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I made the Polenta with Sauteed cherry tomatoes (pg. 114) which is mentioned several times in Beetlebugs post here: & served it alongside a simple veggie chili. This was a very delicious, super-easy quick meal. My husband devoured it & you can serve the chili on top if you like. I brought some of the polenta to work for my co-workers to try because it was so fast to make & yummy. The whole meal probably took about 20 minutes. I will definitely make the polenta again, & probably try it with the harissa shrimp as in the book. Only change for the polenta was that I didn't have fresh corn so I used canned unsalted corn, which was just dandy until the seasonal corn is here in CA.

A definite thumbs up that I recommend you try if you haven't yet.

May 19, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Substitute Needed for Bulghur - Spelt?

I'm making it tonight with couscous, as is recommended by Peter in the recipe. My husband & I like couscous & it's so fast & easy to cook. I usually make Trader Joes whole wheat.

May 19, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Menu for Food Snobs

this blog is devoted to cooking recipes from the French Laundry Cookbook:

May 16, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Cookbook of Month of MAY: FLEXITARIAN TABLE

Although I have only made 1 recipe (see winter recipes) so far, I was SO excited to find this cookbook as it is the perfect fit for me because:

*I am a vegaquarian/pescatarian (I eat seafood & veggies but don't eat beef, chicken, pork, etc..).
*I rarely make desserts at home

It's like it was made for me! Also, the seasonal sections make things easier. I hope to just pick recipes from the current season & head to the farmers market for the ingredients. Off to scan Spring recipes....

May 06, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking


I got this cookbook a few months ago & have only had the chance to make 1 meal from it, but it was fabulous (and my guests thoroughly agreed)

Winter menu 5:
-Phyllo Pie with Lemon Tofu, Winter Greens, & Mushrooms
-Roasted Winter vegetable salad with red onion vinaigrette

The lemon tofu is to-die-for & can definitely be eaten as a spring dish. As Peter writes : "the lemony tofu filling, mashed to the texture of a fresh cheese, is always popular, even with people who don't tend to appreciate tofu in other forms." The tofu involves lemon zest, lemon juice, fresh dill, garlic, olive oil, red pepper flakes, salt, & evoo. It is layered along with the phyllo, kale, onions, mushrooms, & sun dried tomatoes. Divine. We all had seconds & it was one of the most impressive dishes I have made in a long time.

Served it alongside the salad which was carrots & potatoes in a mustardy vinagrette. Also yummy & a different taste then the vinagrettes that I usually cook these veggies in - a little sweet & perfect for winter.

You assemble the pie, then the veggies, & bake them at the same time in the oven. The book says the recipe takes about 1 hour total. It was quite involved & messy so I was happy to have a helping hand from a friend. Worth every minute though. I definitely reccomend it & hope to make another recipe from this book soon.

The photo from the book is attached.

May 06, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Recipes's for Crepe's and filling

no sauce. also, cave aged gruyere is the best.

Mar 27, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Recipes's for Crepe's and filling

sautee some sliced mushrooms, sliced shallots, garlic (& herbs if you have some on hand) in a little butter or olive oil. shred gruyere cheese onto your crepe & top with spinach, then add the hot sauteed mushroom mixture on top & fold over. wait a minute or two to heat cheese & spinach leaves & voila! my favorite crepe :)

Mar 26, 2008
kimchee in Home Cooking

Herbivore in Berkeley - Only Order the Smoothie, Salad and Nothing Else

The schwarma is the only thing I eat there. Very delicious.

Richmond: Gonzalez Mexican Restaurant - Thai food with salsa and chips

Hacienda Grill is closed? This one across from Kaiser?

1000 Nevin Ave.
Richmond, CA 94801

St. George Spirits Absinthe Verte?

as I mentioned before in reply to another mysteriously disappeared post, I had a glass of it at Wood Tavern ($15) in Oakland & Flora in Oakland also has it, for $14 a glass. Flora supposedly has a special fancy decanter for it. Pricey, but delicious. My coworker waited in line at Hangar One on its release day for 3 hours to get her bottle!

Sketch - what is up?

They told me the same: floors, plumbing. Denied any expansion. They said they are stating 3 weeks, but hope everything is done sooner.

Best chilaquiles in the Bay Area?

see this:

my current favorite is Tamarindo Antojeria's in Oakland: "Chilaquiles en Salsa Chipotle: Chips tossed with a chipotle purée, garnished with cotija & crema"


Best fish tacos in the Bay Area found at Dia de Pesca in San Jose!

I've been traveling to San Jose from the East Bay for work every week or two lately and finally checked out this new place that I had been driving by on my way to Falafel's Drive In. Thanks goodness I did because they have the best fish tacos I've had since moving here more than 4 years ago.

Dia de Pesca is quirky little joint that consists of a taco truck in a parking lot with covered cloth awnings. Then the rest of the lot is filled with mosaic concrete patio tables + benches & umbrellas for your outdoor dining pleasure. You order outside at a table and they make it in the truck. The ordering table also houses their 1-2 agua fresca selections of they day ( I had watermelon & today they had horchata). Now on to the tacos...

You get a choice of seafood: tilapia, snapper, salmon, halibut, tuna, shark, shrimp, scallops, or crab! Ridiculous variety. So far in my 2 times there I've had the tilapia, snapper, and halibut (I know safe - but believe me more shall be tried). Each one has been cooked to perfection. Soft & flaky, seasoned well, and a little chargrilled-in goodness. They're served in 2 fluffly corn tortillas w/ cabbage & pico de gallo, then drizzled generously with 2 sauces: creamy avocado & creamy chipotle (mixed w/ crema)? Today mine had a few thin slices of sauteed peppers thrown in as well.

The diner next to me tonight recommended the scallop tacos & the seafood quesadilla (although I'm not a huge fan of seafood + cheese). He said he was there last night and had to come back today for more. The menu is extensive, but it does seem like seafood is their specialty, so I'm sticking with that for now. All food is served with a paper boat of thin crispy (house-made?) chips and their salsa (which is not great, but fine & dandy enough). The owner said they are hoping to get a beer license in the future, as they have only been open about 3 weeks now. He mentioned he used to own a (mexican?) restaurant in Capitola. Supposedly they will take over the other small building in the lot for indoor dining in colder weather. This place must have been an old lawn art/garden center.

The fish tacos are a must try. If you know of a place that beat's them let me know. Until then Falafel's may never see me again...

Dia de Pesca
55 North Bascom Avenue (in between Stevens Creek & Naglee)
San Jose, CA 95128
Open Daily: 10:30-8:30

Pearl Oyster Bar- Closed?

No they are not. They are currently closed for lunch but hope to start that up again soon with a new lunch menu & additionally were closed just last night for dinner. They will be open tonight for dinner and from now on.

full disclosure: my significant other works there.

Best Chilaquiles

Mijita's at the Ferry Building are good, but no eggs mixed in. Only served Saturdays & Sundays.

The Primavera stand at the Saturday Farmer's Market there has them too: eggs, beans, garlic, queso fresco, corn tortilla chips with red sauce, crema, avocado, onion, cilantro

Best choices at Kao Sarn?

Avocado jumbo prawns. A little pricey but delicious and unique. The peanut sauce is great. Get it with the brown rice - as it is some of the best around. Actually looks more like red rice. (The dish is: sliced avocado + marinated grilled prawns, peanut sauce, steamed vegetables - not mixed, just all laid out on a platter). Their prawns are fantastic - chargrilled and a good marinade. The also put them in the prawn salad if you need a lighter meal.

I like the sauteed mixed seafood dish with basil & chiles (pad ka praw seafood). The soups were just OK. Some people really like the pumkin curry, some hate it. I was not very impressed with it. My coworkers were always big fans of Panang Beef.

You can view their menu here:

by the way, it's the same owners and the same menu (I think) as Bua Luang on Solano in Albany.

Plain Frozen Yogurt

Sketch on 4th Street in Berkeley almost always has the Strauss organic yogurt flavor, which is delicious.

best vegetarian burrito?

I second this. I had one yesterday and it was super delicious as always. Get extra salsa too.

Strawberry Shortcake Alert!

with all the recent raves I've got to get over there and try one. She posted the recipe on her website - you can pick up the cakes at the Temescal Market this weekend + some strawberries and whip them up at your house.

High-Tech Burrito

I don't usually admit to anyone but since you asked...Their cajun prawns burrito is one of my favorite burritos.


The sauce is delicious, not identifiably cajun-y but has the right amount of spice. No cheese on this burrito & you don't miss it. The prawns are cooked surprisingly well, much better than shrimp I've had at any other fast food joint. I highly recommend this burrito, but other items I've tried there (fish tacos, quesadillas) were not very good.

The workers at the Berkeley store have always been very friendly to me & I like how High-Tech offers many add-ons for your food, several of which are free.

Vegie Italian in SF

I've been to Cafe Viva before which has 15+ vegetarian friendly pastas. No the best Italian but a great vegetarian variety & affordable. I had the portobello ravioli, my SO had the baked penne, & my friend the broccoli pasta. We all liked ours just fine. You can pick & choose some combos of sauce + pasta.

Miniature party food (quail eggs, etc)

My co-worker once made a funny joke about such food when we were discussing cornichons (little pickles) & cornish game hens (little birds). He always told people that he was going on the "cornish" diet and only eating miniature versions of food. It was funny at the time, typing it now not so much. Also, I've done mini "cheesecakes" in mini-muffin cup liners.

Mar 08, 2007
kimchee in Home Cooking

Chocolate Malt (from WC to OAK)

I have a friend who is a chocolate malt aficianado and he says the best chocolate malts are at Fatapple's in Berkeley on MLK. You could eat dinner there as well or pick up some pizza slices from the Cheeseboard.

Cocina Poblana

I ate there about a month ago. The chips & salsa were great - fresh hot chips in a cone + 3 salsas (2 red, 1 green in circular holders attached to the cone). I had Camarones al Chipotle: Jumbo prawn’s sautéed, with Chardonnay, garlic, mushrooms, with a creamy chipotle sauce, served with rice ($14). This was excellent, rich and just the right amount of smokey heat. The plate looked a little bland as it is just shrimp and plain rice. Margaritas were OK, but a little pricey. Best to go during happy hour when they give you free botanas! Ours was a plate of 3 chicken sopes, which were accomadated to be vegetarian upon request. Desserts were disappointing - Tres Leches cake was very dry as marlon noted. Service was good. I'll be back to try more, including breakfast.

Easy, Vegetarian, Healthy Hors d'Oeuvres?

I make a 7-layer Mediterranean Dip that is always a HUGE hit at parties.

olive tapenade
couscous (I use Near East garlic & olive oil, about 1/4 to1/2 the box)
chopped marinated artichokes (drained)
bruscetta (drained) or chopped tomatoes
crumbled feta
sprinkled chopped parsley

Layer in a dish & serve with Pita Chips.

(all other items except couscous can be found at Trader Joes)

Feb 01, 2007
kimchee in Home Cooking

Bobby G's Pizzeria - Berkeley

kc72- the O.P. noted that Bobby G's is on University near Shattuck: 2072 University Avenue

Here's the website with menu:

Looks like they have a good array of toppings including soy cheese and smoked oysters! I'll check it out this week, as I still haven't found a favorite CA pizza place in my 3+ years here.

Old School and Historical SF Locale

Tadich Grill is a unique SF old-school favorite with history and dark wood. Great for crab which is in season now, and the cioppino is tops. Frequently a wait, so go early or late. Not open Sundays.

Anyone know where I can rent martini glasses in SF?

You can go to Dollar Tree and get them for a $1, which is the about the same as renting, and you don't have to worry about them breaking.

Tropical Paradise Restaurant in Berkeley - report

Tropical Paradise is one of my favorite vegetarians meals. I love the black-eyed peas and spinach equally and can enjoy them both - one as the main and one as the side. This also comes with jollof rice (kind of like spanish rice), plantains, and mixed greens + balsamic on the table. All of this for a low price around $7. It's a lot of food too and could work as 2 small lunches for me. I used to have the shrimp kabobs, but they were consistently overcooked, so maybe I'll give them another shot. Not as budget friendly though at $12. The varieties of hot sauces seems to grow everytime I'm there, so it's nice to try new ones, although I'm very loyal to plantains + sriracha.

Yes, service is very slow...even when you order the veggie dishes, which I believe are always pre-made and ready in the steam table (since they're sides for all the entrees), but the workers are kind. Just don't go if you're in a rush. To-go options are a good idea though. I'll call before I leave work and they usually have it ready when I get there 15 minutes later.

anyone try Hana Japan hibachi steakhouse at the Berkeley Marina yet?

Saw a commercial for it many times on TV last night and found their website:

It seems there is one in Dublin too.