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Asking people to join you for dinner

recently invited friends to dinner and i picked up the tab for all four of us (approx. $300). Then 2 weeks later we were invited to her birthday (just the same 2 couples total) and I made the sad mistake of thinking this was a return invite. When we arrived at a similar upscale restaurant, they selected the food ...again Im thinking "no problemo, its their tab". Well check arrives and birthday girl leaves for restroom asks for 1/2 the check....
This is my own darn never again. Lesson learned

Apr 25, 2012
mjbarb in Not About Food

Atlantic City - Teachers' Convention

Autouro's in Ballys: decent Italian...but I prefer Angeloni's for my AC Italian on Georgia and Artic Ave, just down the street from White House Subs

Oct 15, 2009
mjbarb in New Jersey

Question re: White House Subs

No salads....sorry, but if you cross Artic Avenue, go to Formicas bakery...they may have salads.....just get your hoagie "to go" and eat it over there

Feb 04, 2009
mjbarb in Mid-Atlantic

Garlic Crabs

Aug 27, 2008
mjbarb in Recipes

Drip or Percolator?

French Press is the way to go for me.. I wish I could find an inexpensive expresso maker for daily use.

Aug 07, 2008
mjbarb in Cookware

Perfect Martini

Bin 209 Gin w/ a touch of vermouth shaken or for the summer just a good old fashioned Boodles and tonic

Jun 11, 2008
mjbarb in Recipes

High-End Tonic

I like Gin...I love Distillery No. 209. from Rudd winery in Napa...very clean crisp taste...and lately have been drinking a local gin, BlueCoat, made right here in Philly. Try them both...if you like Gin

Jun 10, 2008
mjbarb in Features

Nan - Philly

Since I no longer work in West Philly (CHOP) i havent been back to Nan. But his cooking was always soo unique. When he opened Alouette on Bambridge, my wife (then girlfriend) and I would go every chance we could get. You post reminds me of the good old days and how I MUST make a trip over to Penn area to see my old friend. Thanks!

Apr 28, 2008
mjbarb in Pennsylvania

best donuts in S. Jersey?

McMillians....hands down

Feb 26, 2008
mjbarb in Mid-Atlantic

Best Pizza in N.J.

Live real close to Alfreds in Blackwood...excellent pie, .....and for Mac and Manco's...they do have a 2 stores open thru the winter , 9th and Boardwalk and offshore on Rt 9...but the best always was and still is...Celebres in So. Philly

Feb 22, 2008
mjbarb in New Jersey

Falafel Fan

Hoping someone can help me with locating good falafel in Camden County, or Gloucester County over in South Jersey....Some where in Washington Twp maybe? I cant find anything.

Feb 08, 2008
mjbarb in Pennsylvania

HELP....I need a place to eat before a show @ Keswick

Thank you Ambergrl and Sharpie and janR. this helps BIG time , since Ive never been to the keswick and Im coming from Jersey

Feb 08, 2008
mjbarb in Pennsylvania

HELP....I need a place to eat before a show @ Keswick

Can anyone help out with a place to eat before a show @ the keswick theat

Feb 06, 2008
mjbarb in Pennsylvania