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Duvel Belgian beer - now unavailable?

Last seen around Xmas in the gifty Belgian sampler pacs but not since.

Korean Snacks in TO

Get the shots on your phone and start at PAT and take it from there. Had some around New Years and have been jonesing for some since. Let's us know. PS--You still owe me for the Ferri's tip for apple juice for cider...

2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

"There's been talk that neonicotinoids might be responsible for certain neurological conditions. Autism is one condition that's been mentioned. I hate to proselytize, but this is really, really important."

This is wildly OT and unproven. Coincidence--if any--doesn't equal correlation. Time for some Mod intervention here or at least some restraint.

Where can I find Ontario, integrated pest management peaches (or organic) in Toronto?

Please...These were plainly picked too early for that well-known trick. Been there. They're covered with soft, bruised spots before they ripen.

Where can I find Ontario, integrated pest management peaches (or organic) in Toronto?

Usually not the greatest, either. You could break a window with the ones I saw today.

Where can I find Ontario, integrated pest management peaches (or organic) in Toronto?

If you possibly get there, the Hamilton markets are a better bet for Niagara fruit. Still a bit early for peaches.

Proofing Box to Activate Yeast Culture and Proof Dough

I'm guessing you've seen this, right?


The STC-1000 doesn't control temp by itself but rather triggers heat/cold sources you provide according to its settings.

Lots of online help for setting these controllers up.

2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

Truth is in short supply on both sides of this issue, the linked article being a good example of scare tactics and simple ignorance of crop management of non-organic non-GM corn.

Actinolite: earnest or pretentious?

That location on the wrong end of Ossington must be killing them. Hallam isn't so much rough as just plain dismal.

Strawberries and Blueberries - Grand Bend

Try the Foodland Ontario site, yippy.

Not everyone lives in the GTA.

Strawberries and Blueberries - Grand Bend

Thanks for the tip and link.

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

LC knows their merch is a lifestyle prop more than just cookware for many buyers and markets accordingly. It's a trophy brand.

Le Creuset at Home Sense & Winners

That's pricey for Thai enameled steel and Chinese ceramics, whatever the brand.

I've seen the Thai-made Copco replica stuff and it's not the greatest quality.

Honey farm in mississauga or near mississauga ?

Try here:



Probably worth a drive since supermarket honeycomb is usually brick-like. I prefer dealing directly with apiarists since "farmers' market" dealers are often just resellers, sometimes peddling bulk honey from ???.

Best Cannoli?

Irene's Celebrity Cakes in Mississauga(Eglinton just w. of Dixie)isn't half bad for cannoli.

The Danish Pastry House - Oakville (Trafalgar/Cornwall area)

It's usually an overdose of cheap vanilla/almond extract in the commercial versions, along with fats/oils, that impart the usual chemically taste and smell. If you're socked first with that taste/smell, it's probably not homemade.

The Danish Pastry House - Oakville (Trafalgar/Cornwall area)

If their marzipan is homemade, it's probably miles ahead of the gawdawful industrial product that's barely edible.

Grass Fed Butter in Toronto?

What I'm after is "single udder" butter

Halal Burgers or Chicken Kebabs

Isn't Adonis open now in Scarborough?

Where to buy Ghirardelli product

The GTA Lindt outlets carry Ghirardelli. Not sure if they carry what you're after. Worth a call?

Whole Foods to open Buffalo, NY store in 2016

Amen. Not jonesing bad enough for anything WF peddles relative to bad exchange rates, gas prices, and border delays.

Global Cheese

Global Cheese

Any place but Global...

Meyer Lemons at Home Depot

Sorry but the USDA zones do matter. Be prepared to lose a pile of $$$ if you think they don't.

"There is more. But for sure citrus won’t grow in Toronto."

That's about the only relevant point above. Thanks!

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

Dunno but they always have a stale date printed on the plastic wrapper around the lid. Have never seen them out of a cooler. Weird, too, since my NoFrills shelves Strubs and jarred pickled herring on 'fridged shelves.

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

Hmmm. Is that section 'fridged? They're supposed to be kept cool.

Meyer Lemons at Home Depot

Doubt Southwest US growers are worried. Guessing you're not a gardener if you think the USDA zones are just "guidelines."

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

"RIght on time"=late June/early July. Heat and dry-ish weather are maximimal strawberry conditions. Not much of that to date, sorry.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

We're talking strawberries.Doubt they're field-grown. Late June/early July but probably later given temps so far this year.

When can we expect fresh strawberries in Toronto

Way too early/way too cool for anything worth eating. Just look at how your backyard garden is progressing...