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Earthquake Kit Seattle

as much water as i can fit in my emergency closet
canned tuna in water
ostrim meat snack sticks
many cans of favorites fruits
trader joes cranberry trail mix
wheat thins
string cheese-ok unrefrig for awhile
possibly some shelf stable non dairy milk for cereal(though short life after open)
multi grain cheerios
large tub chunky pb
single serve condiment packs-all types
radio/batteries/bbq lighters/cards/book/hand can opener/tp
the idea to keep some in the car/outside is a good one

Jul 25, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Honest Biscuit or Biscuit Bitch?

tried both the same week and would rec biscuit bitch. the honest biscuit was much heavier and seemed over baked.

Jul 12, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Lunch in Kirkland

with no info on area,price,or cuisine-here goes:
sarducci's sandwiches-houghton
yang's dumpling house-rose hill
purple cafe-park place
mediteranean kitchen-totem lake
lynn's bistro-downtown
homegrown sandwich-downtown
big fish grill-near 520 entrance
deru market-off 85th
plume-(bahn mi)-downtown
all good. just search for details.

Jul 11, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good BBQ in Seattle?

Jun 20, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good BBQ in Seattle?

this sounds promising(fingers crossed) in the ex rainin ribs space


Jun 20, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Rainin' Ribs now closed

For those of you who enjoy their product, the last day at the current location was monday. Lease issues the culprit. Hoping to reopen in new location and truck is still operating. Check website and Facebook for info and updates.

May 28, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

A & J Meats Closed--Who's Picking Up the Slack?

Is D&D meats in Mountlake Terrace that big of a secret?
it is easily as good as A&J and has some things they never had. Additionally,they have as big a selection of sauces,marinades, and hot sauces as anywhere in town. They make many delicious sausages in house.
And they now have the second location of the Snohomish Pie Co.-which is delicious-right next door. If you go on a weekend be prepared for a wait.

May 28, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Romantic downtown

when my wife wants romantic she always suggests Andaluca in the Mayflower Park hotel. Nice European/Mediterranean menu. Quiet and lovely. Cannot vouch for the wine as we do not partake.

May 04, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Porter and York Meats

has anyone had any experience with this co. or it's products? a friend directed me to the website and it looks great but shipped meat seems like overkill when you have many choices to just see what you are getting before you buy. and the price is high imo. i know thwy are they are local and run by a family in the meat business for many years. any opinions out there?

Mar 29, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Coyle's Bakeshop

stopped in thursday morning. good selection at the time. no cretzels though. most items looked slightly overbaked to my eye.ordered a savory scone and a pan au chocolat. the scone was quite dry and lacking in flavor. didn't finish it. the pan, although looking dark (and pretty small for the $), was flaky and flavorful. good chocolate used. not up to the standards of our known best crossaints but not bad. will try again.
also heard an employee mention that the weekends are crazy busy compared to weekday hours.

Mar 29, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

WayBack Burgers

Anyone have any experience with this chain? As a chain I know it's not very chowish but they had a full color ad in the A section of the Sunday Times for the first Washington location in Bellevue and my wife's office is always looking for new lunch ideas. Any info would be appreciated.

Mar 16, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Poutine in Seattle

tried angry beavers poutine last year and it wwas inedible due to heavy heavy salt.

Mar 10, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Top four winners and losers in 2014

great thread idea. starting with the positive.
1-the consisitently good food and vibe at my new fave hole in the wall-fu man dumpling house
2-the opportunity to eat matt lewis's creloe food without having to search out a truck.
3-driving from kirkland to ballard on a saturday night because i NEEDED chocolate at hot cakes
4-getting into piecoras one last time. bought a whole pie at noon, ate half, then took other half home for 2 days later. RIP

now the negative
1-the loss of the real paseo(kudos to our rescuer)
2-the loss of catfish corner-anybody do decent catfish now?
3-the loss of santa fe cafe-grew up near there and loved it
4-my unfortunately unpleasant attempt to do a day long snacking/small dish crawl. few hits many misses. plan to try again in 2015. if you are interested you can search out my post for more details. good chow to all in the new year!

Jan 06, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Best place for a good quality steak?

you will pay as much if not more at miller's guild for steak as anywhere in the city. they are ridiculous. i think jak's is quite good for the $$.
i also think john howie steak in bellevue is really good with a great assortment of steak choices-different agings, australian and japanese wagyu, etc. if you are going tom pay, why not have options.

Jan 06, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Solo Business Travel to Seattle - Looking for Seafood

IMO a good downtown seafood option is blueacre seafood. you can search the web or this board for more details.

Jan 06, 2015
bighound in Greater Seattle

Whole Roast Beast

friends of mine are planning a food truck catering for an upcoming anniversary party(at my suggestion:))they went to seattlefoodtruck.com and just explored the options for catering. they have not informed me which truck or trucks they will be using. i can post when i find out.
sounds like fun.

Dec 31, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Best deli for Western European meats / cheeses?

After noting your board name, if you are missing Jamon try a local Metropolitan Market. I can't speak for all locations but the one in Kirkland has an outstanding-for the area-meat and cheese counnter that has 3 different types and price levels of imported Jamon.
Many different salumi and European cheeses also.

Aug 28, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Day Long Snacking Report

Yesterday was the day and since I recieved many suggestions I thought I should report back.Left the house with a list of about 20 with 4 or 5 set and room to improvise.And try places I have never been before.
I will try to keep this short and succinct.In order:

Larsen's Danish Bakery-Cinnamon Cream Twist-struedel style pastry with cinnamon & pastry cream.Fresh.Very good.Should have started smaller.

Biscuit Bitch-Bitchwich with sausage.Good-not Morsel good.May have suffered from the drive before eating.Moistened by the egg and sauce.Biscuit fluffy.Very little flavor in the meat.

LaParisienne French Bakery-Mini Mushroom Quiche.This was good but suffered from not being made that day.Filling very smooth and flavorful.Mushrooms tasty.Pastry was flaky.But kinda limp from refrig.

Yellow Leaf Cupcake Co.-Disappointing.Chose Chocolate Mint.Ate later in the day.The cake was quite dry,the topping flavorful but tasted greasy,not like frosting.And it appears they try to bake the cake on top of "Oreo" cookie crumbs.But when you peel down the paper to bite in you get an avalanche of loose crumbs all over you and wherever you are eating. Not good.

Honest Biscuit-ButterHole-At the SLU Farmer's Market.Nice variety of biscuits including a Triple Berry that I need to go back for.Chose the BH since I was taking this home to share with wife at dinner.Warmed with butter it was heavy but pretty good.Not Morsel good.

Marination Station-Miso Ginger Chicken & Kalbi Beef Tacos.I should have chosen different place.The meats alone were quite good.But I am not a fan of soft corn tortillas and the Nunya Sauce they use is really overwhelming.Did not enjoy.

Mike's Chili Parlor-Cup without Beans+cheese and onion-Amazingly first time here.One chili with only variation being beans or no beans.No beans=more$$.When I was presented the cup the first thing I noticed was grease.Upon first bite it started out ok but then came the excessive(IMO)chili powder.Too much.Thank god for free soda refills.

Pinky's Kitchen-BBQ Brisket Slider-Basically a half sand.I asked for light on the mild sauce.Spicy and me do not get along.First bite-stale roll.Decided to eat the meat only.Not tough but not tender meat.And luke warm.Sauce tasted of tomato and heat.That's all.Disappointing.

Lastly-The Angry Beaver-Poutine.Having discovered this up north recently wanted to try a local version recommended by a Canadian.
I was only customer at the time.Different gravies to try so server suggested beef.This came to the table looking gorgeous.Fresh hot fries,Beecher's Cheese Curds,chunky gravy.First bite-SALT.And more SALT.Don't know if it was straight or too much in the spice blend on the fries but OMG.I tried the gravy straight-not too salty.Then just cheese and gravy-ok.Then all together-inedible.Boxed what was left.
Chose not to discuss with server.Probably wrong decision.

Lessons-maybe stick to one 'hood next time
be sure to have cash
beware the heat
parking is expensive
later in the day next time
Thanks for all the suggestions.

Aug 15, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle


What they do Chik-fil-A is very good at. Though I have noticed that the further you get from the deep south the less consistent the product and service.


Anyone have any details on the note on Urbanspoon that says a Chik-fil-A is coming soon to 110th and Roosevelt in North Seattle. Hope it's true!

Aug 11, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Day Long Snacking

2 days til the snackathon. must be more recs from the hounds.

Aug 11, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Day Long Snacking

So I have a unique opportunity-at least for me. I have a full day free next week. No work, no to do's, no responsibilities. I am a life-long NW resident and have spent alot of time eating around.
I am looking for chow worthy spots to stop in for a "snack". I am thinking of places for a quick taste-like a satay, a single taco, a pastry, or piece of great fried chicken. Love to find a decent empanada or small dish of ceviche.
Open early is a bonus and location not an issue. Also like to stay around $5.00 each. Hope to hit about 8 places at least. New and unique greatly appreciated. Might be hard to find.

Aug 08, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

New and notable special occasion restaurant

can't believe i forgot cafe juanita! 5 mins from my house and definitely worth a special occasion. top of the list!

Jul 31, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

New and notable special occasion restaurant

not sure of your timing for this or if my suggestion is even open yet but 99 park in bellevue looks like it may a good fit. just google it.

other potential options-have to ask about dairy issue:
the whale wins
rock creek
sitka and spruce
mistral kitchen
?what used to be the book bindery is due to reopen as hommage soon

Jul 31, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Staying at Silver Cloud Inn University district

You do mention that you will be at the University. If the opportunity presents itself while there, walking north on University Way to 50th and enjoying a biscuit(sandwich or with butter and jam)at Morsel will make your day IMO.Great local spot.

Jul 30, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Staying at Silver Cloud Inn University district

Based on where the hotel is, IMO you have little to no reason to travel onto "the Ave" which is what they call university way over the hill from your area. you are within walking distance of many good options. you are just a block off of ne 55th st. which i think is an underrated food destination in town. so as you walk east uphill from the corner of 25th and 55th(google map this), you will find:
Kidd Valley Burgers-one of the more highly regarded independent
burger joints in town
Krua Thai-Best in neighborhood place for Thai
Franks Oyster House-consistently good. love the lobster roll.
Pair-very good small plate spot with a farm to table type menu. same ownership as Frank's.
Gaudi-spanish tapas and very good paella
Mioposto-new location of an italian favorite with wood fired
pizza,nice italian options and a unique breakfast menu.
Additionally, on or just off 25th near your hotel are these options
Plume-Vietnamese sandwiches-bahn mi-are real good at the location near me. have not been to this one
Mamma Melina-20 years and still good more variety than Mioposto
50 North-love the crab cakes
In the University Village complex most of the restaurants are what I call serviceable. Many will have differing opinions. Agree with avoid Blue C Sushi. Din Tai Fung does have some good dumplings.
2 newish places i have heard decent things about are Eureka! and Liam's. Also a new location for Molly Moon's Ice Cream in the village. If you want to find some high quality takeout prepared foods for a meal in the park or even your room, Pasta & Co. does "pure" foods ready to go. Same co. owns the world famous Beecher's Cheese.
Lastly, world class chocalatier Fran Bigelow has a shop in the village. if you love chocolate or caramel it's a must go.
Enjoy a really nice neighborhood.

Jul 28, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle Biscuit Bender

unless i am way off, morsel is nook. it is in the nook space on the ave. nook was sold when the owners wanted a break and name was changed to morsel when the new owner chose to expand the menu. one of the bakers and the recipes stayed with the new owner. now have the second location in ballard which i am dyin' to get to. they are the biscuit kings in town in my opinion.

Jul 21, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

One Night in Seattle Before a Cruise

Lunch at the market for your group sounds great. Pike Place Chowder, Matt's in the Market, and Market Grill are good choices for that.
Lowell's is quite popular and has a great view. Food inconsistent IMO. Also a great local sausage producer, Uli's, produces right in the market and will cook one up for you. Very good.
For dinner a group that big might be hard to accomodate. North of you with many choices is the Belltown neighborhood. Search through this board for ideas there. A non-chow choice but very popular with my kids and close to you would be Benihana. Should be able to seat 10 with a little advance notice.
As for breakfast, two well regarded downtown choices are Lola's near your hotel or on Lower Queen Anne Hill is Toulouse Petit. Both good food. And if anyone in your group loves donuts there is a local Top Pot Donut shop near your hotel-good coffee too.

1st time in Seattle, need (mostly restaurant) suggestions that are in walking/easy public transit distance from our hotel

Some advice. Log on to Mapquest and put in the address or name of your hotel. Then look around the map to see what is close to your hotel-restaurants,attractions,and such. Find out more about the area.
Then come back to this board and browse through past posts that deal with downtown, first time visitors, or places considered as "best".
Also you might want to consider narrowing your choices on cuisine, price range, and what is close to where you want to visit.
Bainbridge has nice food choices, Hitchcock and Hitchcock Deli being at the top of the list. Will you be walking on or taking a car? Definitely makes a difference.
Best of luck and post any more specific questions and you will get lots of opinion.

Jul 09, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Casual group birthday dinner and drinks in Seattle?

look into Tango on lower Capitol Hill. Delicious spanish food, a small private room available, full bar or many options close by, and the best dessert in the city.

Jul 01, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle