excellent dressing, fresh ingredients and you can top it with their delicious chicken or lamb.

Jaleo - which branch is best?

Definitely the DC branch... I go there quite often and while it's nothing amazing, out-of-town guests always enjoy the food and the atmosphere. I went to the Crystal City one a month back and it was really bad.

Restaurant Nora (4/26)

Nora doesn't tend to receive rave reviews on this board -- but my visit there in February was definitely memorable and delicious. Our waitress was extremely attentive and the food was excellent - simple, fresh and perfectly seasoned. I have been the majority of the restaurants that are frequently held in high regard on the board (Komi, Central, The Source, Hook, Marcel's, Brasserie Beck, Vidalia) and I think Nora is up there with them. It's not as innovative as some, for sure, but I think that the quality of fresh organic ingredient make up for the lack of innovation.


I agree~ lunch is OK but I've had some very tasty dinners there. I forget what it's called - but there's this one dish that's amazing. It's mixed seafood and vegetables in some kind of hawaiian potato that I forget the name of - but it's amazing.

What's good at Komi lately?

So I know this is Blasphemy on this board, but I have to say it...

Komi is overhyped!! I have been salivating for over a year waiting to eat there, and FINALLY got a reservation (and parents in town to pay for the meal). I went two Friday's ago. We had the tasting menu with the 3 wine pairing.

The first course was extremely whimsical and inventive -- some of the highlights included the mascarpone stuffed dates with sea salt, and the "ceasar salad" crouton filled with a warm liquid. The cone with beef tartare, eel, and a caramel froth looked very pretty but tasted very bland. The cerviche was OK -- I've had better. As was the tiny goat sausage pita -- OK.

My pasta course was nothing special -- tagliatelle with mushrooms and guanciale. As with many of the dishes it sounded like it would be delicious because I love all the ingredients, but it ended up tasting pretty bland.

I shared the much talked about goat entree and it was only OK. Not very flavorful - my boyfriend agreed.

The deserts were good, as were the wine pairings.

If this had been a moderately priced restaurant I would have walked away very content, however - given the price, and the hype, I left a little underwhelmed. I hope to try it again one day in case it was just an off night!

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

For cheap, not very good sushi I like sushi-go-round (also in c-town) better than wok and roll. Not a fan of either though.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

Les Halles was second on my list for worst experience!

We went there this time last year and my friend said she wanted a glass of white wine, the snotty waitress recommended something standard (sav blanc or chardonnay - I forget) so my friend said sure -- turns out it was a 16 dollar glass of wine!! It was very sneaky to pull that move, when we assumed it was the house white. We got in a fight with her and the manager didn't take it off the bill - but I think he ended up knocking off three dollars or something. Also - the food was extremely sub par. I don't even remember what I had.

What is the WORST meal experience you've had in DC?

Mine would have to be during my first month here an absolutely disgusting sushi meal and vegetable tempura (I know - hard to f up) at Wok N Roll... also the worst glass of house wine I've ever tried. There's nothing worse than old sushi - IMO. Disgusting!!

I know -- the name should have scared me away. But I used to live in NY and the Wok N Roll there was actually pretty decent for the price!

Everyday Eating: Restaurants you frequent

Sunrise Deli (really cheap, good eggs/bagels)

Greek Deli (EVERYTHING!)
Naan and Beyond (samosas, lamb biryani)
CF Folks (chicken salad platter)

Dinner (live in Chinatown):
Full Kee (vegetables/cantonese style shrimp dumpling soup)
Chinatown Express (noodle soup)
Matchbox (mini-burgers and pizza)
Hank's Oyster Bar

Quick Review of Hank's Oyster Bar

I love Hank's. The scallops are good, as are the mussels when they have them. They have a decent wine list and I second that the lobster roll is delicious.

"lunch club" recommendations

I have and I completely agree -- it's great and I love their daily specials. Not exactly the ambiance we're going for with this club however -- and I don't think they have a liquor license?

"lunch club" recommendations

Some foodie colleagues and I go out to lunch once a month to a nice place ... so far we've tried Mio and The Source. Both were very good and exactly what we were looking for -- but, IMO, Mio was just as good as The Source and was much less expensive. We're trying to figure out our next place, does anyone have any recommendations in the DC metro area? Something perhaps not as expensive as The Source, but up there in terms of quality?

Much appreciated!!

Opinions on Famous Luigi's?

It's good if you stick with Pizza - I don't really ever order anything else there because I know it's nothing special. Service is pretty bad, but it's a good spot for an earlyish post-work dinner if you're in the mood for pizza.

Real Gyro?

Agreed! I just had GD for lunch today....always great and I crave it often. Definitely worth the line.

Delivery options for Chinatown

Thanks! I didn't know about this place and had given up on delivery. I'll definitely check it out. We usually just walk to matchbox and get takeout if we're looking for decent pizza.

Delivery options for Chinatown

I too live at 5th and Mass and pickings are slim... we usually just order take-out and walk to either Chinatown Express, Kanlaya (good Thai), or Five Guys, etc. If you must have it delivered then Armand's pizza is Ok, and all the regular pizza chains deliver there as well. So do some Chinese places.

Georgetown Cupcake

I was there on Sat too... thought I'd check it out but they had already run out and I didn't want to wait until 6:30pm. I swear every person I saw in G-town that day was holding one of their boxes... it's a little insane. Like Uggs.

Just had The Source for lunch...

I had read a lot of things about it on this blog so wanted to add my review...

Overall impression: Great airy modern space, good wine selection, innovative first courses -but perhaps a little overpriced. If I'm going to spend that amount of money, I'd rather go to Cityzen or Citronelle, etc.

Highlights: Suckling pig appetizer, "Chocolate Purse" dessert, wine.
Lowlights: Service... our waiter was unable to answer one question about the menu, and constantly forgot to replenish our silverware. The Artic Char entree was mediocre, as were the tuna tartare cones. My colleague had the striped bass and said it was good.

I would go back, but it won't be a regular and there are places in DC that are better - IMO.

Better Sushi: Nooshi or Singapore Bistro?

Neither place has what I would call "good" sushi. Both are decent for lunch but not great. I would choose singapore bistro over nooshi because I like their sashimi better... but they are pretty much on par. I like the atmosphere and drink selection at singapore bistro better.

Need Relatively Quiet Restaurant

Here's the web site.

Need Relatively Quiet Restaurant

Nora has really good fresh, organic and innovative meals. It's in a really quaint converted grocery store and is not loud. It's definitely special.

I may be in the minority, but...

I may be in the minority but...

Cupcakes. I mean sure - who doesn't like one every once in a while, but I can't believe the traffic that cupcake posts have been getting! Good or bad - it's just a cupcake IMO. I never realized they were so popular and could inspire a craze. I don't get it. I'd rather set aside those calories for a delicious dinner/meal. But that's just me, and I guess I'm in the minority!

I may be in the minority, but...

I really like Zaytinya as well although I can't really explain why... I have had some very mediocre dishes there, and I really don't like their wine selection - but I always have a good time, and keep wanting to go back! I've also had some great dishes there -- one that is amazing and is only on the menu on Sundays and Mondays is the Manti... picture from an unrelated website below:

Downtown Lunch Spots

Yes! I am a big fan of CF Folks -- they have good sandwiches and specials, each day is a different theme but the sandwich selection remains the same.

I also enjoy sandwiches from Best Sandwich Place -- it's in the same building as the Borders. Cash only though.

I may be in the minority, but...

In N Out Burger is definitely better... and so are their fries! You have to ask for it "animal style" if I remember correctly...

Georgetown Cupcake

I just tried the red velvet ones today because they were giving them out for free this AM at the Farragut N. Metro stop... at that new mart in the metro... it was REALLY good. Cannot, however, say the same about the selection of food in the mart... it's kind of random/overpriced. I wish they just had good bagels!! DC is sorely lacking a place with good bagels.

The Source for Lunch

Had to cancel due to a work crisis... we've rescheduled for next week so I will update then.

However, it was not a total loss... we ordered-in bento boxes from Kaz Sushi... very good!