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Best Pizza in Clevelend?

Although very different from each other, I really like Dewey's ( and everyone seems to love love love Geraci's. (Diners Drive-in and Dives was just there.) I join you in the quest for outstanding pizza, but must admit, I rarely meet a pizza I don't like.!

Dec 28, 2009
cheesecake in Great Lakes

Planning a trip to Hocking Hills

One more thing to note...the Inn at Cedar Falls REQUIRES a reservation because they can only seat a small amount of people and they get booked. Call as soon as you know that you want to go. (You do...its great)

Planning a trip to Hocking Hills

we stayed at the Inn at Cedar Falls last week and had AMAZING food and wine. I highly recommend the seared chicken breast and butternut squash ravioli. The bread is fabulous too! Enjoy you meals, as well as the amazing scenery! Don't forget to hike from Old Man's Cave to Cedar Falls (or vice versa) for a 2.5 hour hike and/or go to Ash Cave. Note though, all falls have dried up for the fall so it is soaring rocks, not water, that you will see.

Acadia National Park

Although I know you didn't ask about breakfast, my husband and I were up in Acadia a couple of weeks ago and had an AMAZING breakfast at Two Cats ( It is in a house, with wonderful servers, delicious food, and a few cats running around. (So maybe not as great if you are allergic.) It was one of the highlights of our time up there. We had initially planned ot go to cafe This Way, which everyone raves about on this board, but it was closed for the off-season still. We ran into a "local" on a hike the day prior who said we should check out Two Cats, as it was open, but also better than the perhaps over-hypered Cafe This Way. (It might be great too...but I can vouch for Two Cats being superb.) Check it out!

Coming to Cleveland in May

Fonduewchedder, I love this list. I too grew up on the East Side and you hit some of my favorite places for my visits "home". Like you, Tommy's is one of my places in the country. It just isn't a real visit to Cleveland if I don't get my Quigley (grilled cheese on pita with 5 cheeses, green peppers, tomato and lettuce with a side of brown mustard) and a mocha shake. Hmmmm....I like Aladdins and East Coast Custard as well.

Breakfast or Brunch in Anchorage

We are staying by the airport but breakfast might take us on our way for the day so somewhere near other things we might want to do would be great. Thanks!

Jun 20, 2008
cheesecake in Pacific Northwest

Breakfast or Brunch in Anchorage

My husband and I will be in Anchorage next month prior to embarking on a cruise. I think we have some good ideas for lunch and dinner (yes, we will make reservations!) but don't have any good thoughts for breakfast or brunch. It will be a Thursday morning. We probably want more than just a bakery/coffee shop but don't need a big buffet or anything. A diner, cool spot to people watch, or nicer restaurant would all be great ideas. Thanks in advance for any ideas you might offer.

Jun 20, 2008
cheesecake in Pacific Northwest

"New" Hugo's- Portland

I have a reservation for next Friday at Hugo's. My finance and I have been wanting to check it out for over a year and we now have a big event to celebrate. I knew they had closed for "spring break" but didn't know until today that they were opening with a new concept. Has anyone been since it re-opened? Even if you haven't, do you know what is new? I would hate to have really high expectations for what we THOUGHT was Hugo's but learn that it is totally different now. Any experience or information would be greatly appreciated.

Challah in Portland

We actually are not using a kosher caterer. We are having a reform/conservative wedding with no pork or shellfish but it will not be kosher.

Challah in Portland, Maine

Hi Cheryl,

Thanks! Is that a store or a website?

Apr 08, 2008
cheesecake in Kosher

Challah in Portland, Maine

We are being married in Portland in June. Our venue has allowed us an exception to the "no outdside food" to bring in our own challah. Since we are pretty new to the area, we have not found the best bakery for a challah. Hopefully we can get a large one (serving 50 people) as a special order. I would be so appreciative of any ideas of who we should look into (or avoid for that matter). Thanks in advance!

Apr 08, 2008
cheesecake in Kosher

Challah in Portland

We are being married in Portland in June. Our venue has allowed us an exception to the "no outdside food" to bring in our own challah. Since we are pretty new to the area, we have not found the best bakery for a challah. Hopefully we can get a large one (serving 50 people) as a special order. I would be so appreciative of any ideas of who we should look into (or avoid for that matter). Thanks in advance!

Caiola's in Portland ME?

I am still looking for a place to hold my psuedo rehersal dinner in June. Would Caiola's be a good place for that? How many people could it accomodate it I rented out the whole place? Could you give the the average app and entree price please? Thanks in advance.

Rehearsal-ish gathering- Portland

These are great ideas! Thanks! Keep the fabulous ideas coming!

Rehearsal-ish gathering- Portland

I will be married in Portland next June. We are planning a small rehearsal dinner for the immediate family but then want to find a place to go with all the out of town guests, which could be about 60-80 people. We want something casual, where people can drop in as they arrive in town, or leave when they are ready for bed. Maybe appetizers or dessert. Some people will want a drink but we are not a huge drinking crowd.

It will be a Friday night so I don't know if many restaurants will want to give up their private room for appetizers and drinks.

I thought it would be fun to make a dessert buffet where we could get sweets from a lot of places but don't know where we could host this.

We looked at the "private" room at the Sebago Brewery in South Portland but it was just an alcove off of the waiting area. I am going to look into a cruise but worry that that prevents the drop-in, leave whenever people. I even thought about renting Silly's (where we would have more than just apps). Does anyone know if they have ever done that?

As you can see, we are open to lots of ideas, but haven't found one that has clicked. Any ideas would be SOOO greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!

Fun restaurant for a Portland dinner?

I would also suggest Silly's. Great cheap food, vegetarian friendly (but plenty of meat), crazy huge portions, and insane milkshakes. Its a small place so you might have to wait for a table but I think you'll have a blast.

40 Washington Ave, Portland, ME 04101

Portland Wedding Cake

I will be getting married in Portland next June and am starting to scope out wedding cakes. I am not from the area (although I now live here) and welcome any thoughts on great places, and places that have disappointed. We will be looking for a multi-tiered cake for 200 people. We are leaning toward buttercream but might consider fondant. (We therefore probably want a place that does both) I would be so appreciative of any advice you might offer. Thanks in advance!

handicapped accessible?

I spoke with my friend, who's father is in a wheelchair. She mentioned:

Legal Seafood, PF Chang, and Magionno's as far as chains
Sibling Rivalry
Sydneys (in the Hotel@MIT)
Tavern on the Square

She said there are lots of places they go but this is what comes to mind. As always, she suggest just calling.

Portland- Fore St. is booked- Where to go?

My So and I went to Cinque Terre (right across the cobblestones from Street & Co) and we were so thrilled with our experience. It is cute, with an upstairs balcony, and the food was fabulous. There is a lot of fish and seafood but also some nice chicken and other options. There is a huge (and good) wine list and they recieved a Wine Spectator Award some time. Our server was a delight and we walked away so pleased with our evening. Another great option to throw in the mix.

Best greasy egg & cheese sandwich

Also right in the neighborhood is the panini pressed egg and cheese at True Grounds...right accross the street from Soundbites. They take a bagel and smush it with egg, cheese and meat (if you want) on a panini press. It is FABULOUS! Plus, I love supporting this place. (Special note in my book includes that they have simple syrup for their iced beverages and make their muffins and scones in house.)

Buying Ghee

I went to a party this past weekend where one of the guests made a fabulous stir fry meal using ghee. It wasn't until after he had left that I thought to ask where one can buy ghee. I am in Somerville so somewhere close (if possible) would be ideal. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Toscanini's brunch?

Please excuse if I am being obtuse, but Toscanini's the ice cream shop? Has brunch? Please tell more. Is it at all locations? Or is there a different place that I don't know about? Thanks!

Cake Restaurant on Wharf St. Portland

I am going to a dinner dance (don't ask) at a place called Cake Restaurant. The only info I can find on the web is at: It says "opening March 3", which might explain why there is not much info, but I don't even know what YEAR "March 3" is referring to. Does anyone know anything more about this place? I am laughing hard enough that I am going to a med school dance at age 33, but want to know what I am getting myself into. Thanks in advance.

Parish Café to Porter Exchange

Addis is opening farther down the street (toward Harvard) in a place that was most recently an Indian restaurant.

Addis Red Sea in Cambridge

I also went to Fasika a couple of weeks ago and found the food great and the "ambience" off-putting. There was a drunk man screaming profantiy at the Keno machine, several people drunken-ly "talking", and chaos at the bar. We were tucked into the corner and could hear every swear work, discussion of last night's escapades, and laugh from the bar. We loved the food but it was more raucus (sp?) than I like at my local pub, much less a restaurant. I still might go back, with more "realistic" expectations, but am also looking forward to the new Addis Red Sea that might offer a bit more civility. (Although higher price too I bet.) I am glad Fasika came to my neighborhood, I just wish they had a bouncer. (For the record, we did say something to one of the servers, who demurely asked the drunking man to be quieter but he yelled "Well, I could just leave" but stayed and made noise.)

Help! I can't remember the name of a terrific restaurant!

I think you might mean Perdix. Unfortunately it has closed.

Fabulous Experience at Sibling Rivalry

What a wonderful evening! I made a reservation a couple of months ago (on Open Table) for this past Saturday evening. In the comment section I mentioned that it was my sweetie's birthday and casually mentioned that a romantic table would be nice. As we were seated at a romantic, circular "booth", they presented us with menus that read "Happy Birthday Jeff" at the top. A huge smile comes over his face. Score! We ordered the Crisp Sweetbreads with Seared Pumpkin, Celeriac Puree, Swiss Chard, Chanterelles and Porcini Cream (I didn't taste the sweetbreads but the "sides" of this starter were fabulous), Baked Salmon Fillet in Crisp Phyllo with Creamed Corn, Mushrooms, Spinach, Tomato Fondue and a Lemon Butter Drizzle (mine- unbelievable) and Grilled Lamb Rack and Loin Chops with Garlic Confit, Rosemary, Haricots Verts and Braised Endive with Ham, Cantal and Cream (his-- he used bread to removed EVERY morsel on his plate). We ended the meal with Triple Chocolate Fondue House-Made Marshmallows, Long-Stem Strawberries, Cookies and Ice Cream Buttons (they piped "Happy Birthday" in chocolate on the plate). We ordered 3 glasses of wine total. He was impressed with the wine list, although I don't know as much about these things...but I'll believe him. They switched plates and flatware between each course, kept our water glasses full without being instrusive, and were attentive all evening. At the end of evening, they brought my sweetie a Sibling Rivalry mug filled with cookies and a copy of "his" menu scrolled up. Overall, I could not have asked for more. As we walked out, I got a loving kiss and request that we come back NEXT year for this birthday!

Will Urban Gourmet ever reopen?

Could you say a little more about the new place on Somerville Ave.? Where? Is it called Urban Gourmet? Do they serve the same food? TIA.

Special Dessert Place- Southern Maine?

Hello. My boyfriend's birthday is coming up next month on a Saturday(not around Valentine's Day) He has a committment from 6:00-8:30 p.m. but thought I'd take him out for a special birthday dessert. We live in Biddeford so we could go up to the Portland area, down toward Kennebunk or Portsmouth...

Do you have any ideas of a place we might go to celebrate. Of course, somewhere that they won't mind that we are "only" ordering dessert and drinks. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

restaurant gift certificates

I have found that almost any restaurant will take your credit card over the phone and mail the gift certificate to either you or the recipient. Just call either place.