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A New Orleans native visits Seattle for the first time

mikey, here is 2 more cents worth of opinions.
RN74 sounds like the best fit for the description of your client. a couple of other downtown dress up type places but without the atmosphere are the Hunt Club and the Georgian Room.
depending on how you like to walk and your time, there are 2 other great choices for sandwiches near your hotel-
HoneyHole sandwiches and the Other Coast Café
another place I love within walking distance is Tango, spanish tapas and one of the highly regarded desserts in town called El Diablo.
other ideas for the 15 min ride-Quinn's Gastropub,
La Spiga, Terra Plata, Miller's Guild, Bar Sajor, Wild Ginger, and Local 360.
Depending on how you feel about seafood, you could do a little oyster comparison at either the Brooklyn or Elliot's, try Blueacre Seafood or if you enjoy sushi Shiro's is very good.
Hope you enjoy your dining in our fair city.

Apr 07, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Seattle beginner cooking classes

some ideas on where to look:
pcc-i have seen basics classes listed before
whole foods
sur la table
local community colleges-north seattle, south seattle,etc
local community center-my kirkland one has many classes each quarter
cooksworld-near university village
williams sonoma-uvillage,bellevue,downtown
kitchen coach cooking school-north seattle
you can google any to get more details
best of luck-cooking rocks!

Mar 21, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Bacon-Country Cafe

somehow i slept for six months and just found out my fave close to home breakfast place-country cafe in country village bothell-has closed.
can anyone tell me who the provider of their extraordinary bacon was?
it was some of the best ever to cross my lips. thick sliced, flavorful and cooked perfectly(for me anyway)
appreciate any and all information. thanks.

Mar 17, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Traditional Tapas in downtown Seattle

don't count out Tango because of one dish! the food is consistently good all around. small plates and entrees verry good and if you like dessert/chocolate you don't want to miss the EL DIABLO. imo best dessert in seattle.

Mar 04, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Redmond with my mother

my wife and i are dining in redmond regularly as we hit the movies in the bella bottega complex often. here are some other options
racha thai-newly opened in bella bottega complex

coho cafe-service a bit hit and miss seaffod good-bella

sushiland-if mom likes conveyor sushi-bella bottega

mod pizza-for quick tasty in bella bottega

belle pastry-good if inconsistent french bakery-bella bottega

thai ginger in redmond town center

haiku seafood buffet-redmond town center-non chowish buffet but if mom likes conveyor sushi

la isla on redmond way-puerto rican/carribean cuisine

the restaurant in the marriott at town center-sear-is pricey but we thoroughly enjoyed our steak/experience

new zeeks pizza location on cleveland street

Mar 03, 2014
bighound in Greater Seattle

Coterie Room now private space?!

hounds, am i the last one to know that the Coteire Room has become a private event space and is no longer serving regular dinner/brunch meals?
why?? and how incredibly sad.

Nov 09, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

flying fish

anyone have opinion or comments on the change taking place at flying fish? i am disappointed as i liked chef keff's food very much. but the stated goal of the new owner sounds quite interesting also. thoughts?

Jul 26, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good pie in Seattle

discovered a new pie purveyour yesterday. while not exactly local, pacific pie co.-out of portland-sells 12 inch, & 4 inch pies
through the central market group-ballard market, shoreline central market, etc. occasionally they even have single slices.
have tried the blackberry which was very good. but the star is the chocolate bourbon hazelnut. omg. like a more decadent chocolate pecan. it is real sweet and has a pronounced bourbon flavor but is delicious. try it with some fresh twin brook farms whipped cream.

Jul 26, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good pie in Seattle

shoofly pie co. in west seattle
sugar rush baking co., also in west seattle
pie in fremont
high 5 pie on capitol hill
Snohomish pie co. in downtown snohomish

Jul 10, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Burning Beast-Who's Been?

Lucky enough to get tickets for Burning Beast this year. Hoping any veterans can pass along details of their experiences previously. How was it? Any details on how things run while there and opinions on the food greatly appreciated.

May 24, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Best lox (SEA)?

so if this description is from the willows inn directly, the chef Dominique mentioned is the D in G&D salmon. so it appears in some capacity they are using that product. makes sense when you look at the proximity of Anacortes to the inn.
what Christy probably had was a preparation of cured salmon the inn does. maybe even a lack of understanding on what she was asking about by the employee she spoke to. confusing certain terms possibly.
Christy, contact the inn and see if they can sell what you want in bulk to you.

Apr 22, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Best lox (SEA)?

most definitely try G&D. though called smoked, it is the best easily(not having to be shipped from outside WA) available lox. fantastic flavor. most QFC stores have it in the seafood section. plus, Gerard and Dominique are great folks running a local business with outstanding quality. Boy do I miss his restaurant!
you can also get it in a bagel sandwich at Blazing Bagels in Redmond. so ggod!
this is directly from the website-
Our European Style Smoked Salmon (a traditional preparation similar to "nova", "cold smoked" or "lox") is silky, succulent and mild, with complex layers of flavors and a long, well-balanced finish.

Apr 20, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Another BBQ Disappointment-long

so Yoshi, I shouldn't expect a restaurant that was recently named by readers of a local mag the best at what it does in town to be able to serve fresh food at lunch? really? bbq places should be no different than any other place serving lunch. and if you can't, don't. eliminate lunch if your product is not up to par.

also, you agree that bitterroot slices brisket too thick but that places cheat by slicing thin. thick or thin, you can tell pretty often wether a piece of smoked meat is tender as you chew it. imo, the folks locally who do it best on a regular basis are brank's(though I have not been in awhile) and depot café in Everett.

none of your criticism addresses the issues of the ridiculously salty rub-to the point of being inedible-and the very poor value of $17.00 for 4 slices of meat, a piece of cornbread, and coleslaw. and as for my tip, I tip on service AND quality.
the only mistake I made was thinking bitterroot was a place worth eating.

Apr 07, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Another BBQ Disappointment-long

Having heard many good things about Bitterroot-including the current Seattle Mag-I planned my work day so as to be in Ballard at lunch time.
And hoping for something tasty. Unfortunately that was not the case.
Now this review is based on one visit, and one meal so I know this may not be the case at another time. Not many folks there at lunch time (a sign?) so I was seated immediately. All the customer service was very nice. Looking at the menu I immediately noticed 2 things-high prices and no brisket sandwich. I was a bit surprised but I will say that when I asked about it I was offered a pretzel roll as a side option with my brisket plate so as to make my own. Nice touch.
I did order the brisket plate but chose the cornbread and the slaw as the sides. The meal came pretty quick. Four slices of brisket, a cup of mainly purple slaw and a wedge of cornbread topped with a bit of butter.
The first thing that was very noticeable was the extreme thickness of the brisket slices. Wow. Anybody with experience eating brisket in other areas-Texas, etc-knows it should be sliced fairly thin. These slices were practically steaks. Also, at first I saw no discernible smoke ring. As I unstacked the slices I did see a bit of it on other slices.
3 sauces were available-on the side,as I like-to accompany the meat but I like to try the meats for their own flavor before adding any sauce. I took my first bite and tasted only one thing-SALT! Someone applying the rub had been very heavyhanded with the salt. Now I could have used this as a reason to ask for a different meal but chose to continue. I added some of the sauce labeled sweet on the table and immediately thought it tasted better, The sweet sauce was quite good-one of my favorite in town. I did not try the hot or Carolina mustard sauces. With the addition of a diet soda that I had not intended to order and I was able to continue my meal.
As I ate my pretty boring, wet slaw and tried the cornbread-which was ok but needed to be either fresher or baked for less time-I noticed that my brisket gradually changed color to gray and looking dry. So now my too thick brisket slices just got tougher and tougher. I believe the slices had been microwaved before plating. OUCH! More sauce and soda and I was able-very hungry-to finish it, I did bring the salt issue to the attention of the staff so hopefully this will be addressed.
Then the bill-brisket with 2 sides, a soda, tax and 10% tip-$24.00!! OUCH again. Overpriced by at least $10.00. $3,00 for a glass of diet pop!!?? Having looked over the location and trying the food, it seems to me this is a Ballard bar masquerading as a restaurant. Food needs work.
Hope others are luckier than I was on my visit.

Apr 02, 2013
bighound in Greater Seattle

Dinner in Everett near Comcast Center?

also, if you like good bbq, look into the depot cafe. easy walk from the arena.

Sep 27, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Caterer for a BBQ Party

i would contact the depot cafe in everett. very consistent bbq-the guy is a competition champ-and good sides, especially the potato salad. not sure of his catering offerings or his range.

Sep 27, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Dinner in Everett near Comcast Center?

try the majestic cafe on colby. though the food has gotten a bit inconsistent since their location change, it is usually really good. and if you like dessert/chocolate do not miss the chocolate cake. really fantastic. purchased a whole cake for a birthday and folks still ask me about it.

Sep 27, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Good food near airport

second for country cat!! traveled to portland for week at a time for 2 years+ and never missed the chance to eat there at least once. the best thing is sitting at the"kitchen counter"-which i did solo every time-and watching the staff create your meal. do not miss the potato bread and dessert if you go! always outstanding.

Sep 18, 2012
bighound in Metro Portland

What are the must-have desserts in the Seattle area?

try shoo fly pie company or sugar rush baking company both in west seattle

Aug 14, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Food Truck Laws

ac-i know i am asking you for info you probably spent lots of your own time to uncover but can you tell me if the food needing to be cooked in a commissary applies to the option of raw or frozen items cooked in a fryer aboard the truck? is that possible? thanks very much.

Jul 19, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Shout out to Jemil's Big Easy

Want to give a big "nice job" to Jemil's Big Easy truck at the Fremont Fair. Not only is the food great-better shrimp po'boy and gumbo than Matt-but they must have had the worst spot at the fair. At least when the stage right next door was occupied. They did an outstanding job to keep filling orders & getting them to the customers even when the music kept you from hearing someone right next to you. Had to be rough. And I will say again-excellent food!

Jun 18, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

best wedding cakes in greater seattle?

second for Morfey's. great people, great cake.

Jun 18, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Disappointed in Benito's Chicago Eatery (Ballard) - a review

Tavolino's also closed.

May 17, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

waterfront rehearsal dinner ideas?

Amy, This may rub some hounds the wrong way but I think a good choice for you, based on group size, desire for waterfront, and having folks coming from out of the area may be Ivar's Salmon House on Lake Union. They have 6 banquet rooms, all but 1 of which have a water view I beileve and they have a very NW atmosphere. You can see pics and some details for each room on Ivar's website.
As for your cost the person I know who used this venue thinks it is very doable. Not sure on the liquor concerns. And yes you can probably find better food at other options but this pretty much quintessential Seattle.

Mar 30, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

another BBQ disappointment

so i set a goal for myself to start trying a bunch of the newer local BBQ joints i have not made it to yet and todays turned out to be quite disappointing, based solely on what i ate. i chose Carolina Smoke BBQ in bothell.
one of the reasons i chose them was during my research, they picture a brisket sandwich with the meat SLICED not a chopped up mess. in my opinion, having the beef chopped is a way to try to mask less than stellar brisket (this is usally not the case with pork) so that was strike one. strikes 2 and 3 came when i bit into the meat. barely luke warm and chewy. fresh well smoked brisket should not be chewy. not juicy in the least. so i was down on this meal fast.
the most positive part of the sandwich was the roll, which they say are made especially for them. nice heft and texture and seems it would be an upgrade from most of the generic sandwich rolls most places use. the strange thing was that the bottom of the roll actually fell apart while i was trying to eat this bone dry sandwich-you put the sauce on yourself. could have been a faulty roll so i will give that a pass.
the sauces-a smoky apple butter red sauce and a honey mustard yellow sauce were above average. i am not usually a mustard based sauce guy but i did like the flavor of both of them. now if they could just take them out of the frig sooner than as they open the doors it would be better.
not much worse than putting ice cold sauce on a warm bbq sandwich. oh wait.. that's right...
potato salad was my side choice and it was institutional dreck. can not vouch for other sides but the slaw looked like it was a grocery store kit product. i did see a lot of cornbread, both plain and jalapeno, going out with meals.
may give them one more chance for dinner as they have specials during the week of both beef ribs and smoked prime rib, according to the website. see if these work out better. should be easy to do.

Mar 23, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

dickey's bbq pit-any opinions?

thanks much for the update. i actually found other folks with that opinion on other sites so this is not an isolated feeling. i agree on brank's-it's my go to right now for brisket. but my opinion on ranch house is pretty negative. only one visit but food and service really turned me off. can't reccomend.
i'm trying to catch up on all the local places that have opened recently to see if any decent brisket is available closer to home. will report back.

Mar 16, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

dickey's bbq pit-any opinions?

just learned of this chain moving into the area. appears to be "texas" style cue. they have current locations in auburn,bonney lake, and lynden with plans for more. has anybody had any experience with them? i know chains are not particularly chowish but i will try anyplace to find a good bbq brisket.

Mar 15, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Is Nook ever open?

fourth try today to eat at Nook on the Ave. first time wrong day but all other times they should have been open. anybody have any details on this joint?

Mar 09, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Who likes Cajun food?

this is the one cuisine i wish we had more of. a couple of places surprise me as having not been mentioned. kingfish cafe has some consistensy issues in my experience but has been really god most of the time. and though i have not been a quite awhile, i have enjoyed some very tasty catfish+ at catfish corner on e. cherry st. rally want to get to crawfish king soon. anyone know if it is run by NOLA natives?

Feb 08, 2012
bighound in Greater Seattle

Eastside (Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Issaquah) Christmas Dinner

why are we replying to a post originally placed in 2006?

Dec 22, 2011
bighound in Greater Seattle