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Where can I buy 0% fat Greek Yoghurt in Toronto?

Sobey's at Main and Danforth and the Shopper's Drug Mart (!) at Coxwell and Danforth now both have the Liberte 0% fat Greek yogurt.

Sweet Indulgence on Coxwell closed?

I'd try Coffee Coffee/Cozy bakery, I haven't had a bad item yet and am diligently working my way through their wares. Celena's is a bit more hit and miss, their cookies are like rocks, they tend to excel at breads.

Another new cafe/bakery at Danforth and Woodbine

They open at 7:30 and I completely forgot to look at what time they close or confirm if they're 7 days/week. There is a sign on the door with the hours.

Another new cafe/bakery at Danforth and Woodbine

I was in today, 2 lovely sisters with lots of experience serving various farmer's markets. It's going to be renamed the Cozy Cafe.
I had good minestrone soup and they gave us some bread samples, a crunchy country white and a multi grain bun which were delicious. The cranberry cinnamon bun was unbelievable.
Also available - lasagne, pork schnitzel, challah, poppy seed loaf, baklava, lots of other baked sweets...they plan to have a fridge of prepared soup to go.
As much of the ingredients as possible are organic, but not all.

The interior is still old school donut store crossed with Ikea, but they're really passionate good bakers.

Looking for a bread maker. Where to buy????

There were at least 3 at Valu Village last interesting comment on the amount of use a bread machine actually gets.

Where can I find Tiger Tail ice cream?

Carter's is a wee little family run business and is going to be open on easter weekend but otherwise has been closed for the season. I'm not sure if they'll remain open after easter or if it's a one-off.

King Tut and Toddler trip

We had a great breakfast with our then 2 year old at the King Edward Hotel. They brought his food first and he had an entire lobby and second floor to explore.

ISO herbal coffee

You can get Caf-lib at the Bulk Barn. Like Peppermint Pate I have no recollection of the taste. I don't think it was bad, it just doesn't taste much like coffee.

ISO : Muffin Cups

The dollar store on the NW corner of Pape and Danforth has them.

Celena's Bakery at Woodbine & Danforth opening Sat Feb 6th

The roasted garlic sourdough loaf is delicious.
The hours have changed from the previous post and they close at 4 on Sundays, maybe that's why the door was locked.
I wish them well, we need a bakery in the 'hood. Apparently they're getting loads of negative feedback, thanks so much haters. They appear really young and are obviously just working out the kinks, I'd rather be patient than have to stick with the valu--mart bread.

coffee in kingston

Cooke's has brewed coffee as well as their incredible beans.
The sleepless goat is nice in a hippie student activist way. Pan Chancho just seems incredibly overpriced and pretentious. I nearly choked at the measly portions and high prices when I bought my parents a special take-away meal there. I can't help but compare them negatively to Daniel et Daniel in Toronto.

Popcorn maker?

Small World Cafe closing

I saw tables and chairs.

Small World Cafe closing

I like Seb's myself, but what's it called - the Venti effect - that property values increase when Starbucks arrives?

Small World Cafe closing

that's the rumour. If you look in the window of the former Syllogy there is a work permit and work happening, it looked like baskets were on the wall a couple of days ago.

Small World Cafe closing

The chiropractor's office at the corner of East Lynn and Danforth is for rent....

Plus a bakery is supposedly going in across from Better Bulk in one of the former framing shops.

Small World Cafe closing

You're kidding about the neighbourhood not being able to support a Starbucks right? It's the wet dream of many members of DECA. I'm not a huge Starbucks fan but I'd take it any day over the Tim Hortons cubby in the Shopper's Drug Mart.
A coffee shop open later than 5:00 would be a welcome addition in the neighbourhood. True Brew Cafe is charming and Small World is great for the kids but they both close early.

Small World Cafe closing

I heard that while they did well on weekends the weekday traffic was low.

It was still open despite the for sale/for rent sign when I walked by today.

Gingerbread House Baking Kits

Lee Valley sells a kit with the mold and recipe for the gingerbread.

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

Yup. It took them 30 minutes to produce his coworkers burger and fries so he figured his was wasn't.
I think he should get comps AND his cash back.

Oh Boy Burger, Queen and Portland

Hubby went there for lunch on Thursday. After a 40 minute wait they admitted they had lost his order and wouldn't give him his money back without the (not present) manager's approval. He returned after the lunch rush and was given comp tickets - but no cash.
He said the line cook was losing it and abusive.

What's in the CSA basket where you live?

We're in Toronto, we paid $400 for a half share, it works out to $22/week and is more than enough for our family. We pick it up at a neighbour's house around the corner which is the local depot. The growing season here is June - Oct. It is sort of an organic co-op, the Plan B farm grows most of what we receive but they also get items from other local organic farms.
This week we get Salad Mix, Spinach, Beets, Watermelon, Tomato, Potatoes, Green Pepper, Green Leaf Lettuce, Italian Flat Leaf Parsley, Beans, Zucchini.

Aug 14, 2008
hoagy294 in General Topics

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

I remember it as green and purple icing.

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

It's a lovely deep fudge taste and the icing is almost like a fondant, it definitely is not grainy. They have different sizes, round or a larger sheet cake, and the last time I got one they decorated it with an icing approximation of grapes and grape leaves. It is nothing like a supermarket cake. It also is not a mousse, which i can't stand. It's more of a devil's food cake.

Who makes the best chocolate cake?

It's been a long time since I lived in Scarborough but I remember that Fabian's cafe on Markham Rd south of Ellesmere had good cakes. If you wanted to go downtown (which you don't) I would suggest the Harbord St Bakery. Their chocolate cake is superlative.

Coffee at Danforth / Coxwell?

I think this is the article in question and I don't really think the comments of Niche's owner constitutes bad mouthing the neighbourhood (the comment of the guy who runs the Hollywood Canteen on the other hand are not so great).
Niche always charged me for a regular coffee when they made a decaf Americano since they didn't sell decaf, I never got charged extra

I went to Small World last weekend, their drip coffee was much better than Beanie's, which I always found to be horrible. I can't see them lasting since they seem even more disorganized than the Beanies family did, and they've got a bunch of different little foods which I doubt they'll be able to sell before the expiry date. I'd like to support them, but their hours make it impossible for me to get there any day but Saturday. Loved the children's play area though, and there is a change table, unlike the former incarnation with their no diaper changing signs.

Southern Accents - Summerlicious

This was exactly our experience on a non 'licious evening. Tiny portions and we were stuck next to a raucous party so the "atmosphere" was yelling and screaming rowdies.

Decent gelato or ice-cream on the Danforth?

Seb's Capuccino and Quatro Ragazze both have a good selection of gelato but I'm not sure that's the stretch of the Danforth you're referring to.

Queen of Sheba - Toronto

We stopped going to Queen of Sheba the day my husband described the interior as smelling "like a urinal mint". There are much better restaurants in the city - Ethiopian House or venture to the east end and try Dukem or Rendezvous.

Looking for tomatoes for cooking that aren't canned.

I read that Eden Foods sells their canned beans in cans that don't have BPA in the lining, it might be the same for the tomatoes. Check at the Big Carrot, Noah's, etc.
Loblaws and No Frills and the little Italian grocers along the Danforth sell bottled crushed/pureed tomatoes.