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Help...will arrive in London in 4 dining decisions yet!

Looking for suggestions on our first visit to London. We are headed over to visit our son who is completing a semester of college. I've done much reading and would welcome any input as I need to try to secure some reservations. We will be there for a week and need help in several categories....
Would greatly appreciate a couple of fine dining restaurant suggestions. One of the nights we will be celebrating my son's 20th birthday. A few under consideration are:

The Ledbury (though I am skeptical about securing a reservation)
Alain Ducasse
Le Gavroche
Gordon Ramsay @ 68 Royal
Waterside Inn (how far outside of London?)

Suggestions for sushi:
Nobu vs. Dinings vs. Kiku vs. Zuma

Are considering Wolseley for brunch....thoughts?

Would welcome suggestions also for great Italian, Indian cuisine and dim sum.

A few other establishments we are considering: Scotts, The Square, The Grill at the Dorchester(where we are staying), The Ivy, Bar Boulud, Sketch(The Lecture Room and Library), China Tang.

Lastly, we will be taking my son and several of his friends out one evening. Would you recommend someplace a bit on the more casual side with a lively atmosphere and great food? We were thinking either Italian or a really good pub. Having said that, I realize a lot of the pubs don't have great food, but if any come to mind that do, please feel free to mention.
Sorry so many questions in one post, but last minute plans and trying to get things situated. Any help GREATLY appreciated!

Oct 29, 2011
dwake in U.K./Ireland

Need help narrowing selections

Headed to Los Cabos in less than a week. Staying at One & Only Palmilla. Will be in the area for 7 nights. Here are the options we're considering:

In San Jose:

Local 8
Morgan's or Morgan's Encore (any difference in menus? one better than the other?)
El Chilar
Chef's Table

In Cabo San Lucas:
Edith's (concerned about this...either fabulous or horrible reviews which makes me curious)
Trailer Park
La Fonda
Nik San (went last time and it was WONDERFUL!!)
El Farllon

These are in addition to the Agua and Market at the O&O and the restaurant at Las Ventanas. We are traveling with family members aged 13-80. Price is not an issue, just great food/atmosphere. Everyone is pretty adventurous taste-wise. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

Jul 21, 2010
dwake in Mexico

No Mi Casa: the real scoop on Cabo eating.

Hi. We are going to San Jose in 1 week. Have had recommendations from friends for Morgan's. Is there a difference between the 2 restaurants? If so, would you recommend one over the other? Also, do you know if they have a website? Thank you.

Jul 18, 2010
dwake in Mexico

3 days in Philly. Suggestions please...

We are taking our son to Philly to celebrate his 18th birthday just before Christmas. Have several restaurants in mind and would love input. Looking to do at least one "fancy" dinner. We get in early Sat. morning and leave late Monday night (9:00pm). So we basically have 3 dinners, though the last would need to be scheduled early on Monday.

Hoping to get a reservation at Vetri. The regular menu looks wonderful and if we can get in will do the Grand Tasting menu. Not sure if this is to be considered a fancy/formal atmosphere.

For the formal dinner we are also considering Le Bec-Fin or The Fountain in the Four Seasons (which is where we'll be staying).

My husband and I have previously been to both Morimoto and Buddakan and enjoyed both very much. Both the food and atmosphere were great and we thought our son would be happy with either of these choices. It's been about 7 years since we were in Philly and wondered if these two establishments were still desirable places.

Also considering Amada. Looks great and we've never been.

Look forward to some insights from the foodies out there.


Nov 29, 2009
dwake in Pennsylvania

Dining On Maui [Very Long]

Sorry Bill...just started to reread and realized I had misspelled thourough....OOPS!

Jun 03, 2009
dwake in Hawaii

Dining On Maui [Very Long]

Hi Bill.

I just read your entire posting. I was just squealing with delight. I've never read such a through review before. My husband and I are headed to Maui for a week in July. We are staying at the Four Seasons and I have been checking into restaurants all month. Everyone you mentioned was on our list of possibles. We are definitely going to the General Store...missed it the last time we were on Maui. I've been wanting to try Merriman's and now know that we must! We've also been to Spago twice and loved it both times. Not sure if we can tear ourselves away this time either. I was wondering if you have ever heard of Il Teatro at Capische restaurant? We were supposed to have gone to Maui last fall with some friends, but my husband and I had to cancel. I had already made a reservation that our friends went to and the said it was the best meal they had on the island. If you're not familiar with it, Capische is an Italian restaurant and Il Teatro is their small private dining room. They absolutely raved over it. Needless to say, we'll be trying there too. Our list of possible dinners so far:
Spago, General Store, Il Teatro, Merriman's, Sansei, Plantation House, Mala, David Paul's Island grill or Lahaina Grill. We will probably do Mama's Fish House for lunch one day. We have 7 nights on the island and want to plan for 5 or 6 dinners. Your recommendations? One of the people that resonded said "I like how you roll!" I would have to second that. It sounds like you and your wife like to travel like my husband and I do. Would welcome your input on our present choices.

Thank you!

Jun 03, 2009
dwake in Hawaii

Last minute trip

We are meeting my husband's business partner and his wife this Thurs. for the weekend. We'll be staying at the Gramercy Park Hotel and I was hoping for some good suggestions for breakfast in the area.

I would also welcome input regarding restaurant choices for our stay and also some lunch recommendations. We'll be primarily shopping on Thurs. and Fri.( mid-town and Soho) and will possibly do a matinee on Sat. (Billy Elliot)

Thurs. dinner: David Burke Townhouse

Fri. dinner: Daniel

Sat. dinner: Buddakan

I know Buddakan isn't particularly known for their exquisite food (though I find the food to be OK), but I've been there before and I know that this particular couple will enjoy the lively atmosphere there. Open to other suggestions for a lively atmosphere....

Some other restuarants we had considered:

The Modern
Eleven Madison Park

Jan 18, 2009
dwake in Manhattan

Sorellina or Mistral?

Thanks so much everyone for your input. It looks like we're headed to Sorrelina. I'm sure we'll enjoy it every bit as much as Mistral! Can't wait!

Apr 15, 2008
dwake in Greater Boston Area

David Burke or Craft?

Have reservations for both and can't decide which one to cancel. We've been to David Burke and had a great experience, but I've heard so much about Craft. I know that Craft is very staightforward, but most seem to really love it. Would love some input! Thanks.

Apr 14, 2008
dwake in Manhattan

Gaslight for Brunch?

Wondered if anyone has tried Gaslight for brunch and what your comments would be? If not Gaslight am open to other suggestions for brunch/breakfast on a Saturday. We'll be staying at the Four Seasons and the Bristol is always a good choice, but thought we might try something new. We've been to Charlie's numerous times and always enjoy it. Look forward to you help...thanks!

Apr 14, 2008
dwake in Greater Boston Area

Sorellina or Mistral?

We will be dining with a group of 6. My husband and I have been to Mistral on numerous occasions and have never had anything less than a wonderful experience. None of the friends that will be joining us have been to either restaurant. We have looked over both menus and are having a tough time deciding which to go to. Looked at many other options (Teatro, Lucca, Union) whose menus were also very appealing, but narrowed it down to Mistral and Sorrelina. My husband is leaning toward Sorellina because we haven't tried it. I kind of want our friends to try Mistral because I feel it is very straightforward wonderfully prepared food, and we've never taken anyone there who didn't love it. Also wanted to mention that we are headed to a comedy show after dinner and wanted an atmosphere for dinner that is at least somewhat lively but with great food. Since we've never been to Sorellina, not sure what the "vibe" is there, but have heard fabulous things about the food. Thoughts??

Apr 14, 2008
dwake in Greater Boston Area

Dylan Prime or BLT?

Am headed to NY with my daughter(age 18), my best friend and her 2 daughters (age 19 and 15). My daughter has been to NY with me on several occassions and we've dined at some fabulous restaurants. (David Burke and Donatella, Felidia, Scalini Fedeli, Union Square Cafe, Gramercy, Gotham, etc.) Our travel companions have much more traditional straight-forward (i.e.unadventurous tastes). I've been trying to make peace with both of our palates for the trip. I thought perhaps a steakhouse would be a good choice for one of our dinners. (3 nights) Any thoughts on the better choice between these two? They seem very closely rated on websites I've consulted.

Also want someplace with a fun atmosphere/good food that the girls would enjoy. I was thinking Tao, Stanton Social, Buddakan.

Would love Italian suggestions as well. Again, they would prefer more southern "red sauce" type establishments. Like Carmine's, but better. Suggestions?

Feb 05, 2008
dwake in Manhattan