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MSP restaurants that source local ingredients

There is a new restaurant in NE called The Red Stag Supperclub. It's a sister restaurant to Barbette and Bryant Lake Bowl. This one is actually the first LEED certified restuarant in Minnesota, so one of the requirements (I believe) to be certified is to source locally for as much as possible, especially the menu items/ingredients. Well whether or not it is required, they feature several farms from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. Try the Red Deer Stroganoff. Couldn't believe I was eating deer meat and LOVING it! Super dish. The venison was from a farm in wisconsin, can't recall it. My dinner date had the pork chop, from Larry Schultz farms. He was convinced it was the best pork chop he's had in the Twin Cities. It came with some amazing sides to accompany it including MN milled good and comforting. The menu even had a little closing statement thanking all the local farmers for making the menu possible.

Check out the Red Stag Supperclub: 509 1st Ave. NE. Mpls.

MSP-Best Biscuits and Gravy?

Hands down, Mayslacks....known for their Mayslack's Meats. The sausage is a patty rather than chunks in the gravy. I'm super picky about breakfast sausage, a lot of places it tends to be too salty, and sometimes to "McDonalds" tasting. But this sausage has such an amazing natural sausage flavor. Great biscuits and gravy with it also, not too salty, but flavorful.