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Best culinary mint (for mojitos, really)

Basic Mojito Recipe:

2 Parts white rum
.5 part triple sec (only if desired)
.5 simple syrup
Muddle or Smack 3-4 mint leaves per cup (If muddle please do so lightly and don' t make a huge mashup of everything; it'll let the harshness of the mint get out)
Juice from 1 lime
1. Muddle or Smack mint into cup
2. Juice the lime
3. Add the alcohol & simple syrup (typical drink is 2 shots rum, .5 shotish simple syrup)
4. Add ice and Shake it!
5. Finish the top off with a mint spring and some soda water on top

Mojito! You can mod this recipe easily for puree's; just don't add so much simple syrup. Also I've found that a bit of St Germaine and Mango Puree make an AWESOME mango mojito

Aug 19, 2010
christof in Home Cooking

Recommendations for places in Houston that are local & delicious?

Thanks for the recs...any good taiwanese food around?

Jun 07, 2010
christof in Houston

Recommendations for places in Houston that are local & delicious?

I went to the one near a supermarket on some corner. It faces inwards towards the parking lot.

Jun 07, 2010
christof in Houston

Recommendations for places in Houston that are local & delicious?

Thanks for all the good recs, and the beer too. I'm not a huge beer fan, but I love discovering new beers that are interesting to drink.

Jun 07, 2010
christof in Houston

Recommendations for places in Houston that are local & delicious?

1) Chinatown that I'm talking about is Bellaire & I-90 exit? or Bellaire and Gessner Rd region

(If new C-Town isn't that far, I'd appreciate some recommendations)

2) It was Cafe Pita...(Don't trust the flaming haired guy anymore...)

May 28, 2010
christof in Houston

Recommendations for places in Houston that are local & delicious?

Hey guys,

I visited Houston for business a couple of months ago and tried exploring everything on my own. I would appreciate some recommendations from fellow chowhounders. I'm going to be staying near Chinatown and my maximum distance is about 15-20 minutes in any radius from there. I still want to go explore great Houston food. I'm looking for places that aren't super expensive for lunch or dinner, at most $25-$30.

To give you guys an idea of what I have tried last time:

1) House of Pies- detoured for it, but just had to visit because of the name and the Goo pie was delicious.

2) Pappa's Seafood: Great restaurant and really enjoyed it, can't believe you guys have oysters for so cheap and so good

3) Beaver BBQ- it was okay, not super and after trying the sampler it was okay, not dazzling

4)Goode BBQ (By the HUGE armadillo thing): I thought the BBQ here was really good and SHINERBOCK is my new favorite beer =)

5) Rajun Cajun: Had some great crayfish, but the boudin balls weren't really my thing; they tasted really floury is that normal?

6) I would really appreciate some lunch recommendations that range from $10-15 bucks that aren't too slow since we only have an hour to eat. It needs to be around Chinatown; and I'm looking for any great Chinese(anything good)/Japanese (sashimi) recs (my co-workers are taiwanese)

7) And I went to some cafe from Diners, Drive-ins and Dives? Some sort of greek or baltic cusiine? It wasn't that great and service was REALLY slow

We're actually staying for the weekend so just as an extra, are there any great bars? (I love speak-easy type joints, but really enjoy lounges. I would like to avoid dive-bars)

TIA guys and gals of Chowhound!

May 28, 2010
christof in Houston

Romantic Dinner near Balboa Island

I'm coming down for business this weekend, and looking to have a romantic dinner with my gf near/in Balboa Island. I'd like to have good food and not have it break the bank too hard. I was thinking Basilic, but we're going there on Sunday night, so I'm SOL. I already saw multiple reviews on A restaurant, but I'd like to stay away from hype.

I remember down in Laguna that Chart house was one of my favorites, or whichever harbor? House that was on PCH (near the best western laguna brisas) that is small quaint, and overlooks the ocean, so I'm looking for that kind of atmosphere.

TIY for any advice =D

Basilic Restaurant
217 Marine Ave, Newport Beach, CA 92662

Nov 10, 2009
christof in Los Angeles Area

Anyone tried Lucid Absinthe?

Isn't Lucid just flavored while Kubler is actually legit Absinthe?

Dec 15, 2008
christof in Spirits

ISO: Best Bartending Recipe Book

Hey, I've been bartending for a while now but you always get those drinks that you forget about or are hard to find and know. Is there a master black book or really great guide that has a lot of recipes in it? TIA =D

Dec 14, 2008
christof in Spirits

Weekend Seafood Rule

I was just reading the boards today and was wondering if there is any rule for hounders to avoid seafood, especially raw bars on the weekends because it isn't as fresh. Personally I don't eat raw stuff on weekends, but if I have to I'll eat it on Saturday, but then at best it's already a day old. I don't want to rail on people who eat it on Sundays and Mondays. I was just wondering if there are any thoughts or general opinions about freshness or concerns since reviews are written on the weekends. 0.0

Oct 20, 2008
christof in General Topics

Need help with June college visits

Around USC Chinese food is sparse...on your way from Ontario if you take the 60W, you'll pass by many places in Diamond Bar. There's a ton of little Chinese places on the way over so I would suggest there. There aren't great Chinese places around USC at all, if you find one please let me know. I would suggest Little Tokyo if your by USC, just drive down Fig and right on 2nd....Daikukunyua or whatever has really great ramen and Curry House is delicious as well. There are also tons of little sushi restaurants. If you want to try campus food, I would check to see if parkside is open for breakfast...great variety of good food if you try it once....not so good if you have to have it for a semester or 2..

May 03, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Charm City Cakes around LA?

thanks for the quick replies, I think I was searching for the wrong thing or keyword so it didn't pop up =D

Mar 14, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Charm City Cakes around LA?

I was wondering if there are custom cake makers like Charm City around LA?

Mar 14, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Dolce Group Restaurants?

Bella Cucina Italia near Pantages I thought had some pretty decent Italian food, although not superior or excellent it was pretty nice...most people there are rushing for Wicked so the staff was very helpful in getting us all out in time

Mar 13, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

New cupcake shop!!!

Boo for Sprinkles, all they make is overpriced cupcakes with tons of icing on top...I'm still probing the gourmet cupcake scene, but it all seems a scam to me...

Mar 10, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Pinkberry in the OC

+1 to Woolsey

Mar 10, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

South OC - La Fondue or Melting Pot

I've been to both, both and both. I've been to the La Fondue in both Saratoga and SJC, Saratoga(pre-renovation) And I've been to MP in (San Jose, Rancho Cucamonga, Pasadena)

I like La Fondue a ton better because of the service and the food, and that you can choose to grill your food instead of different boiling styles. I would say the cheese fondue selection at La Fondue is better as well. Its something about the atmosphere of the place I love, but I definitely prefer it to MP. I feel the service is better and the servers are more attentive to you. You have to try the salads at La Fondue, my-ex swears by them, and I love the grilling and the chocolate fondues too.

Oh and on certain nights LF serves chcolate only fondue after 10pm, but you need to get in line for that, its great if you just want some dessert...

MP is a chain and its okay; but the only thing I really love is their Spinach-Artichoke cheese, which I think is seasonally or recently added on. I don't really like Melting Pot all that much, but I will say they have a good seasonal or rotational menu and change things often.

I definitely would always recommend La Fondue over Melting Pot...

Mar 04, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Palo Alto Recs for 10+ group of College kids

Yea ever since the owners had a big disagreement and split I think the place hasn't been that good and its too expensive. Hu-Chiang is okay for their TB and I like their frog legs and that pork bowl dish with the white buns, overall everything else I could pass up, but my parents like it there...

Birthday Dinner in Disneyland

If your focused on kids then do a character meal, either at goofy's kitchen, ariel's grotto, although I think its only for lunch and breakfast. For adults, you should try going to Napa Rose in the Grand californian hotel, and try the chef's counter... Both, I would say Bayou is fine, its really the only great standard restaraunt.

I think the Monte Cristo is overrated, but a lot of ppl love it. The pommes frites at Cafe Orleans is delicious if you like fries. And since your staying onsite, I'd encourage you to go somewhere around disneyland: Ariel's Grotto, Goofy Character Dining, Lilo And Stitch or Blue Bayou but the Bayou is really just for the view. And please do take them to Plaza Inn for the birthday thing, it looks so fun and make sure you that you sign up ahead of time. For Dessert, there is riverside seating for Fantasmic if your interested. Oh and if their into star wars make sure they go to the Jedi Training Academy...okay so I drifted off topic cuz I love Disney...haha sorry

Feb 27, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

ISO soup LA or OC

Speaking of the OC, I know there are some GREAT dimsum places on jeffrey Road (off the 405), but I can't remember the name? Its like China Harbor or Harbor something? Does anyone know?

Feb 26, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Eating around USC

Hey, I've seen a couple posts for food around USC, but seriously, are there any good eats around here that aren't fast food? I'm looking for something not too pricey and affordable so I can go out to eat for like 30 minutes with friends. I know about Viztango, chipotle...all the stuff around campus, anything hidden or good I know should know about? Also is there any good chinese food around campus? I know Chinatown isn't that far, but just like for lunch is there anywhere nearby? And Little Tokyo is on the far side, sometimes I venture down there on a Thursday night with friends or on weekends. Thanks!

Feb 14, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Blue Bayou Disneyland Report

From what I hear the minimum wait is about 9 years if you are on the waiting list and if you aren't its closed right now. At least for individual memberships, not for corporate though...

Feb 13, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Decent eating in Disneyland?

Anyone have reviews of Club 33? I'd like to eat there someday, but its pretty damn hard to get in. I heard that the food quality has deteriorated in the past years due to a change in chef.

My 2 cents
Blue Bayou: Decent overpriced food
Cafe Orleans: good fries (the monte cristo really dissapointed me) I know its just a deep friend ham sandwich, but it looks better than it tastes.

My penny savers in the park: GIANT chocolate cake from Golden Horsehoe Corral for like 5 bucks? w/ AP Discount. Also I think the best deal is a turkey leg, extremely filling for the 6 bucks. I also like pizza port, its decent food, okay price for Disneyland.

Feb 11, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

The Melting Pot for 21st Bday?

Have you guys been to La Fondue in San Juan Capistrano? I think they set the bar for fondue and its delicious and the service is great.

I too would recommend you go elsewhere, melting pot's chainlike atmosphere isn't worth it and you can get a lot better food for the price you'll be paying.

Feb 06, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Help! I need a restaurant downtown on Friday night...not the same old, same old...

Do you guys rate Curry House as good eats in the area as well? I like it but after reading all these foodie boards, I think my taste isn't as good as i thought it was =/

Feb 06, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Din Tai Fung -is it that bad??

If you can make such strong criticism against DTF or simply don't like the lines, just avoid peak times. Can you recommend somewhere better than DTF in the LA area? Personally I think its the best for xlb...the best places I've had it are in Shanghai and Taiwan, but in the states, this places ranks among my top choices. I think of myself as an avid xlb eater and understand I will never find anything comparable to anything in China/Taiwan, etc. here in the states. The best XLB I've had were in SF in the Hu Jiang in the old building near the Ferry building, it's now closed, but nothing has come close since...except DTF.

Feb 06, 2008
christof in Los Angeles Area

Help with Fondue Pot?

I'm new here but there's one thing I'm having really big trouble with. I really want to start experimenting with fondue, but I can't find the right pot. If you have been to melting pot or la fondue in either norcal or socal, those are the pots I'm talking about. I keep searching online for double boiler or fondue pot, but all I get are those electric ones and candle fondue pots. Either that or the really expensive le creuset? pots. I'm just looking for a pot identical to melting pot's or la fondue's since I already have the electric stovetop thing.

Thanks for any input!

Feb 03, 2008
christof in Cookware