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Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

Ever made pickles? Does "brine" ring a bell? The rest is old news. They were never strong sellers here thanks to price and limited availability.

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

"packed in vinegar" WTF? Ever get close to a Claussen?

"they should never expire I think they just put that date on them so stores stock dont get old" BINGO! Nothing like a firm grasp of the obvious.

Where to buy Japanese beans?

Have you tried azuki beans? Might be worthwhile to visit P.A.T and ask for red beans(pat). Dried azukis are at BulkBarn.

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

Any chance you noticed the stale date on the jars? I'm not seeing anything beyond 1/15.

Did Metro stop carrying Claussen pickles?

Thanks for the vise-like grip on the slippery marketing/purchasing help. Labs rats have longer attention spans but occasionally the reps have consciences and do follow-up on calls.Noticed at Highland Farms in Mississauga yesterday only two jars--both with 1/15 stale dates.Longo's may still have some but imagine they're likely the same vintage. Suspect it's price and unfamiliarity that's knocked Claussen products off shelves around the GTA.Long-time fave around my table. I'll start pestering, too.

What happened to Highland Farms?

The Mississauga HF desperately needs some love.It's old school to the point of being just plain stale.

Australian Diamond Valley 'Wagyu Beef' at Ontario Costco

As for this claim re: Wagyu health "benefits," I'd say "not proven." Data appear thin and inconclusive, aside from what the Wagyu industry argues. It's still full of calories from fat. Japanese Wagyu portion sizes aren't exactly the same as cuts we see. Show me some research beyond the press kit claims made by Wagyu producers.

bialetti replacement rings

I've always bought mine at Italian bakeries in my area that sell the stove-top makers. Always seem to have a variety of sizes.

Where to buy wild or healthy shrimp year-round in Toronto?

The take home lesson is simple: what the OP wants might not be available at a tolerable price point. Pretty much certain those plump har gow aren't stuffed with healthy/sustainable/cruelty-free shrimp. I'd like better, too, but low-buck "abundance" has pushed higher quality to the margins. Try the sources suggested?

The Costco Thread - Ontario - 2015 - January to March

Given the likely spikes in EVOO prices this year, Kirkland brand oil might not be a bad buy.

ISO: crustacean shells for stock

Just be sure to steer clear of salmon frames and heads or any other oily fish.

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

Wouldn't surprise me if LC was farming out production to China, especially given the range of Chinese-made enameled cast-iron already on the market. Problems arise if they're trying to foist it off as French-made when it isn't.I've seen the same thing with Chinese-made knock-offs of high-quality Japanese cast-iron ware, tea pots(tetsubin)being a good example. The real deal from foundries like Iwachu run anywhere from 150-250 for smallish pots in standard patterns--Chinese-made copies are 50-75 bucks.The quality differences aren't subtle.

Kitchen steals and deals for Ontario

Fine but there's still the punishing exchange rate and taxes/duties. Shipping still costs and discounts are welcome but many US vendors still charge exorbitant rates, thanks to USPS increases.Spend more to save more...right.

Le Creuset deal at The Bay

So much for brand worship and LC. Chinese-made means it's no better than celeb chef merch or the schlock sold at Crappy Tire.Though many of us use it regularly, LC and other enameled cast iron for others seems to be more lifestyle prop or decor than kitchen tool.Pay less, get less.

Denninger's Locations?

I'd skip 'em. Denninger's selection doesn't measure up to the range you'll see at Brandt and Starsky. I'd also work in a trip to the Dimpflmeier Bakery.Save the time and gas.

Portuguese Chicken Shocker

Easy. Pay cash. Next?

Let's see...2% of, say, NZ$300 is? Get the point? If you can afford the bill you wouldn't be sweating it. But I'm not you.

Portuguese Chicken Shocker

So how much are we talking about? If you can afford the chicken...

Heavy German Rye bread for open faced sandwiches

Sorry but you're unlikely to find rye as fresh or varied as you'll get at Dimp's factory store. Discount priced, too, so no reason not to load up for the freezer.

Its here at last!! - Prima Taste 'Chilli Crab La Mian' ( Noodle in Sweet & Spicy Seafood Sauce)

Gotta re-check the Miss. store for the brand.

ISO Italian Moscato grapes

Always get 'em at Highland Farms.

Tomatillos around Riverdale/Leslieville area

Highland Farms has had them in the fall the last few years. Bad crop for me, too. Just not enough sustained heat this summer.

Green Egg

Horses for courses, YMMV and all that, bro. I try not to cook while I'm asleep, either.

Green Egg

Agree with jayt90. BGE's seem to be a lifestyle prop/trophy 'que among owners I know. If you're mobile/nomadic and can't handle the size/weight of a ceramic cooker, then humbler gear like Webers does the job just fine. They've delivered for me for years. Good value, fixable, and incapable of collapsing a deck.

Green Egg

Doubtful. You're explaining away how BGE product got there, supposedly without BGE's knowledge. All the more sketchy since they work through dealers.

Green Egg

Begs the question as to where the "club store" got their BGE stock if not from the manufacturer--unless of course there are "gray market" BGEs. Costco sells lots of merch(e.g., digital cameras, etc)that carry full manufacturers' warranties. I can see BGE dealers being behind this but for the maker to feign shock about big box discounts is a bit farfetched.

Green Egg

"I can tell you that they are much cheaper in Buffalo or Detroit"

OK, how much cheaper? Don't forget the SUV or van to move it.

All you can do is try on price and offer cash. They're over-priced and don't exactly fly out the door.

Duvel Belgian beer - now unavailable?

Last seen around Xmas in the gifty Belgian sampler pacs but not since.

Korean Snacks in TO

Get the shots on your phone and start at PAT and take it from there. Had some around New Years and have been jonesing for some since. Let's us know. PS--You still owe me for the Ferri's tip for apple juice for cider...

2014 Ontario Sweet Corn

"There's been talk that neonicotinoids might be responsible for certain neurological conditions. Autism is one condition that's been mentioned. I hate to proselytize, but this is really, really important."

This is wildly OT and unproven. Coincidence--if any--doesn't equal correlation. Time for some Mod intervention here or at least some restraint.

Where can I find Ontario, integrated pest management peaches (or organic) in Toronto?

Please...These were plainly picked too early for that well-known trick. Been there. They're covered with soft, bruised spots before they ripen.