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West North Carolina recommendations

You could stop by Statesville for a unique to the area dipped chicken. Can't think of another place in NC that does this.

While in Charlotte you could pick up some chicken from this famous fried chicken shack. Hasn't changed much since they opened 50 some years ago.

Mar 24, 2013
initialdrew in Southeast

Where to eat in Greensboro NC?

Sticks and Stones for wood fired pizza, great NC beer on tap and plenty of good veg options. Printworks Bistro for something a little fancier.

Oct 29, 2012
initialdrew in Southeast

Restaurant Service in the Triangle

Could it be because most of the service industry people are artists or college grads who couldn't get a job in the field that they desired?

There are plenty of exceptions out there and every restaurant that I've worked in the Triangle there have been some really talented food savvy folks . However, most are indifferent and enjoy the benefits of the 3 or 4 day work week making really good money.

My suggestion is to have low expectations and give the waiter some direction. Either that or approach the manager/owner yourself. Otherwise, eat at home.

Mar 02, 2010
initialdrew in Not About Food

Best Sandwich in the Triangle?

Sandwhich-hard to go wrong with anything, but their specials are always fun

Busy Bee-all of their burger variations are great

Capital Ice Market-best authentic shrimp burger

Green Basil-any of their bahn mi's are good, but the red cooked pork is solid

Dalat-only ever tried the grilled tofu bahn mi, only tofu sandwich that I've every liked

Neomonde-can someone make a better falafel around here?

Oct 16, 2009
initialdrew in Southeast

RI to Greensboro NC, any must eats?!

If you're going to do Vietnamese in Greensboro, Van Loi II is the only place to go. It's off of High Point Rd behind Van Scoy Diamonds. They specialize in Chinese style BBQ (whole ducks and pigs) and everything they make tastes extremely fresh and vibrant. Seafood salad, roast pork and any of the classics are amazing. Huge portions, too.

vegetarian biscuits/gravy in triangle area? (nc)

This post makes me sad.

Raleigh NC - place to eat

If it's Sunday dinner you want, and they're open, then I would go with Crook's Corner. My personal favorites are the tabasco chicken, cheese pork, and banana pudding.

Lobsters in Triangle for hella cheap

I bought 10 or so to cater a party and they all turned out great. They went up to 6.99 and 7.99 a lb, but that's still affordable. Some of the smaller ones were missing claws, but otherwise no problems. Just make sure you take your time finding the right one. Grand Asia is where I got them and the Asian market that's close to Garner also has them. A & C, I think?

looking for authentic Chinese restaurants in the Triangle are

No one ever mentions it, but Grand Asia in Cary has a huge selection of roast meats, buns, noodles and soups, plus a very respectable steam table. And everything is made on premise.

Dec 16, 2008
initialdrew in Southeast

Lobsters in Triangle for hella cheap

Just got back from Grand Asia in Cary. Because of the Maine lobster glut, lobster is going for $5.99 and $6.99 a lb. Thank god for recession prices.

Greensboro Banh Minh Sandwiches

Pakse Cafe is for all intents and purposes a Vietnamese place. Every menu I've seen has been bahn minh and spring rolls. Oh, and if you want freshness, try Van Loi which is right beside Saigon in the shopping center. Best roast meats in NC if you ask me.

Almadina Supermarket, Raleigh

1019 Method Rd on the corner of Western Blvd, and yes they have some fresh produce, and plenty of middle eastern sundries.

Almadina Supermarket, Raleigh

I've long been a patron of Almadina since I discovered that they carried quite the array of offal(testicles, kidneys, oxtails, liver, heart) from cows, chickens, goat and lamb.

I eventually got around to talking to one of the owners who explained to me that his beef and lamb come from auctions in North Carolilna and are then shipped to Chaudry Meats(halal processor) and then to him. His goats and lamb are hung in the walk-in(not frozen or pre-packaged), all of his beef is grass-fed and all of it is very affordable($4.99lb t-bones and ribeyes).

The house made sausages are also quite the bargain and are chock full of cinnamon and spice. All of the butchers are relatively friendly, but you need to know what you're looking for as this isn't whole foods. Did I mention they have brains?

This place is long overdue for some local attention and support. This is a real butcher shop that every community should have.

good low end liquor

Most everything listed isn't excactly cheap. Here's my list of best mixers and some are quite good on their own. Almost everything is under $15 and some of them are under $10.

Bourbon: Evan Williams 1783, Fighting Cock
Rye: Rittenhouse, Jim Beam
Vodka: Smirnoff, Lukskowa(previously mentioned)
Rum: Anything Cruzan, Castillo(is actually bacardi, but cheaper)
Tequila: Sauza
Applejack: Captain Applejack(actually Laird's)
Gin: Seagrams, Bombay Dry Gin(not Sapphire)

Sep 08, 2008
initialdrew in Spirits

Authentic Italian in the Triangle?

The short answer is no. Piedmont in Durham has some authentic dishes that they'll occassionally do, but they're not exclusively italian.

Orgeat vs Almond Syrup

I've been using an almond syrup that I bought at the local middle eastern market for Mai Tais, but was wondering if it's the same thing as orgeat. It's cloudy like orgeat, but it doesn't list orange flower water or rose water as an ingredient, although I don't think Torani lists that either.

So my question is, are all of these cloudy almond syrups the same thing as the orgeats out there?

Or should I order the fee brothers mix which is specifically designed for cocktails and not middle eastern desserts or coffee flavoring?

Are all these the same but with different labelings? I'm suspicious.

Jun 21, 2008
initialdrew in Spirits

Elkin, North Carolina Recs?

Good story great grandmother worked for Hugh Chatham and I know a few of the remaining Chathams, but unfortunately not any Grahams. I'll ask my mother next time I see her, though. Have fun in Elkin.

Oh, and carolinadawg, snarky is the only attitude that I know.


Elkin, North Carolina Recs?

I hope for your sake it was under a different chef than the one that is there now. We were taken there around Christmas and it was the worst dining experience I've had to this day. Blue cheese and pecans found their way into at least 4 dishes on the menu. The prices were higher than most places in the triangle. Improper cooking techniques found their way into every dish that the 8 of us had. If you have lowered or no expectations whatsoe.ver I guess you could find it edible. But coming at it from a cook's point of view, it was culinary school type food with someone who hadn't graduated yet.

Elkin, North Carolina Recs?

Elkin native here. The dinner options there are few and far between. Although I've never been, I've heard a lot of good things about the restaurant at the Elkin Creek Vineyard which is open for lunch and dinner with sunday brunches.

There are other wineries with restaurants attached in the surrounding area within 10 minutes drive. I had a good meal several years ago at Wolf's Lair, and a very bad meal/experience at Shelton Vineyards. Both are located in Dobson(10 mintues north in Surry County).

For something more casual and lighter on the wallet, there's a restaurant across the river named Generations on business 21. It was the same owners of what used to be Rose's BBQ which is now occupied by a Lexington style bbq joint about a half mile down the street which could be good(not sure if it's open yet). These are all in Jonesville by the way.

For coffee and sandwiches, there's Snickerdoodles downtown on Main St which despite the awful name, you can get a good cup of coffee or espresso and it's located in historic downtown and doubles as a local art gallery.

Although you requested non-ethnic recommendations, my favorite place to eat REAL Mexican food is at a market directly across from Burger King on North Bridge St. I don't know the name of it, but their hand made/pressed and griddled to order tortillas are the way grandma would make them if she were Mexican.

If it's still around, Harry's Bar is one of the last remaining Elkin icons. The front serves beer and wine, and in the back a casual diner with the usual southern lunch offerings. This place is legendary and well known for it's attitude and a sassy owner.

I hope I didn't leave anything out.

What brings you to Elkin, btw?

YouTube - Manjula's Indian Kitchen

I love how off topic this has gotten. I was glad to see a thread about Manjula as I just discovered her a few days ago. I find recipes in books hard to follow with coming out with the same product, but youtube just brings it all together for me. Who doesn't want to cook like an Indian housewife?

Apr 10, 2008
initialdrew in Food Media & News