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Seeking Proposal Dinner Recommendations (Philadelphia)

I would recommend R2L for a great space with a fantastic view. Food is very good as well.

May 03, 2011
JZuck in Philadelphia

Conshohocken area best



Apr 22, 2011
JZuck in Philadelphia

Bachelor Party Dinner

Thanks for all the suggestions. I have been to all of the above and agree with each of them, the only issue is that they all require "Special Event Reservations" and pre-fixed menus. Can anything think of somewhere that can seat about 15 and allow us to order off the regular menu? Thanks again!

Sep 21, 2010
JZuck in Philadelphia

Bachelor Party Dinner

Looking for a fun place with good food to hold a dinner for about 12-15 guys in their late 20's to celebrate a bachelor party. Most of the guys will be coming in from NYC. Price does not matter. Open to any type of food.

Sep 16, 2010
JZuck in Philadelphia

8 East in Conshohocken

East 1st. Ave. I am guessing the street number is 8; hence the name.

Feb 25, 2008
JZuck in Pennsylvania

8 East in Conshohocken

Does anyone know anything about this place that looks close to opening in Conshohocken?

Feb 24, 2008
JZuck in Pennsylvania

Bachelor Party

Any suggestons for a good dinner for about 8 guys in their late 20's celebrating a bachelor party on a Saturday night? Preferably something fun and trendy but with good food. Most types of food are fine, just nothing too exotic. Thanks

Jun 07, 2007
JZuck in Quebec (inc. Montreal)

KOP Happy Hour

I am looking for a good place in KOP or surrounding areas with good food/drink happy hour specials. I would prefer somewhere with outdoor seating, but not necessary. Thanks.

May 24, 2007
JZuck in Pennsylvania


How is the food? Any must try dishes? Thanks.

Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Toronto

Any good restaurants within walking distance of this hotel. Something to take a client to? Any cuisine is fine. Nice atmosphere but not stuffy. Thanks.

Mar 14, 2007
JZuck in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

D.C. for the weekend

I used to live in D.C. but moved away about a year and a half ago. I will be back for a long weekend in May, and am looking for some dinner recomendations. I would love some suggestions for relatively new places that have opened since I left town. I am looking for upscale but not stuff, price is not an issue. Open to all types of food. Some of my favorites before I left were; Kinkead's, D.C. Coast, Black Salt (on a previous visit back), Jaleo...

Restaurant near Fairfield, NJ

I will be in Fairfield, NJ for business next week and am looking for a nice restaurant to take a client to. Preferably within a 15 minute drive (I will be staying at 216 US Highway 46). Type of food is not important, we enjoy almost anything, but I would like something nice, but not overly fancy, and it would preferably have a "cool" atmosphere. Thanks.

Best New Restaurants

I am looking for any suggestions on new (within a year) restaurants in Philadelphia. Any type of food will do, but I would prefer something more upscale. Amada is one that fits the criteria, anyone have any other good suggestions? Thank you.

Jan 18, 2007
JZuck in Pennsylvania

Szechuan Tasty House

What should we order here? Besides the spicy dumplings and three pepper chicken. We need as many suggestions as possible, big group, want to try lots of things.


Aug 21, 2006
JZuck in Pennsylvania

Chinatown Delivery

Thanks. Do they have their menu posted online?

Jul 05, 2006
JZuck in Pennsylvania

Chinatown Delivery

Any Chinatown restaurants deliver to Center City?

Jul 04, 2006
JZuck in Pennsylvania