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Chowdown at Ming's Diner Report (San Francisco)

Another "thank you" to hyperbowler for putting this together.

And, no hyperbole, a wonderful evening of good eating and conversation.

Visiting this stretch of Taraval reminded me it was time for a return to Dumpling Kitchen (between 29th Ave & 30th Ave). Last night's post-debate dinner included XLB and their excellent version of twice cooked pork belly. The Parkside end of Taraval is getting to be a Chow-rich environment.

Where to buy Saffron?

Order from Vanilla Saffron Imports
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My only interest is as a satisfied customer.

Sep 10, 2012
Phil Coffino in Manhattan

Dinner in Berlin before Staatsoper?

Thanks linguafood. I have previously enjoyed Lutter & Wegner on Gendarmenmarkt (and at Sony Center). Bocca di Bacco has been on my list of places to try.

However, I just learned that Staatsoper is performing in temporary quarters at Bismarckstra├če several kilometers from its normal site on Unter den Linden while its building is under renovation. So your suggestions will be repurposed.

Feb 12, 2011
Phil Coffino in Europe

Dinner in Berlin before Staatsoper?

Suggestions please for dinner before an evening performance at Staatsoper. Local cuisine preferred, but would consider any sort of food that can be consumed in an informal atmosphere. Prefer short walk to the opera after dinner, or ready public transport connection.

Feb 12, 2011
Phil Coffino in Europe

"Authentic" Chinese food in Flushing?

In today's NYTimes Magazine food column

the claim is made that for a distinction between "Meiguorende kouwei" cooked to American taste and "Zhongguorende kowei" cooked to Chinese taste cuisine. Of course the second is a lot harder to find in the US. But the article goes on to say to say that it can be found in California's San Gabriel Valley and in Flushing! Unlike California, Flushing is a subway ride away, but where to go.

OK Chowhounds, where do we find Zhongguorende kowei?

Aug 05, 2007
Phil Coffino in Outer Boroughs

Help! Good coffee needed, downtown Vancouver!

The original poster exactly described the coffee quandry of this San Francisco hound, down to the excellent expresso imbibed the same night at West. Cafe Artigiano, two blocks from my hotel, performed as promised and provided some freshly-ground coffee to replace the morning plonk dispensed by my hotel for use in their drip machine.

Thanks Chowhounds for all your help in Vancouver with not just coffee but info directing me to Rare, West, Jij's and Tojo's!