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pizza near 44th & 5th

I agree with Bob - Little Italy pizza is the best option in the area. I have worked nearby for over 5 years and this is the only place we go for pizza at lunchtime! Always fresh (at lunch anyway) and the sauce has great flavor. Slightly thicker crust than the usual pizza places mentioned here but I like it that way. Good "grandma slice" too.
Note that there's no where to sit, only a counter against the side wall.

Feb 02, 2010
swim12 in Manhattan

Good Health Burger - E 53rd

Ahh good call - I was too distracted by the tasty veggie burger to remember the name! I updated the post so as not to cause confusion.

Thanks for the suggestions! It's nice to have more options in a generally overpriced area. I will have to try Good Health Cafe too!

Jan 27, 2009
swim12 in Manhattan

Good Health Burger - E 53rd

Has anyone eaten at Good Health Burger on E53rd? My boyfriend and I ordered take-out from there for a second time last night and we’re hooked.

It’s primarily a delivery/take-out spot. We stumbled upon it one night while looking for “something healthy, quick & cheap” for dinner in the neighborhood. The first time, I thought maybe this is a fluke, I’m starving, so of course I think this is tasty. But no, it’s official, this place is a new favorite take-out spot.

I had the Good Health Burger Deluxe both times. I’m not a vegetarian but I like a veggie burger now and then. This was hands down the best veggie burger I’ve ever had. Good texture & consistency, loaded with grilled peppers, onions, and mushrooms, and guac, vegan sour cream, and BBQ sauce on top. Sounds like an odd combo but the BBQ sauce is awesome! I don’t like mayo so I passed on the vegan mayo. Very filling and satisfying.

My meat-eating boyfriend had a grilled chicken sandwich with the vegan mayo the first visit, and the chili lime chicken sandwich last night. He loved both! Also filing & satisfying. Most burgers are under $8, which is a bargain for the neighborhood.

We also had a vegetable-lentil soup. Yum! I hate when soup is salty rather than flavorful, but this was perfectly spiced.

Next time I want to try the Black Bean (fake) Bacon burger, and some of the awesome-looking vegan desserts.

This place can’t possibly be “healthy”. It tastes too good. I tried to find nutrition facts online, but no luck. Maybe next time I’m in there, I’ll ask… before I start eating there every day (a la Seinfeld frozen yogurt episode). Even if it's not healthy, it's a great quick dinner option.

Jan 27, 2009
swim12 in Manhattan

Liquor Store Rant

I am the friend with the Trader Joe situation :) I was purchasing a bottle of wine at the TJ near Union Sq in Manhattan, which is near NYU, so I understand the strict ID policy and always have ID when I go there. However, I was outraged when I could not make my purchase because my friend did not have her wallet. She wasn't even standing at the register - she was several feet back waiting for me to wrap up my purchase. The guy at the check out was extremely rude when I tried to ask for clarification. I was tempted to return in an hour with a disguise!

What really pissed me off was the interpretation of the law. What constitutes people as "being together"? What if I run into someone I know in the liquor store? What if I am friendly and strike up a conversation with people in line? Am I responsible for everyone else in the store? Or what if I had a teenage kid? It seemed to me that denying my purchase because my friend, standing near the door, did not have ID, was overstepping the intent of the law. How could they prove we were "together"? Silly.

And to echo what others have said here, if I really wanted to buy a bottle of wine for someone underage, wouldn't I be a little more sneaky about it? C'mon.

My two cents :)

Dec 29, 2008
swim12 in Not About Food

Dessert Truck

I was not impressed... tried the chocolate pb mousse and the goat cheesecake. I agree with the other posts that the mousse was ok, nothing special. Not a fan of the cheesecake! I like goat cheese, but the taste was overpowering, and the overly-sweet caramel sauce did not help. It was too much. Perhaps I should have gone with the bread pudding?

Go to the ChikaLicious outpost instead. Although a bit pricey, I was completely wow'ed by the bread pudding to go. Each bite was heaven!

Jul 22, 2008
swim12 in Manhattan

BYOB tonight - Kuma Inn/Cube 63?

bf and I want to eat out byob style tonight... thinking either Kuma Inn or Cube 63. Will it be possible to walk-in to either at 9:30-10pm without a long wait? Would it still be possible to get a reservation for 2 if we call when they open this evening, or do reservations fill up in advance?

We'd be happy with either sushi or thai/tapas, but most concerned about a long wait. Also considering Cafe Cortadito (cuban byob) in EV, we had a solid meal there a few months ago.

Also - what are some of the must-tries at Kuma Inn? If not tonight, we will definitely go in the near future.


Jul 11, 2008
swim12 in Manhattan

nyc hounds need recs for first visit to SD

No worries about "either", menu and Josh - I plan go to both! And judge. I will pass on Taco Surf unless we are near there and hungry. I assume Super Cocina is also a "must"?

May 21, 2008
swim12 in San Diego

nyc hounds need recs for first visit to SD

Thanks for the recs! I will definitely add Marisco's German to the list (not afraid of an "unsavory" neighborhood!) Looking forward to trying some of the other mentioned restaurants as well. I will report back :)

May 20, 2008
swim12 in San Diego

nyc hounds need recs for first visit to SD

My boyfriend and I are heading to San Diego for a long weekend, 2 nights on Coronado Island and 2 nights in Mission Beach. We are NYers and looking for some great food/dining experiences that we can’t get in NYC (seafood, Mexican, beachfront dining, etc.) We have a car and willing to travel (and understand that Coronado is fairly isolated.) Most of our meals will be quick/casual but looking for a splurge or two ($20-25 entrees). Outdoor dining is preferred since the weather has been so crappy in NYC recently! After some initial research on this site, we’ve come up with the following list:

Super Cocina (Mexican)
Phoung Trang (Vietnamese)
South Beach (fish tacos in Ocean Beach)
Taco Surf (fish tacos in Pacific Beach)
Cafe Chloe – possibly breaking the rule, since it is not near beach and French, but sounds like a restaurant I would enjoy in NY - worth visiting?
The Linkery – ditto
Sushi Ota or Sushi Ono - not necessarily looking for the best sushi but a good value


Bottom line – we want the best food/value and care less about ambiance, with the hope we can get some great food along the beach or with outdoor seating as well.

Thanks in advance!!

May 20, 2008
swim12 in San Diego

Le Bernardin - recs?

Hello everyone - long time reader, first time poster.

I'm going to Le Bernardin next week for a client lunch. Although it's a business lunch, I'm really excited about the food as I've heard great things! What are the "must-try"s on the lunch menu?

Thanks in advance!

Feb 26, 2008
swim12 in Manhattan