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Nonalcoholic Drinks [Minneapolis]

My pregnant wife and I are headed out for a night on the town this evening in downtown Minneapolis-- the Chambers Kitchen specifically. I was wondering if anybody knew of a bar/restaurant in downtown Minneapolis that had a decent selection of handcrafted, nonalcoholic drink options. Any input on this topic would be much appreciated by both me and the little lady. Thanks!

Pesce or A16? Terzo or Delfina?

Thanks all for the insight on Pesce, A16 and Delfina. Does anybody out there have anything to add (positive or negative) about a recent trip to Terzo? Delfina is definately sounding like the obvious choice for us on Friday night, but would like a couple of opinions on what Terzo is offering these days.

Pesce or A16? Terzo or Delfina?

Thank you all for the feedback. It sounds as if everyone is in agreement that given the choice A16 is the restaurant not to be missed and that there is enough of a difference between A16 and Delfina so as to not be redundant. One question I have is how difficult will it be to get to either A16 or Pesce from the Union Square part of town given we will not have transportation. On a map of downtown it looks like it is a bit of a hike, but perhaps I am mistaken. One other thing, we are looking to hit a breakfast joint near Union Square on Sunday prior to heading to wine country and I was wondering about recommendations. It sounds as if Canteen is the real deal, but I can't seem to find a brunch menu on their website. Perhaps you all could shed some light. Thanks!

Pesce or A16? Terzo or Delfina?

My wife and I are from St. Paul, MN, and will be visiting San Francisco/Sonoma for our first time later this month in celebration of my 30th birthday. After much research and deliberation I have narrowed my dinner choices down to 2 on both Friday and Saturday night. My hope is that the informed members of Chowhound can help me decide where we should dine. On Friday the choices are Terzo and Delfina. On Saturday night the choices are Pesce and A16. Thanks!