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Great Brunch in Central Queens?

Looking for something a bit more upscale than Just Like Mother's in F.H. Mimosas would be great, but not required. Thanks for any suggestions.

Coffee bar "culture" in Queens?

Well they do have Wifi, and I called and they said it would be ok to sit and work if I can get a table. I'll post from there if I am successful, thanks Bonito!

Dog-Friendly Restaurants in Park the Winter

I agree on the Gate, but we've also had our doggie outside the fence at 2nd ave Cafe, but i don't know if they still have their outdoor seating in this weather. Either way, just have your SO meet you outside with your dog and tie the him/her (the dog not the SO) to the fence at your feet (assuming you can get a sidewalk table). It's not a huge problem.

Park Slope restaurants for kids

LOL...cause it's true

Coffee bar "culture" in Queens?

Sounds like good coffee, but if it's as crowded as the postings sound, then staying for a while to work might read as obnoxious to other folks who just want a cup of coffee. Do you know if the seating is still limited?

best breakfast in brooklyn?

It's a trek to get to Red Hook, but bfast/brunch at Hope & Anchor is worth it. Affordable, and they have a special brunch menu each week. The atmosphere is great, coffee is great. We come all the way from Northern Queens when we want a good Brooklyn breakfast!

Coffee bar "culture" in Queens?

I moved to Northern Queens last year from Brooklyn and have to journey back to Brooklyn whenever I want a space to drink coffee, work on my laptop, people watch, and whatever else I used to do in coffee bars in my old neighborhood of Prospect Hts. I am really missing the "culture" of coffee out here in Queens. If anyone knows of a place with coffee and wifi, where they won't chase me away when I'm done with my muffin, I'd love to know about it. Thanks.