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Staying at Silver Cloud Inn University district

Based on where the hotel is, IMO you have little to no reason to travel onto "the Ave" which is what they call university way over the hill from your area. you are within walking distance of many good options. you are just a block off of ne 55th st. which i think is an underrated food destination in town. so as you walk east uphill from the corner of 25th and 55th(google map this), you will find:
Kidd Valley Burgers-one of the more highly regarded independent
burger joints in town
Krua Thai-Best in neighborhood place for Thai
Franks Oyster House-consistently good. love the lobster roll.
Pair-very good small plate spot with a farm to table type menu. same ownership as Frank's.
Gaudi-spanish tapas and very good paella
Mioposto-new location of an italian favorite with wood fired
pizza,nice italian options and a unique breakfast menu.
Additionally, on or just off 25th near your hotel are these options
Plume-Vietnamese sandwiches-bahn mi-are real good at the location near me. have not been to this one
Mamma Melina-20 years and still good more variety than Mioposto
50 North-love the crab cakes
In the University Village complex most of the restaurants are what I call serviceable. Many will have differing opinions. Agree with avoid Blue C Sushi. Din Tai Fung does have some good dumplings.
2 newish places i have heard decent things about are Eureka! and Liam's. Also a new location for Molly Moon's Ice Cream in the village. If you want to find some high quality takeout prepared foods for a meal in the park or even your room, Pasta & Co. does "pure" foods ready to go. Same co. owns the world famous Beecher's Cheese.
Lastly, world class chocalatier Fran Bigelow has a shop in the village. if you love chocolate or caramel it's a must go.
Enjoy a really nice neighborhood.

about 4 hours ago
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle Biscuit Bender

unless i am way off, morsel is nook. it is in the nook space on the ave. nook was sold when the owners wanted a break and name was changed to morsel when the new owner chose to expand the menu. one of the bakers and the recipes stayed with the new owner. now have the second location in ballard which i am dyin' to get to. they are the biscuit kings in town in my opinion.

Jul 21, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

One Night in Seattle Before a Cruise

Lunch at the market for your group sounds great. Pike Place Chowder, Matt's in the Market, and Market Grill are good choices for that.
Lowell's is quite popular and has a great view. Food inconsistent IMO. Also a great local sausage producer, Uli's, produces right in the market and will cook one up for you. Very good.
For dinner a group that big might be hard to accomodate. North of you with many choices is the Belltown neighborhood. Search through this board for ideas there. A non-chow choice but very popular with my kids and close to you would be Benihana. Should be able to seat 10 with a little advance notice.
As for breakfast, two well regarded downtown choices are Lola's near your hotel or on Lower Queen Anne Hill is Toulouse Petit. Both good food. And if anyone in your group loves donuts there is a local Top Pot Donut shop near your hotel-good coffee too.

Jul 11, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

1st time in Seattle, need (mostly restaurant) suggestions that are in walking/easy public transit distance from our hotel

Some advice. Log on to Mapquest and put in the address or name of your hotel. Then look around the map to see what is close to your hotel-restaurants,attractions,and such. Find out more about the area.
Then come back to this board and browse through past posts that deal with downtown, first time visitors, or places considered as "best".
Also you might want to consider narrowing your choices on cuisine, price range, and what is close to where you want to visit.
Bainbridge has nice food choices, Hitchcock and Hitchcock Deli being at the top of the list. Will you be walking on or taking a car? Definitely makes a difference.
Best of luck and post any more specific questions and you will get lots of opinion.

Jul 09, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Casual group birthday dinner and drinks in Seattle?

look into Tango on lower Capitol Hill. Delicious spanish food, a small private room available, full bar or many options close by, and the best dessert in the city.

Jul 01, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle with (food-lovin') kids

deifinitely wander through the area in and around the pike place market. MANY types of options including standup/counter and sit down table service. good bets:
market grill
matt's in the market
sisters cafe
michou deli
le panier french bakery
and the mini donut maker-kids love!
within walking distance of your hotel you have:
at least 3 good asian choices-long's vietnamese,
kushibar, and wann izakaya
tom douglas' serious pie which is great for kids with excellent pizza-can be real busy
icon grill-the food can be hit and miss but kids should love the interior decorations
seatown seabar and rotissere-nice kid friendly menu with takeout
oh, also near the market you have the crumpet shop which is a unique spot for breakfast or a snack and you have 2 gelato shops-gelatiamo on 3rd ave and the small one on first just south of the market entrance that i forget the name of.
NW flavors sit down choice near you would be local 360 which i really enjoy.
great choice for quick/grab and go treats and lunch would be macrina bakery on first ave-best in town.
and lastly you also have a good cupcake shop-very kid friendly-yellowleaf cupcake co.-on 4th ave.
enjoy and do report back

Jun 26, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Cuban Sandwich-where?

Just saw the film Chef and now am dying for a good Cuban Sandwich. Other than Paseo, which I am very familiar with, where can one find a good traditional Cuban in the Puget Sound area?

Jun 22, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

What to eat in/south of Everett before noon on a Saturday?

in mukilteo, a short distance from all the air options at payne field, is a newish mukilteo lodge sports grill. they are currently open at 9am every day. i say currently because it may only last as long as the world cup. good food all around-at least at the one near me in kirkland. sports themes, tv's, breakfast, lunch, and close to where you need to be. leave LOTS of time to drive from oly.

Jun 20, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

One FINAL request for my short mini-chowmeet with Singapore Hound in July

your location and your fellow hounds likes & dislikes are obviously really important for this decision. that said, i second both barking frog and bis on main. the herbfarm is a ridiculous waste of time and money imo. other chowish options:
redmond-the stone house, pomegranate bistro, & la isla
kirkland-cafe juanita and volterra
bellevue-john howie steak and mediterranean kitchen
woodinville-hollywood tavern

Jun 20, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

OLYMPIC MOUNTAIN!!! shout out to you for mentioning it and a big thumbs down for me not even thinking about it. it really is a 1a & 1b situation with mora and olympic. i try not to miss a chance to order it in a restaurant or pick some up when anywhere near hunters trees/store in union. look it up if you are ever over that way.
ps-the website says they will soon have pints in selected stores. hooray!!! stay tuned.

Jun 18, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Dinner near Chihuly Garden

all depends on what you like-
tilikum place cafe
jon howie's sport restaurant
toulouse petit
racha thai
ten mercer
the melting pot
i have heard that there is a new brazilian style rodizio in the area of the seattle center also. no first hand experience with that one

Jun 18, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

having tried both, Old School is a better product. Much smoother and richer than Peaks was. Tastes like eastcoast frozen custard. I do feel bad for the folks who ran Peaks in the U District though. Really nice people trying to bring something unique to an area that needs it.

Jun 14, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

Love the opinions! Mora is significantly better than MM in my opinion. Being an eastsider I second the miss on the BSq location. I have tried the product at 13 places on the list and the best of those in my opinion was the Simmo's in Australia. The orange chocolate was amazing.
That said, the 2 best I have ever had were from Lappert's in Hawaii-a chocolate,caramel,macadamia nut combo that i can not remember the name of and have never seen on the mainland and just last month different flavors in 3 shops in Zagreb, Croatia. Do not pass up ice cream in Zagreb if you get the chance. It was really fresh and delicious.

Jun 14, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Molly Moon's #6 in the WORLD

The website Kitchen Daily has Molly Moons as the number 6 ice cream parlor in the world. The article includes an awesome, appetizing slideshow with details on all 30. Opinions anyone?

Jun 12, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle Trip Recommendations

Though it may be considered a bit touristy, the Argosy Cruises trip to Tillicum Village on Blake Island could be your activity and your replacement for Elliot's lunch on Saturday. Salmon cooked over cedar is very tasty. Boat leaves from near Elliot's on the waterfront. Worth looking at I think.

Jun 07, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle Trip Recommendations

thursday hh/drink-Copperleaf near airport-perfect timing

friday lunch-Matt's In The Market or Market Grill

friday dinner-Il Corvo-near your hotel if the Doubletree you refer to is the Arctic Club

saturday breakfast-Tolouse Petit-very close to Space Needle

Jun 07, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

New Top Pot For Kirkland/Eastside

Hey all eastside/north end donut lovers. Just saw today a new space in the Juanita Village complex with a brand spankin new Top Pot Donuts and Coffee sign in place. Still 4 bare walls but the wait is on. So if you live anywhere within decent driving distance from the Juanita area you can get your fix soon. Will post updates as things progress.

Jun 07, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

3nights in June 2014

best bet is too search/read through the posts for info. i will put in 2 cents worth but you may have to do a little research to find what fits your desires. trying to stay in the downtown area.
matt's in the market
le pichet
seatown seabar
serious pie
tat's deli
local 360
steelhead diner
be sure to wander through pike place market
if any interest in asian cuisines, just look around and also explore the asian district in the area near the stadiums-southern downtown-enjoy!

May 30, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Young palate and wallet / formal Prom Night on the Waterfront

not fancy or gourmet but old spaghetti factory fits the rest of your needs. may even have a private room for group.

Apr 29, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

A New Orleans native visits Seattle for the first time

mikey, here is 2 more cents worth of opinions.
RN74 sounds like the best fit for the description of your client. a couple of other downtown dress up type places but without the atmosphere are the Hunt Club and the Georgian Room.
depending on how you like to walk and your time, there are 2 other great choices for sandwiches near your hotel-
HoneyHole sandwiches and the Other Coast Café
another place I love within walking distance is Tango, spanish tapas and one of the highly regarded desserts in town called El Diablo.
other ideas for the 15 min ride-Quinn's Gastropub,
La Spiga, Terra Plata, Miller's Guild, Bar Sajor, Wild Ginger, and Local 360.
Depending on how you feel about seafood, you could do a little oyster comparison at either the Brooklyn or Elliot's, try Blueacre Seafood or if you enjoy sushi Shiro's is very good.
Hope you enjoy your dining in our fair city.

Apr 07, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle beginner cooking classes

some ideas on where to look:
pcc-i have seen basics classes listed before
whole foods
sur la table
local community colleges-north seattle, south seattle,etc
local community center-my kirkland one has many classes each quarter
cooksworld-near university village
williams sonoma-uvillage,bellevue,downtown
kitchen coach cooking school-north seattle
you can google any to get more details
best of luck-cooking rocks!

Mar 21, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Bacon-Country Cafe

somehow i slept for six months and just found out my fave close to home breakfast place-country cafe in country village bothell-has closed.
can anyone tell me who the provider of their extraordinary bacon was?
it was some of the best ever to cross my lips. thick sliced, flavorful and cooked perfectly(for me anyway)
appreciate any and all information. thanks.

Mar 17, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Traditional Tapas in downtown Seattle

don't count out Tango because of one dish! the food is consistently good all around. small plates and entrees verry good and if you like dessert/chocolate you don't want to miss the EL DIABLO. imo best dessert in seattle.

Mar 04, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Redmond with my mother

my wife and i are dining in redmond regularly as we hit the movies in the bella bottega complex often. here are some other options
racha thai-newly opened in bella bottega complex

coho cafe-service a bit hit and miss seaffod good-bella

sushiland-if mom likes conveyor sushi-bella bottega

mod pizza-for quick tasty in bella bottega

belle pastry-good if inconsistent french bakery-bella bottega

thai ginger in redmond town center

haiku seafood buffet-redmond town center-non chowish buffet but if mom likes conveyor sushi

la isla on redmond way-puerto rican/carribean cuisine

the restaurant in the marriott at town center-sear-is pricey but we thoroughly enjoyed our steak/experience

new zeeks pizza location on cleveland street

Mar 03, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Coterie Room now private space?!

hounds, am i the last one to know that the Coteire Room has become a private event space and is no longer serving regular dinner/brunch meals?
why?? and how incredibly sad.

Nov 09, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

flying fish

anyone have opinion or comments on the change taking place at flying fish? i am disappointed as i liked chef keff's food very much. but the stated goal of the new owner sounds quite interesting also. thoughts?

Jul 26, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good pie in Seattle

discovered a new pie purveyour yesterday. while not exactly local, pacific pie co.-out of portland-sells 12 inch, & 4 inch pies
through the central market group-ballard market, shoreline central market, etc. occasionally they even have single slices.
have tried the blackberry which was very good. but the star is the chocolate bourbon hazelnut. omg. like a more decadent chocolate pecan. it is real sweet and has a pronounced bourbon flavor but is delicious. try it with some fresh twin brook farms whipped cream.

Jul 26, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good pie in Seattle

shoofly pie co. in west seattle
sugar rush baking co., also in west seattle
pie in fremont
high 5 pie on capitol hill
Snohomish pie co. in downtown snohomish

Jul 10, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Burning Beast-Who's Been?

Lucky enough to get tickets for Burning Beast this year. Hoping any veterans can pass along details of their experiences previously. How was it? Any details on how things run while there and opinions on the food greatly appreciated.

May 24, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Best lox (SEA)?

so if this description is from the willows inn directly, the chef Dominique mentioned is the D in G&D salmon. so it appears in some capacity they are using that product. makes sense when you look at the proximity of Anacortes to the inn.
what Christy probably had was a preparation of cured salmon the inn does. maybe even a lack of understanding on what she was asking about by the employee she spoke to. confusing certain terms possibly.
Christy, contact the inn and see if they can sell what you want in bulk to you.

Apr 22, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle