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Suggestions for a good Indian buffet?

I have enjoyed the buffet at Siddhartha on Gerrard East in Little India (Coxwell & Gerrard area). I was told they only offer buffet at lunch. My most recent visit was a few weeks ago and it was just like all the other times - good food, decent price and good service.

If you venture a bit north of the city, the Host (in Markham at Woodbine & Hwy7 area) is VERY good. Only been there for lunch (buffet) and the food was GREAT. The naan and kulcha were NOT greasy - fresh, moist and flavourful. All the curries were generous (not relying on the 90% of liquid sauce and 10% meat formula of being cheap) and nicely robust seasoning. The kitchen is partially open - with a glassed in window so you can see them making everything. I found NOTHING to be stale or sitting for a long time (when curry sits a too long the oil separates and reveals itself) . Freshly prepared food was brought constantly to the holding pans for eager diners. I was told they use very little ghee (only if absolutely necessary) hence little greasy side effects and better for your cholestoral levels. Thier buffet had different curries each day of the week, during lunch, when I have gone. They mix it up with typical curries and one or two lesser-seen ethnic dishes (e.g. egg curry with saffron and cilantro). 3 kinds of rice, a good selection of veggie curries, raita & salad station and a dessert station. Beware service is OK - and that is usally because it is PACKED with a line up to get in at lunch - arrive when they open to ensure you are not waiting in line to get a seat let alone your food - hence the servers are a bit overwhelmed and might not be as attentive (tho polite and nice) as one would hope.

Perigee's reso policy?

The deposit is worth the gastronomic adventure at Perigee. In the past, I have encountered requests for deposits (by VISA) on 'busy' nights at: Xacutti, Avalon (rest in peace), Sen5es, the 5th, Perigee. As I have always shown up, I have never been charged on my VISA for the deposit - only the expenses incurred for the eve.
Just a suggestion that if you ask for a wine pairing (at any establishment) I would suggest expressing what wines/flavours you have enjoyed in the past to give a better indication to your sommelier of your GENERAL preference. I am in no way saying that one should dismiss the input of the somellier, just give them a hint as to your general likes. Enjoy!!

Visiting Toronto from NYC

Your craving for East Indian food (downtown Toronto) may be satisfied by:

Debu Saha's Biryani House (Right across from Wellesley Subway Station)
The Host
Indian Rice Factory
Bombay Palace

If you are willing to trek....a visit to Little India (Coxwell & Gerrard area, east end of the city)would prove fruitful....esp if you visit Sidhartha.


Any roof top patio's for a lovely dinner?

I agree with peppermint - the 5th is a good spot. Thier venue also has tents errected over tables just incase a summer sprinkle intrudes unannnounced. The 'Terrace', as it is referred to, tends to place more emphasis on grill related cooking.

Earl Grey Ice Cream

I agree with the others.....I think your heat setting may have been a bit high, and as you said - your cast iron pan retained that heat and in some sense may have augmented it. Your fix sounds super! If I mistakenly curdle the eggs when doing a custard based ice cream, I just strain it through a fine sieve and continue on.

Jul 05, 2006
winnied in Home Cooking

new to Lakeshore and Parklawn area

I agree with torontoeh Sushi Kaji is THE ultimate for sushi - omakase style, but has the price to match (but worth EVERY penny). Sushi2Go at Royal York and Bloor is great (casual sushi, sashiimi, maki and bento boxes). Casa Barcelona has terrific authentic tapas. Merlot is good for French bistro fare (tho the place is a bit on the noisey side). VIBo has been revamped and now has a spendid venue to showcase their awesome Italian fare....great service. Cru is a great upperscale stop as well (Royal York & Bloor). Chutneys has pleasant ambiance/decor and very good Indian food - however for the price, the portions are skimpy - but the meat/veggie TO sauce ratio is quite I tend to get take out from Everest Indian Cuisine (used to be Exotic Papadum) - MUCH more value for your money, tho the place itself is very bare bones with zilch on the ambiance/decor. And skip Green Mango....My Thai Kitchen (west of Royal York and Bloor) is MUCH better......prompt courteous service, a plain yet pleasant restaurant and VERY good food.

Do you know a delicious but not-too-pricey restaurant?

I too suggest Via Oliveto and Fat Cat as your best choices.

I do not advise:

Zucca - mediocre food and we got *instant* coffee to cap off the ho hum dinner and indifferent service

Batifole - horrendous service topped off with a generous helping of attitude. Very negative response to a diet restriction concern which we voiced (on behalf of one of our guests) upon our arrival (before asking for a table or sitting down). Only 2 of the four appetizers were great, the other 2 were nothing special. Same applies to the confit wasn't warmed ALL the way so I ended up with some big pieces of cold gelatenous duck fat flecked upon the accompanying salad greens. The displeasure about the diet concern was made clear by our server throughout our entire meal.

Hair of the Dog - you'll have nice eve here - IF you and your guests are all gorgeous people....ensure you have at least one very handsome male dinnerguest in your party - the waitstaff will make a special effort for them.

new to Lakeshore and Parklawn area

I do not reccommend Momo's Bistro, anymore.

Our first visit when they initially opened was terrific - hence our trip back on a Saturday with guests from out of town.

We arrived for 7pm reservations on a Sturday eve. The place was not busy, yet. Our greeting from the young waitstaff was a put off - they gave this attitude that we were bothering them. We should have taken that attitude as an omen, but decided to be seated anyways and give the benifit of the doubt regarding the staff attitude. Left to ponder the menu...for 30 minutes, we were then asked to order offer of taking a cocktail order was made. After an hour wait our appetizers by this time the place is getting busy and noisey and we are at the point of starvation that anything put in front of us would be devoured. Appetizers were all so-so.....but we were all so damned hungry each at all our portions. Mains were again, disappointing. Overdone red meat for one guest, underdone seafood for another and token overdone veggies for everyone. By this point we felt horrible for our dinner guests as it was at our insistence we dine at Momo's, so we salvaged the eve by opting out of dessert and requesting the bill (even tho we wanted to enjoy more of the great live jazz music). After another 30 minutes and the bill not arriving - we all just started to get up and go to retrieve our coats....that galvanized the waitstaff into take our money. I don't know what happened to the place....their food and service used to be awesome!??? And I don't think it appropriate for the the pretty boy waitstaff to be wearing their black restaurant 'uniforms' then creatively accenting it with sweatily fragrant and dinged fleece Nike wristbands.


Absolutely tremendous place.....Indian Fusion fare. Service is above and beyond....made for a FANTASTIC eve. Loved the robust flavours of all our dishes (Rabbit Tikka was killer!) Upscale clubby/hip vibe.

Dinner in Etobicoke < $100

Check out Cru Restaurant

Located on the north west corner of Royal York & Bloor - right across the street from the Royal York TTC Station (main entrance).

If I recall they have a $50.00 tasting menu (not including wine). The food is tremendous - very good value for your money. Great presentaation and flavours. The ambiance is more on the high end.....staff are very good, however on the slow nites (just as with most places) the staff don't frequent your table as often, unfortunately - but their atttide is ALWAYS pleasant, accomodating and welcoming.

Another place to consider is Toro
Right at Jane & Bloor on the south west corner. Very good food and enticing decor. Again upscale ambiance.....the staff are pleasant, but I would hope they have impoved thier attentivenessto customers.....never rude but you get the vibe of feeling a bit neglected. Nonetheless a nice place to give a shot.

And there is Bloom
Fantastic place!!!! Awesome food, funky decor and sountrack - the staff are terrific - attentive, informative, and enjoy engaging with customers. High end with a clubby lounge edge. A tremendous eve out.

Enjoy spending that 'found money'!