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Buffalo Wing: Anchor Bar, Duff's or else?

I personally hate the anchor bar, it has changed recipes over and over again. Its a tourist trap and is so cliche. My favorite BUFFALO wings are Duffs, Elmos, Gabriels Gate or Amherst Ale House. But if you want to experiment with non-original style sauce then i totally recommend going to Bar Bill in East Eurora, or Elmos in Amherst by UB. But i believe if you want the best Buffalo Style wing then hit up Duffs, otherwise the other places i listed have many great sauces and cook there wings really well.

Duff's Buffalo Wings

They do use Franks Red hot, and a variety of other ingredients, also try adding a splash of cider vinegar to the sauce. Don't over do it or it completely changes the sauce, but they do have that in there wing sauce. They also use habanero in there hotter sauces and a variety of other ingredients. The key is to just slightly melt the butter ( make sure you use unsalted butter, nothing else, add your own salt in ( always use Kosher Salt, any chef will tell you that.) You don't want the butter to seperate, you just want it to become a liquid and cream like. Then add the rest of your indredients, i always use a burr or immersion blender to emmulsify the sauce. It brings all the ingredients together and doesn't leave any chunks, also helps keep the sauce from breaking, or seperating. Thats def part of what duffs does, seeing as they make there sauces in big batches, it would be the only way. Just experiment, i couldn't tell you there exact sauce, but i have replicated it pretty close. Its more or less how you make the sauce, not just whats in it.

Now im just trying to figure out there bleu cheese sauce. Because its not just bleu cheese dressing, its sweeter and not as bitter as regular bleu cheese. They might use a bottled buffalo style bleu cheese dipping sauce, but i cant find one similar other then from sysqo or US foods.

Feb 01, 2008
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