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2010 Detroit Auto Show - Looking for local rec's

To the best of my knowledge, no more sushi; I believe Molly had a blurb about it in last weeks paper. They are just serving food in the round bar now due to no business to support the "restaurant" area.

Jan 22, 2010
downriver1 in Great Lakes

2010 Detroit Auto Show - Looking for local rec's

Sushi bar at Doubletree has been closed for some time now. If fact they dont even serve in the "restaurant" portion anymore, just in the round bar. There is an Asian restaurant in the Millender Center that is not bad at all. Newer sushi place called Wasabi is by the DIA and is pretty darn good as well.

Jan 21, 2010
downriver1 in Great Lakes

Rec's for first date along 696 [Detroit]

Need some help; recommendations for a casual first meeting between Southfield and Novi. I do not know this area as well as I had hoped so all advice is welcome. Would be early evening so the busy "after work" areas might be best. Thanks.

Detroit Fish Market

Has anyone had the opportunity of going to the Detroit Fish Market yet? Saw the promo on TV and thinking of going this weekend. Thoughts?

Finn & Porter, Doubletree Hotel, Detroit

Agree Jim for the most part. Went on a Sunday afternoon few weeks back after Molly's article about them. Loved the Sushi, yes it is pricey. Everything off of the Finn menu was below average; they only serve a bar menu on Sunday as main room is closed. Will go back soon for Sushi only.

Detroit: Michael Symon's "Roast" opening Oct 15th

Hour will announce Forest Grill as Restaurant of the Year later this week. Well deserved.

diners, 'dives', holes-in-the-wall....Detroit area.?

Anchor Bar on Fort St. Grilled Cheese with Bacon. Best there is.

"Roast" at the Book Cadillac

Ate at Roast last night and wanted to share the experience. I am thrilled to have another Chef of this caliber downtown and pray that He is successful. Here we go.

Started at the Motor Bar upstairs with a cocktail. Beautiful room that everyone needs to see. Moved down to the restaurant and were promptly seated at a very nice corner booth. As my date is a foodie like myself we decided to really eat and enjoy as much as possible.

Began with the Smoked Seafood platter for 2. Trout was very good-nice smoke flavor, Salmon was good with more of a Salmon flavor than smoke, Sturgeon was good, not close to the other two. The pickled onion was good in small amounts; too much took away from the fish.

Next had the Beef Cheek Pierogie and the Charcutterie platter for two. Pierogie was absolutly outstanding. Incredible tenderness and flavor. Charcutterie platter was quite good. Loved the Salami and the "Speck"; I thought the Rabbit Terrine was wonderful, she didn't care for it as much. The whole grain mustard was a nice touch and again served with pickled onion, this time mixed with peppers.

We then split the Spinach Salad with Fried Pigs Ear. Served with a soft-fried egg that mixed wonderfully with what I believe to be a balsamic dressing. Very good salad with the pigs ear adding great flavor and texture to the Spinach.

Both had the Strip Steak, which were cooked to a perfect Medium Rare and presented nicely sliced on the plate. The steaks had great beef flavor with a bit of a chew to it. As the prices are very, very affordable, leads me to believe they are not using Prime nor Angus beef. And yes, chew is expected with a strip steak and we both expected it. Had the Blue Cheese Onion (very good) and Roasted Mushrooms (Wow!) as toppers.

Sides included Spinach and Feta AuGratin (good) Creamed Corn with Bacon (Very good) Soft Polenta (alright) and Whipped Potatoes (good texture but plain).

The room is incredible with a very "Earthy" feel to it. Dark woods, soft booths, wonderful windows out onto Washington Blvd. As it was a Monday night they had the room closed off with dividers behind our booth that at first I didn't even notice as dividers. Fit the room perfectly and gave it a very cozy feel. Our server was neither over bearing nor absent. Appeared when she should and gave us plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and the meal.

Wine list, though only briefly looked through, looked affordable and interesting. Noticably abscent were half-bottles, which we would have ordered. Instead went with two glasses with dinner. Server picked a nice cab for me and my friend had the only Pinot offered by the glass. Both were very good, affordable and lent themselves nicely to the meal.

Roast is a great addition to our Downtown Detroit dining scene. The menu is quite affordable to what I would consider the "average" dinner; with the choices we went through plus cocktails and wine still came out below $250 before gratuity. I would recommend it to anyone and will get myself back down there soon. Hope you all enjoy.

Forte in Birmingham

Has anyone dined at Forte since Chef Don has joined the team? How was it?

Outdoor dining in Plymouth/Livonia, Mi

Thank you for the thoughts. Ended up meeting at 336 Main for a couple drinks then went to Compari's. Weather had cleared up and had a good evening outside. Food and service were ok, made better by the company and atmosphere. Thanks DTurner.

Outdoor dining in Plymouth/Livonia, Mi

Need some quick recomendations on outdoor dining in Plymouth,Livonia or even Canton/Novi Michigan. Monday night meeting with friends. Doesnt have to be the "best", just someplace relaxing to hang out. Thoughts?

Iridescence Detroit - Thoughts? Opinions?

Any thoughts from the group now that Chef Don has announced he is leaving MGM for Forte in Birmingham?

Iridescence Detroit - Thoughts? Opinions?

For the food it was a little over $40, then a few cocktails on top of that. As the bartenders are very polite, remember me and what I drink I left $100 to cover everything. And yes, absolutly worth it.

Iridescence Detroit - Thoughts? Opinions?

Then go to Saltwater. Over half the menu was re-written as of last week; still mostly Seafood but out of 9 entrees two were beef and a chicken dish. I had the soft shelled crab and bacon wrapped scallops, both new, this past weekend after work and they were simply amazing. Ate at the bar, service was friendly and attentive. Still dont like the Casino atmosphere but atleast the restaurant is non-smoking. Big plus.

Top restaurants in Detroit

Hello all. Looking to take a friend on a tour of the top restaurants in Detroit while they are in town. Maybe a drink and an snack here, dinner there, whatever. Got some ideas of my own, but looking for recommendations of "must see/ must eat" places. Thanks.

restaurants in michigan that have kobe beef

Both Saltwater and Bourbon Steak at MGM Casino have American and Japanese Kobe beef on their menu as well as Kobe burgers.

Mosaic in Greektown, Mi

Anyone been to Mosaic recently? Looking to go to Greektown this Sunday and some friends recommended we meet here. Any info? Thanks.

Buffet-MGM Detroit-excellent!

Buffet is really hit or way miss. Been there six times; four good experiences, two terrible. Asian is always on point, the other stations were iffy. The "Southern-style" hasn't ever been good. Salads sometimes good, sometimes barren. Seafood? Just by looking you can tell whether or not to chance it. Advice? I dont have any. You really are going to take a chance.

Det- Anyone up for going to Saltwater Monday?

As of Sunday, Feb3, Saltwater will be closed on Sundays and Mondays. Hope this helps as well as hope elrushbo is in town on Tuesday.