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Bata Shoe Museum- great party venue

I went to an engagement cocktail party for around 170 at the Bata Shoe Museum- wonderful space, great staff who were supposedly great to deal with. Free tour of museum too!

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

I think the post meant items at the bakery called SWEETS.....

Any Amazing Italian Pasta Catering places (Near Brampton)?

Funny, I was going to ask the same question but in Mississauga.....

Brunch party - where to get: good platters of croissants/donuts AND a lot of latkes, bagels?

We're planning a brunch (called for noon) in March for 60 with some similar food to be served. We are also planning on serving a soup perhaps a squash and apple soup, or broccoli soup - we will be using mugs to serve it in. You can make mini latkes ahead of time and freeze them making sure you warm them up on a high heat. I have had some from Daitors before that weren't too bad. Latkes are best right out of the pan but a hassle when people are around.
I am partial to cheese bagels from Centre Street Deli in Thornhill ( can be picked up ahead of time, they are served warm with either sour cream, yogurt, or jam. It is a Montreal thing- they also have them at St. Urbain Bakery but I prefer the Centre Street ones. The french toast casseroles are really nice- all the work is done the night before and they are quite delicious. There are a variety of recipes, some include fruit.
My mother in law usually serves a savory casserole when she has brunch eg. zucchini with mushrooms , cheese and tomato sauce. Can be made ahead and frozen. Another option are the delicious spreads from Me Va Me (fairly reasonably priced) around Bathurst and Steeles eg. eggplant kind of sweet and sour, or hummus, Romanian eggplant, falafel, and pita.....I think this might be a better option than the latkes. You can't go wrong with brunch.

Centre Street Deli
1136 Centre St, Thornhill, ON L4J3M8, CA

lunch spot north of Toronto

I am looking for a place to meet a friend for lunch on a Sunday ....maybe around highway 7 and 400.
...could be a bit east preferably north of 401....Any suggestions?

A place with private dining within the GTA (15 people) - your recommendations needed!

Here are some suggestions. You would need to check out pricing to see if it falls in your price range.
I just booked a family occasion party at Paese to be held in November(Bathurst just north of Wilson). They have 2 lovely rooms upstairs with washrooms upstairs as well. The woman in charge of group reservations is wonderful to deal with. I think the menu can appeal to most age ranges and can be customized for your group. I don't know if they have a children's menu but I would think they can come up with something.
The Oliver and Bonacini group have a couple of rooms in their Bayview village location that may be worth checking out.I was considering it when planning a party for 20.
Mezza Notte at 5304 Yonge St. may be another option. I have not been for awhile but I believe they have redone their private dining room.

Mezza Notte
5304 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M2N5P9, CA

333 King St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

1 Day Cooking Classes in Istanbul ?

My husband and I really enjoyed our 4 hour session at Cooking Alaturka! It was quite hands-on, Feyzi and Eveline were great as were the other couple we cooked and dined with. A nice break from the hectic touring of Istanbul. We had a fantastic evening and the food and wine were great.
Price was 120 Turkish Lira per person. Website is

Sep 03, 2010
mangoginger in Europe

Help with Restaurant for 80th Birthday for 15

I got their set menues (reasonable), etc. however we may now be closer to 18 and I was told they hold 1814comfortably.

Help with Restaurant for 80th Birthday for 15

I will look into it -haven't been there or to it's sister restaurant. Some of the reviews mention service issues. thanks

Help with Restaurant for 80th Birthday for 15

Looking for a restaurant for approximately 15 people for my mother's 80th birthday to be held on a Saturday night. Prefer something mid-town as south as St. Clair or north up to Major Mackenzie, as west as Weston Road, east as Bayview . Good food, good service, not too noisy or possibly a private room, parking not too much of a hassle (could be continental, Italian, Mediterranean, bistro, etc). We had a party for my dad(larger group) at Quince which was great but are looking for a different restaurant. Would possibly consider around Harbord St (although more south) if it was highly recommended.

147 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S1H1, CA

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

I agree, that's why I am excited about it. I was there again today. I spoke to the owner. Plan is to expand the number of sit down tables, offer gelato, crepes etc. in the future. Prices seem reasonable.

The "What's good in Peel" thread.. (BRAMPTON/MISSISSAUGA Only please) :^)

Great bakery in Mississauga is French Corner Bakery at 1224 Dundas St West West of Erindale Station Road (south side where Credit Valley Fruit used to be). A couple of tables for soup, sandwich and yummy french pastries. Delicious fresh bread. 905-5661919

Sukhothai in Mississauga?

I was there one lunch with a very large group from work. Service was terribly slow. I thought the food was just okay.

Costco mussels any good?

I bought them and thought they were excellent. As reported very clean requiring very little work. They are sold in black sealed packaging with the dates clearly marked. I would buy them again.

Good Bakery in Mississauga-French Corner Bakery

I stumbled upon a good French bakery in Mississauga (Dundas just West of Erindale Station Road, south side in the plaza with the Royal Bank where Credit Valley Fruit used to be). It is called French Corner Bakery and Patisserie run and owned by a young couple-chef is European trained. For a short time it was called the Sphinx Bakery. Everything is made on the premise and very fresh. Breads were very tasty as were the danish and spice cake. Pastries and cakes looked delicious. They make soup, salads, and sandwiches for lunch as well which looked really good. I don't think it is well known yet. It is close to where I live and I look forward to trying it again. 1224 Dundas St. West.#114. 905-566-1919.

Excellent Private Party at Quince

We recently held an 80th birthday party at Quince Restaurant for my father . We discovered the restaurant from recommendations on this board. The whole experience from the menu planning, food, service, and space was great and stress-free. Jennifer, the owner was a pleasure to work with. The party room is private,on the lower level and accessible by a nice railed staircase. Washrooms are also on that level. The space consists of two areas - the bar area with comfortable furniture and a wallmounted dvd screen, and the dining area. We used both parts during the evening. Seating for dinner is comfortable for the 40 maximum. Decor is simple. The food was delicious and the menu was quite varied.Everyone seemed pleased with their meal. I would highly recommend Quince for a private party or meeting.

Personal Chef for Private Party

For my husband's 50th we had a fantastic party at Liaison College of Culinary Arts- Lakeshore Campus which is run and owned by Dan Ferrone ( ex argo). The location is an old historic building near Islington and Lakeshore which is very charming and easy to find. Plenty of parking. We had a private chef and all participated as much or as little as they wanted. We worked in the very large industrial kitchen which was set up festively. Everyone got aprons to take home and copies of the recipes.They are very flexible with what menu you would like and Dan and his wife, Barb were wonderful to work with. The prices are also very reasonable and you are able to apply for a liquor license and purchase your own wine. We were 19 in total ranging in age from 16-80 and everyone had a blast. It was very interactive and relaxed. I would highly recommend it.

Wedding Reception Locations

I've heard good things about Zest Catering. Ask for Joe.

Brunch in Thornhill

Although not exactly in your boundaries, there is a Sunset Grill at 3255 Rutherford Road in Vaughan. They serve breakfast all day.

Private room North Toronto for 80th Birthday

Any comments on Parmigiano on Yonge at Lawrence?

Private room North Toronto for 80th Birthday

I am looking for a private room or mostly private area in a restaurant for my dad's 80th birthday dinner, approximately 30 people. Would prefer North Toronto or Thornhill area. Good food, doesn't have to be fancy, moderate price($30-40) if possible. Some ideas from this forum include Herbs, Quince, Auberge du Pommiers, Granite Any comments or other recommendations welcome.