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Coming to Jacksonville for the Gator Bowl

I'll be making a quick trip down for the Gator Bowl on 12/31 and staying at the 4 Points Sherton on Baymeadows Rd. Looking for 2 things:

1) Good local seafood restaurant nearby, preferably casual.

2) A good market to get fresh local seafood for tailgating on gameday.

I would be willing to drive a bit for either, if necessary.

Dec 07, 2009
EerRx in Florida

Dinner for a Friday Night near the Sheraton on Canal

I'll be in town for a conference next week and I'm looking for a dinner recommendation near the Sheraton for a party of 4. I would love to take the crew to Commander's, but 2 of the party won't be arriving until Friday evening, and I think something closer would be more convenient.

Oct 05, 2009
EerRx in New Orleans

Business Trip to Charlotte

I'm new to the board and coming into Charlotte for a business meeting tomorrow (2/6). We'll be having a dinner/meeting and staying at the City Center Marriott. I've read great things on the board about Lulu, and the restaurant in the Marriott, Savannah Red, seems to have a nice menu. I'd like to get some recommendations, keeping the following in mind: good food, conducive to conversation, easy to get to from downtown (none of us are familiar with Charlotte).


Feb 05, 2008
EerRx in General South Archive