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ISO Niagara Fruit and Produce on Friday (markets?)

Hamilton Farmers' Market seems an obvious choice.

Honey Crisp Apples

Just like every year, they're ready when they're ready.Honey Crisps have become an over-rated, over-priced trophy apple. Different but nothing special relative to the many other excellent varieties coming to market this fall.YMMV, as usual. Pick 'em yourself if price is an issue.

2015 Ontario Sweet Corn ?

Yup. I've seen a little, very dodgey "fresh corn" out in the sticks around Peel but it's all been at the worst of the "apple market" joints that embarrass the locals who actually grow what they sell or source it locally(e.g., Ferri's). Jeesh, after driving by acres of the stuff that's plainly not ready, it's hard to imagine anyone dim enough to sucker for the corn you shot.

Corn might be a bit late this year but looks good so far.

Italian 00 flour search

BB's unbleached flours just aren't the same. I find about 1/4 to 1/5 OO(or less) with unbleached works well in a temp-limited home oven. 100% OO goes beyond crisp to poker chip-brittle in a 500 degree max electric range oven.YMMV, as usual.

Italian 00 flour search

Aurora's cash+carry store in Mississauga is the place. Tons of 00, a bit cheaper and way fresher than the stock in most stores. Lots of other great stuff, too:

Checking Origins of Foods being sold at groceries

Your choice. Don't buy it. Shop elsewhere. Lots of locally-made Caribbean-style baked goods available around the GTA. Next?

where to buy tomato paste in a tube?

Nothing much has changed from earlier posts way upthread.I get mine from Aurora Importing's cash-n-carry store in Mississauga:

Highland Farms has several brands.

Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

Westend has Mike's other location(retail front for the parent AllSeas)on N. Queen in Etobicoke(Kipling+Queensway).

Where To Find (Small) Baby Sized Octopus and or Squid

I've been buying very nice, small California frozen squid from Highland Farms and even some NoFrills in Mississauga. Usually about $5-6 a box.

Superstore Argentia--Wow!

Never mind both Loblaws and Superstore are facing a strike. They've treated their employees like crap and don't think much better of us, either.Surprised?

Superstore Argentia--Wow!

This seems to be the latest twist of the marketing Rubik's cube for Loblaws. A huge revamped store in Mississauga near Winston Churchill+401 that shows their awareness of the western GTA's ethnic diversity by showcasing Arz and T&T products, as well as a wide range of pan-Asian staples and specialties. The instore pita mill is clearly aimed at Marche Adonis just a few km away. Good meat and fresh seafood--a far cry from Loblaws malodorous fish counters.

Worth a visit if you're in the western GTA and/or interested in how the Westons parse the area's market and tastes.

Café Boulud closing for renovations

I'm laying a side bet that this is a face-saving smokescreen for an exit from TO.

To fellow hounds who are concern about MSG in Chinese or Vietnamese food

Ask any toxicologist: it's all about the size of the dose.

Ocean's food market, Brampton

Think you meant wary, unless you're craving the low-tide aroma at most west-end Loblaws fish counters. The Oceans down Hurontario at Eglinton is a bit tidier.Try T&T or B-Trust at Creditview and Burnhamthorpe

Loblaws purchase of Arz and T+T

Have also noticed Arz products seeping into the Brampton RCSS near me. Visibility isn't exactly enhanced by the decision to shelve them along the aisles of the jumbled ethnic food ghetto.

British Grocer Wholesale Mississauga

Just opened. Good selection, decent prices, worth a visit. Marks and Spencer and Sainsbury items, Schweppes Bitter Lemon, etc. 15% discount today.

Argentia Road just east of Winston Churchill across from Home Depot.

Shanghai Style Smoked Fish - Another yummy product from 'Full Fortune Foods' available at T&T

Will check the Miss. store. Just curious--any clue where this comes from? "Da Fu" doesn't seem to say.

Where can I find Scotch Bonnet pepper seeds? Or habanero seeds?

Mail order from Richters

Humber Nurseries is probably worth calling, too:

Toronto or Canadian Spice Store Comparable to Penzey's or The Spice House in the U.S.?

Really depends on what you're after. The GTA's vast ethnic food palette means fresh spices at fair prices aren't hard to source. That's why I'm no fan of Spice Trader--too twee and too pricey.

Wild leeks are up!

"If you buy them at the market, ask the vendor where they came from. Not that it will prevent leek abuse entirely, but it's important to remind people to be responsible when foraging."

Unless it's your land, foraging=theft. If you're forking over $$$ to a market "forager," you're just proving it pays to boost ramps wherever and whenever possible--whatever the soothing fiction they offer about provenance. Ramps are wholly unsustainable and picking usually causes extensive collateral damage to woodland areas.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

Nope. One soap box/topic per thread. Start a new one if you've got the hots to talk about Costco's birds.

Best places to buy groceries in Toronto?

Fresh/good quality is where you find it. Sometimes Longo's sucks compared to even NoFrills. Highland Farms out in the western GTA is often the most consistent for selection and quality, especially during our short peak season for fruit and veg. Shopping by the store sign usually isn't productive. I find Loblaws at or near the bottom for produce--often sub-par relative even to NoFrills and far pricier.

The popularity of Swiss Chalet seems to be waning in the GTA. Thoughts?

Hard to be categorical since quality varies among outlets in and around the GTA and has for years. Big chickens, small ones, skinny ones, flabby under-cooked birds--I've had 'em all. Unsure how or why the OP can pretend there ever was any "hype" around what's always been a pedestrian resto that never made the needle twitch on the Pretense Meter.Circling the drain? Maybe. Higher priced than years ago? Probably. For chrissakes, it's just "Chicken Shack" as my kid always called it, not a fine dining destination.

Bond-esque Dinner and Nightlife Options in GTA?

Which Bond?

Sherry vinegar?

Any mid-to-upmarket grocery store chain now seems to care a couple brands. Would help to know where you are.

Have Farmer's Market apple pies gone downhill??

Sorry but sooner or later you really should get down with DIY pie crust and filling. Store-bought compromises everything. Recs? They're all solidly "meh."

Baking steel

That's a 1/4" hunk of sheet steel and it's not light. Thinner than 1/4" and made from iffy material can make for warpage issues.Happened to me on a cheapie a few years back.

Loblaws sells ugly fruit at a discount to curb food waste

"Largest" on what basis: square footage? parking spaces? gross sales? contribution to the Ontario Liberals' war chest?

Not sure if this is such a great deal aside from a marginal improvement in convenience 'cause it won't be saving drinkers any $$$. Would be very surprised if several Costco warehouses didn't get licenses.

Loblaws sells ugly fruit at a discount to curb food waste

Costco will kill 'em on beer and wine.

ISO Sake Carafe with Ice Pocket

No worries. The shop was a jewel, full of hard-to-find houseware/kitchenware and gifts. Recall that they did a brisk trade in sake gear. They made noises about selling online after the store closed last May but I've yet to hear/see anything. Glad you got a carafe.